It makes a fight over everything. It is insatiable in its quest for wealth and power. It appeals to the worst in people, to hatred and fear. It divides groups of Americans against each other. It preys on the vulnerable and serves the privileged. And it lies in virtually all it says.

The once-respectable Republican Party has been hijacked in our times by a sick and broken spirit that damages everything it touches.

In this profound crisis, there is also an opportunity to see and to understand the workings of destructive forces that arise in civilized societies and that must be countered effectively if we —Americans, humankind —are to create a future we want.

The purpose of this site is to present a vision of how the human world works, and of what we are called to do to make that world more whole.

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"There are none

so blind as those

who will not see"

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The struggle that needs to be waged in America most urgently is not between liberal and conservative values but between those—on both side of the divide—who genuinely care about the good and those powerful people who only pretend to.

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