The Spirit Behind “Swinging for the Fences” is the Same Spirit that’s Expressed in My Campaign Speech that Went Viral Through this Video

I would like to request that you watch this five-and-a-half minute video of my Labor Day speech—even if you’ve seen it before. Consider the spirit that’s being expressed there.

I’d like for you to know, as I begin to unfold this integrative vision, that the spirit that I’m expressing in this video is the same spirit that is going to be expressed in this “Swinging for the Fences” project.

Indeed, what I’m going to show you –a way of Seeing Things Whole— is what got me connected to that spirit in the first place.

I say this because I know that following this unfolding vision will take a bit of work, and I want to encourage you to make the effort. I want you to know that there’s real juice –moral and spiritual juice—to be had by following me in this process. If you found me credible as a truth-telling candidate, I hope you will credit it when I declare that your efforts here will likely be well rewarded.

My way of proceeding here might seem a bit abstract at first, a bit of a head-trip. But there’s a good reason for my beginning in this manner.

Think of it this way: I’m laying the foundations here, as with the building of a house. From the foundations, you can see the footprint of the house, but you don’t see any of the space you’ll be able to live in, much less the finishes that will give it beauty. They come later, but first you’ve got to get the right structure solidly laid out.

Or think of it this way: I’m starting by building a container, and with that container we’ll be able to hold that moral and spiritual juice in a way that makes it available for our immediate and long-term use.

Tomorrow I’ll introduce here the first big piece in this foundation/container. It’s a powerful “magnet” that’s pulled human societies off the course that we’d have chosen if we could.

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2 Responses to “The Spirit Behind “Swinging for the Fences” is the Same Spirit that’s Expressed in My Campaign Speech that Went Viral Through this Video”

  1. Diane Says:

    Looking forward to the journey of Seeing Things Whole

  2. Therese Says:

    So glad to see you’re back here. The speech was very good; what I’ve come to expect from having followed your blog in the past. Again. you say what
    i’ve been thinking…

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