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“The Myth of the Two ‘Extremes’”

WHAT WE'RE UP AGAINST: Announcing My Biggest Effort Yet

For Our Grandchildren

ALEC's Threatened SLAPP Suit Against the LCV: Another Part of the Assault on Our Democracy

I Know NSB Has Been Fairly Silent of Late, But....

Bernie Sanders' Fine Choice of Battlefield

The Cover of My Forthcoming Book, WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST

April's Campaign Launch Speech: Now That You've Read the Book, You'll Want to See the Movie

April's Speech Officially Launching Her Campaign Against Mark Obenshain

Seize the Opportunity: April Moore for Virginia State Senate

My Forthcoming Book Pitched in 95 Words

April's plunge

Antonin Scalia, No Judge He

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How the Democrats Let America Down in the Shameful 2014 Elections

Elephant in the Room

What I've Been Up To (I'm excited about it)

Can America Be Saved? # 3: We Are Losing for Want of Seeing What's Winning

Can America Be Saved # 2: Not If We're Blind to the One Force That Can Turn This Battle Around

Can America Be Saved? # 1 How Did 'Yes, We Can!' Become 'No, We Couldn't'?

Drumbeat for # 11

Shame On Us! (Giving Still More Power to Such a Party)

The Right's Urge to Kick Down: Doing Unto Others as Has Been Done Unto You

Drumbeat for # 10

More on the O'Reilly/Stewart Brouhaha: The Right-Wing Urge to Kick Down

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The Bill O'Reilly/Jon Stewart Brouhaha: Denial is a River in the Right-Wing Mind

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Sorry Mr. Krugman: Obama Came to Office Holding a Royal Flush, Then Declared His Hand "Ace High"

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Exhange Upon My Being Accused of "Us" vs. "Them" Thinking

The Right-Wing Trolls Have a Strategy. What's Ours?

# 4 Not Our Finest Hour: Why Is Liberal America Falling So Far Short?

How I See What We're Up Against in our Nation's Time of Brokenness

Emperor's New Clothes: Comment (from Dave Pruett) and Response (from me)

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Angry White Men on the Right

A Comment I Just Posted on Huffington Post

Drumbeat Box Experiment

The Water and the Wave

Important New Tweet

A Radio Show Worth Listening To

A Message of Hope

First "Press the Battle" Article Now Up: Please Support It

Are the Democrats Making a Mistake in Avoiding the Immigration Confrontation Before the Election?

The Anti-Israel Left and that Historical Mystery, Anti-Semitism Part I

Incredible Coincidence (Involving the Birth of a Granddaughter)

# 8 Addressing Beliefs that Make Liberal America Weak: II

Just Up on HuffPo: No Comments Yet

It's Always Unfortunate to Have to Wage Battle

The Series-- Links to All the Pieces (as of Labor Day, 2014)

Just Posted on HuffPo: The Spirit That Drove Us to Civil War Is Back

# 26 America's Compromised Immune System: The Challenge of Affluence

A Tale of Two Warriors: Part II-- Press the Battle

"Imagine a group tribes"-- Refuting a Critique That Fails to Explain What We See in History

A Tale of Two Warriors: Part I-- The Problem of Power

How to Comment on the Sites Where the "Press the Battle" Series Will Be Appearing

The Transmission of the Patterns of Brokenness

How Brokenness Emerged in the Human System: The Parable of the Tribes

# 5 Dispirited Liberal America

# 1 Many Liberals Don't Like the Idea of Battle, But the Alternative in America Today is Much Worse

In the Grip of Forces Beyond Our Control

A Clear Sign Obama & Co. Are Looking to Take Out ISIS

The "Press the Battle" Icon

# 15 Wholeness and Brokenness as Important Categories of Patterns in the Human System

Can Anyone Here Solve this HuffPo Puzzle for Me?

Please Help Boost This New Huffington Post Piece (which is Important for My Purposes, As You Will See)

The Persistence of Culture:

Looking Beyond the Immediate and Concrete

Preface to "What Liberal America Should Understand about Evil"

Message to the People (Mostly Right-Wingers) Whose Comments I Won't Publish

Right-wing Destructiveness Plus Liberal Weakness: The Dangerous Combination Behind America’s National Crisis

"Suing the President" is Up on Huffington Post

Where Is the Moral Outrage? A Sign of the Weakness of Liberal America

Suing the President: Another UnAmerican Step for Today’s GOP

Everything One Loves Under Threat

The Abdication of the Press

Here's the Reality We Americans Should Be Talking About

My Pieces that Have Appeared on Huffington Post So Far

Why Is the World "a Mess"?

A Message to NSB Readers from an NSB Reader

My Own Experience of Wholeness as the Pathway to Fulfillment

A Really Fine Piece by Harold Meyerson: Democrats Need to Weigh in on Today's Class Warfare

Glenn Beck as “The Music Man,” Playing on Parents’ Anxieties

The Series: Links to All the Entries (as of July 21)

We Humans Are Naturally Drawn to Wholeness

Working on a Title for the Book that Will Be Part of the Campaign

On "Economic Self-Interest" in the Conduct of Persons-- Corporate and Flesh and Blood

About Right-Wing Trolls

The Politics of Hostility

# 25 The Coherence of the Force: How "Evil" Transmits Its Pattern of Brokenness in Shape-Shifting Ways

You Can't Tell Time by a Stopped Clock

A New Era is About to Begin-- And I Need Your Help

A Multi-Dimensional Picture of Evil

Dispirited Liberal America -- Part II: Evil Spirit vs. No Spirit = Triumph of Destructiveness

Here's Where You Can Hear the Radio Show I Did in Harrisonburg Today

Wondering about Hillary

Dispirited Liberal America -- Part I

Human Nature: Assessing it in View of "The Parable of the Tribes"

We See Now More Clearly All that The Supreme Court Stole from the American People in Bush v. Gore

Radio Show I Did Monday to Bellingham, Washington

Are You Willing to Fight?

Unhinged: New Evidence in the Aftermath of Cochran's Victory in Mississippi

The Series: Links to All the Entries (as of June 24)

A Change from Yesterday

My Definition of "Evil": What Would You Call a Force that Meets These Criteria

Tackling One of the Toughest Challenges in this Campaign

# 7: Concerned About Where Our Nation is Heading?

# 3: Calling out the Republicans. Obama Hasn’t So We Must.

# 2 The Republican Party's Extraordinary Pattern of Destructiveness

Gov. McAuliffe and My Motto ("See the evil. Call it out. Press the Battle")

Exchange in which I Give My Take on Billy Graham, in Spiritual Terms

More than a Motto: "See the evil. Call it out. Press the Battle"

An American Message to Politicians?: Radio Conversation with Me on the tim Danahey Show

Duty Means Going Beyond What We'd Do for Ourselves

Minority Rule: A Culturally Transmitted Political Skill?

I’m Not an ‘Us vs. Them’ Kind of a Guy

Lest We Forget What White Racism Looked Like When it was Unapologetic

Here's a Paragraph I WIll Work into My Piece on "the Sacred"

On the Radio This Morning, Discussing the Two Huge Political Stories from Virginia this Week

# 10 The Unprecedented Nature of Today's Republican Party: Introduction

The Series: Links to All the Entries

It's Time for This Campaign to Become More of a Campaign

My Response to Those Who Think It a Useless Distraction to Bring the Issue of God into My Discussion of the Good and the Sacred

# 27 America's Compromised Immune System: The American Press as the Dog that Didn't Bark

Value and the Sacred: Built into our Nature -- II. The Meaning of "the Sacred"

Liberals' Dislike of "Evil" Shows a Reason I Should Use the Word

# 32 How a Hostile Morality Plants the Spirit of the Lie in the Human Psyche

Value and the Sacred: Built into our Nature -- I. The Meaning of "the Good"

# 14 The Unprecedented: The Question of "Why Now?"

# 24 Can "Press the Battle" Be This Era's "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?

# 31 Believing to Fit Into One's Community -- How the Culture of Coerced Conformity Was Established

# 30 Believing to Fit with One's Community-- The Enforced Orthodoxy on the Political Right

They Say the Establishment GOP is Beating the Tea Party. So What?

Proposing a Title for the Series

Future Generations Will Find It Hard to Understand, or Forgive, Climate Deniers

# 23 Or Is It that All "Evil Forces" Are the Same?

Why There's No Alternative to Casting the Democrats as Our Champions

# 22 This Evil Force Can Be Seen Moving Through Time-- IV: The Spirit of War

What Do You Think? Should the Series Have a Name?

# 29 An Adverse Shift in the Balance Between Good and Evil in America

# 20 This Evil Force Can Be Seen Moving Through Time-- III: The Spirit of the Lie

Leaderless America

The Piece "What Kind of Christianity Is This?" Was Published Today in the Roanoke Times

You Can Hear the Radio Show I Did Today in Harrisonburg, VA

# 19 This Evil Force Can Be Seen Moving Through Time-- II: The Spirit of Domination

Some of the Books I've Studied Regarding the Lead-up to the American Civil War

# 18 This Evil Force Can Be Seen Moving Through Time-- Introduction

When Traitors Think They're Patriots

Rogues' Gallery: Another Picture of the "Evil Force"

Supreme Court Justices' Bias in Free Speech Cases-- But the Conservative Justices are Far More Biased

Press the Battle # 2: Concerned About Where Our Nation is Heading?

Toward an Elevator Speech

How Brokenness Emerged in the Human System: The Parable of the Tribes

Lincoln and Obama: Parallels and Differences Between our Two Presidents from Illinois

Brief Report on the State of My Campaign

My Thoughts about Ukraine

A Day Without a Republican

Shorter Version(s)? How Should I Do It (Them)?

# 28 Another Part of this Force: A Sociopathy Built into the Structure of Our Corporate System

# 17 The More Ultimate Context I Promised: Part II-- Will Wholeness or Brokenness Prevail on Earth?

Advancing Wholeness: The Beautiful Story (from COSMOS) of Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson– Part II

# 16 The More "Ultimate Context" I Promised: Part I: The Battle Between Good and Evil is an Inevitable Consequence of the Emergence of the Civilized Creature

# 21 What Kind of Christianity is This?

** The More Ultimate Context I Promised: Introduction

Advancing Wholeness: The Beautiful Story (from COSMOS) of Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson-- Part I

My Radio Seems Stuck on One Station: A Narrowing of Options

Thoughts on the Previous ("Personal Message") Thread

A Personal Message to the Readers of NoneSoBlind: What I Need from You

The Radio Show I Did this Morning in Harrisonburg

Our Corrupt Supreme Court

What's the Truth about the Power of the Truth?

Illustrating Two Important Dynamics

A Path to Democratic Victory this Fall

# 12 The Unprecedented: Another View of the "Evil Force"-- 2009-present

An Assault on the System Our Founders Gave Us (My Op/Ed in this morning's Roanoke Times on the GOP's Outrageous Conduct on Health Care Reform)

# 11 The Unprecedented: Another View of the "Evil Force"-- Part I, 1993-2008

Wholeness and Brokenness as Important Categories of Patterns in the Human System

# 9 The Importance of Seeing How the Pieces -- the Issues, the Outrages -- Fit Together

"We Billionaires Don't Own America, and We Shouldn't Be Able to Buy Its Government": An Open Letter to Warren Buffett

Notes Toward "This Battle is Bigger and Deeper than 'the Issues'"

The Series to this Point-- And Previews of Coming Attractions (approved for all audiences)

Four-Minute TV Interview of Me on Harrisonburg's TV Station

** It is the “Pure Case” that Makes It Appropriate to Talk about “Evil” in America Today

You Can Hear Here a Radio Show I Did This Week-- The Host and I Both Felt Good about It

How Do You Like This Idea?

** Please Listen to Me

I Speak in DC on 3/24: "Lighting a Fire in Liberal America /Strategy for a Battle that Must Be Won"

# 6 Addressing Beliefs that Make Liberal America Weak: I

Koch Brothers Capitalism

Press the Battle # 13: A Side-By-Side Comparison: Part of My "Job Application"

How Impactful: Asking for Your Assessment and Your Experience

# 4 We All Know How to Respond to an “Evil Force,” But We Are Failing to Do So

Politics, Fear, and Leadership in America: A Radio Show I Did Yesterday Can Be Heard Here

** When I Talk About “Evil,” I Know What I’m Talking About

Do You Know Anyone Who....

** Please Listen to Me

Two Strategic Questions

Very Good News

Calling out the Republicans. Obama Hasn’t So We Must.

Who Is Andy Schmookler?

** Help Me Replace President Obama as the Voice of Liberal America Regarding the Republicans

The Challenges My New Campaign Must Meet, and How You Can Help

It's a Mistake to Think of our Fellow Americans on the Right as "Stupid" People: Here's a Better Way

Big Changes Coming Soon to NoneSoBlind

Help Me by Giving Me a Chance to Inspire You

Speaking at James Madison University this Wednesday Evening: "The Role of American Liberalism in Our National Crisis"

Divided We Fall: Stop the Corporate Takeover of Our Democracy

Speaking in Berkeley, CA, on January 29

Where Obama Has Failed, and Why It Is Not Too Late for Him to Succeed

Would You Want to Know? A Question for Republican Supporters

Come Hear Me this Sunday in Washington

Can People Be Moved from Falsehood to Truth?

The Dog that Refuses to Bark: A Stunning Clue about the Problem with American Media

Ted Cruz as Mad Hatter (But Cruz Isn't Mad, He's a Sociopath)

The Terror of the Subordinate Role: A Mirror on Power Relations (Installment in the Series, "The Spirit That Drove Us to Civil War is Back")

Here's How to Keep Defeating These Republicans: Open Letter to Pres. Obama

Obama Should Say, "My Oath of Office Tells Me, No Concessions to Blackmailers"

Should the Democrats Give the Republicans a Face-Saving Way Out?

Will Anyone Fight to Bring Sanity to the Republican Base?

It's Deeper Than You Think

Thoughts on the Eve of the Latest GOP-Manufactured, Unnecessary Crisis

Fruit of the Same Tree: How to Understand the Tea Party

An Adverse Shift in the Balance of Power in America <br>(an Op/Ed appearing in newspapers in my district*)

Truth is the Foundation of Liberty

Those Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Drive Mad (Installment in the Series “The Spirit That Drove Us to Civil War is Back")

Interpreting President Obama's Bad Press on Syria: A Displaced and Distorted Truth

If We Had Our Act Together to Fight the GOP Wrecking Crew, Here's a Move We Could Make Now

Obama's Syrian Moves Deserve More Respect than They're Getting

The Spirit that Drove Us to Civil War is Back: Who Chose War IV-- Was Lincoln Wrong to Fight?

Bad Combination: Abuse of Power over Prisoners and America's Misguided "War on Drugs"

The Spirit that Drove Us to Civil War is Back-- Who Chose War III: The Decision to Secede

Radio Show I Did this Morning: You Can Hear It Here

How Decent People Can Support an Indecent Political Force: The Idea of the "Module"

An Ugly Intrusion of Republicanness into My 50th High School Reunion

The Spirit that Drove Us to Civil War is Back-- Who Chose War II: Responsibility for the Civil War

The Spirit that Drove Us to Civil War is Back-- Who Chose War? I: Today’s Crisis

There Will Be No Crisis Over the Debt Ceiling This Time": What I Would Say if I Were President Obama

Post Trayvon/Zimmerman Trial: Thoughts on Race in America

In the Days to Come

I'll Soon be Launching a New Campaign; I'll Need All the Help I Can Get

The Spirit that Drove Us to Civil War is Back: The Spirit of the Slave Power Since Slavery

The “Hastert Rule” is Hurting America

Back on the Radio Starting Tomorrow Morning, Can Be Heard on the Web

Let’s Have that Debate on Surveillance, Mr. President

The Spirit That Drove Us to Civil War Is Back: A Spirit that Made Slavery Its Priority (polished version of fourth installment)

The Spirit That Drove Us to Civil War Is Back: Looking Closer at that National Nightmare (more polished version of third installment)

The Spirit that Drove Us to Civil War is Back: The Wolves’ Version of Liberty (polished edition of the second in the series)

The Spirit that Drove Us to Civil War is Back (polished version of series' intro)

The Republicans’ Shameful Divide-and-Conquer Strategy with Abortion

Replay of the Civil War: Tracking the Spirit of the Slave Power Through Time

Why I'm Letting this Thistle Grow

Replay of the Civil War: The War Was About Slavery

Replay of the Civil War: The Need to Look More Closely at that National Nightmare

Replay of the Civil War: Contending Concepts of Liberty

Think Horses, Not Unicorns (A message to people who have bought the Republican line on climate change)

Today’s Crisis is a Replay of the Civil War

From the Immediate Battlefield to the Bigger Picture

What President Obama Should Say About the Keystone XL Pipeline

A Strategy for Democrats in Very Red Districts

Our Picture of Human Nature is Warped

More on the Issue of Human Monsters

How Many Monsters Do You Know?

The Momentous Difference between Today's Democratic and Republican Parties

The Differences Between Democrats and Republicans Are Real and are of Vital Importance.

Notes for the Integrative Vision: The Traumas of Powerlessness Transmitting the Brokenness of the Reign of Power

"Was George W. Bush a Good President?" What a Question!!

Can A Fire Be Lit? The Wet Tinder Problem

What the Present Me Would Say to the Me Who Graduated High School 50 Years Ago

What You're Missing If You Aren't Following My Campaign Facebook Page

Which Would Be Better? Getting These Judges Confirmed or Getting the Filibuster Rules Reformed?

It's the Republicans Who Chose War. Now, What Should That Tell Americans?

Can A Fire Be Lit? The Power of Encouragement

Preview of Coming Attractions: "Notes for the Integrative Vision"

The People Bob Goodlatte "Represents": Thoughts a Year After the Memorial Day Parade in Effinger, Rockbridge County

Can A Fire Be Lit? The Two Risks of Being Open

The National Review Pitch Points to America's Political Pathology

Possible New Slogan: "The Republicans Have Been Evil, the Democrats Have Been Cowardly"

Can A Fire Be Lit? Taking the Risk of Personal Openness

Can A Fire Be Lit? Taking Risks for the Good

How I Garden (and How I Pursue My Calling)

Can A Fire Be Lit? The Message that Drives the Mission

Can A Fire Be Lit? What's at Stake for Me in That Question

Can A Fire Be Lit? The Possible End of An Era

"Can A Fire Be Lit?" A Series is about to Begin

Political Communication is an Art Form, Like Composing Symphonies

Are the Liberal Leanings of Gov't Bureaucrats an Explanation of the IRS Scandal?

Scandal in a Dishonest Age: What's to be Believed about the I.R.S. "Scandal"

The Main Truth of our Times

Benghazi Talk: Call It Out for What It Is

Minds Not of a Piece: The GOP and "Empathy"

Interesting Piece of History Reflecting on How Ideas Do, and Don't Get Adopted: The Case of Darwin and Natural Selection

Compilation of Links to All the “Swinging for the Fences” Entries So Far

The Report on Torture and a Glimpse of the Dark Spirit

Swinging for the Fences: What It Means to Say a "Sick and Broken Spirit" is Damaging America

All Good Things Should Last, Say I

What's Real? Facts, Constructions, and Reality

Inevitability versus Contingency in the Course of History

Swinging for the Fences: Brokenness Transmitted from Level to Level --II

If These Are the Early Stages of Climate Change

Swinging for the Fences: Brokenness Transmitted from Level to Level --I

Swinging for the Fences: Brokenness as Fragmentation II-- Social Atoms in the Market

Powers that Like "Sin" Confined to Small, Private Matters

If You Want to Help Me Get My Message Out, Here's an Easy Way

Swinging for the Fences: Brokenness as Fragmentation I: Intersocietal Anarchy and the Warping of the Evolution of Civilization

The Earth Has Begun to Express Her Distress

Swinging for the Fences: Wholeness's House Has Many Mansions

New Statement (Proposed) for the NSB Front Page

Swinging for the Fences: Synergy and Viability as Dimensions of Wholeness

The Fable of the Magnet, by Oscar Wilde

Swinging for the Fences: The Creation of Wholeness is What Life Tends to Do

That "Sick and Broken Spirit": Excerpts from My Interview with Rob Kall

Swinging for the Fences: Natural Human Values Not Refuted by Cultural Diversity

The Republicans as a Hierarchical Society: I'm Interviewed by the Head of Opednews

Swinging for the Fences: The Fallacy of Dismissing 'Value' for Being 'Merely Subjective'

Beginning to Launch a New Political Strategy

Swinging for the Fences: Value Is Intrinsic to Life

Swinging for the Fences: Rounding the Turn

How Christian are the Republicans? A Sunday Sermon on Community According to Jesus

Swinging for the Fences: Transmission of Culture -- A Hen is an Egg's Way of Making Another Egg

The Rogues' Gallery Strategy

The Most Shocking of Scalia's "Voting Rights Act" Remarks

Swinging for the Fences: Polarization in America Today

Swinging for the Fences: Polarization and the American Civil War

The Spirit of Limbaugh

Swinging for the Fences: How the Market Shapes Our Destiny-- Skewed Menu, Suboptimal Diet

Swinging for the Fences: How the Market Economy Shapes Our Destiny-- Social Atoms vs. Interconnected Society

Why the Republican Party Demonized President Obama

Swinging for the Fences: The Parable of the Tribes--Step Three: Selection for the Ways of Power

Thinking About George W. Bush, Who So Darkened a Terrible Eight Year Period in American History

Swinging for the Fences: The Parable of the Tribes-- Step Two: The Circumstances from the Human Breakthrough Make the Struggle for Power Inevitable

We're # 1: The GOP Boasts About American Greatness While They Degrade It

Swinging for the Fences: The Parable of the Tribes--Step One A Breakthrough Unprecedented in the History of Life

Problems in the Religion Are Symptoms of Something Deeper

Swinging for the Fences: Hunting for Very Big Game

A Sick and Broken Spirit

Swinging for the Fences: The Transmission of Culture Through Time

Swinging for the Fences: Polarization as a Form of Cultural Breakdown

The Importance of Drawing the Line on Weapons of War

Swinging for the Fences: How the Market Economy Shapes Our Destiny

An Unwelcome Driver of Social Evolution: The Parable of the Tribes

The Spirit Behind “Swinging for the Fences” is the Same Spirit that’s Expressed in My Campaign Speech that Went Viral Through this Video

Swinging for the Fences: The Fable of the Magnet

Swinging for the Fences: Please Join Me in this Bold New Effort

* Here's Another Piece of Mine on Op/Ed News: You Can Help Get It Momentum

* Check Out My Comment Today on the Washington Post

* Defining Deviancy Down: When Scandalous Political Conduct Fails to be Treated as a Scandal

Call Off the Global Drug War: Jimmy Carter in the NYTimes

Overworked America: Bauerlein and Jeffery on Mother Jones

MSNBC Suspension of Mark Halperin Addresses the Mote and Not the Beam in our Journalistic Eye: Greg Sargent

The Elizabeth Warren Confirmation Process: Joe Nocera Sees a *Talk About the Elephant in the Room* Opportunity Here

Leadership Styles of Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama Contrasted: Nate Silver

Blood on the Chopping Block: William Rivers Pitt on the Price for the GOP of Its Assault on Medicare

The Meaning of the Civil War: Drew Gilpin Faust on How American Understanding Has Evolved Over Time

The NLRB's Good Case Against Boeing: Kate Bronfenbrenner

Clarence Thomas Must Go: William Rivers Pitt on Truthout

The Key to Getting a Debt Ceiling Deal: Jonathan Chait

If Dems Play By Republican Rules, They Will Not Win: Russ Feingold

Profound Threat to Ocean Life: News Report of Findings of International Panel

Today's *Conservatism* Has Lost Touch with Reality: Fareed Zakaria in Time

Delusions of Individualism: John McCumber in the New York Times on the Death of *Rational Choice Philosophy*

Critique of the Democratic Calls for Weiner's Resignation: John B. Judis

* Video Interview of Me

Radical, Not Moderate: Eliot Spitzer on What the Republican Presidential Debate Showed

Squandering Medicare’s Money: Rita F. Redberg in the New York Times

America's Wasteful Health Care System: Krugman

The Sabotage of Financial Reform: Danny Schechter on Reader Supported News

Past Time for Obama to Take Off the Gloves: NYTimes Editorial re Elizabeth Warren's Non-Confirmation

* Hear My Radio Show from This Afternoon Here

The Beatification of Senator Simpson: Dean Baker on Simpson and Social Security

* Critiquing An Idea about Creativity, Found in a Malcolm Gladwell Article

Vouchercare Is Not Medicare: Krugman

* No True Patriot: A Commentary Now in Two Parts

* The *Palin is Nuts* Bruhaha: News Report from the Guardian, UK

Let the Real OWNERS of the Corporations Decide on the Politics: John C. Bogle with a post-Citizens-United Idea

Republicans Thrive on Nonsense: Jonathan Cohn

The Rise of the Second-String Psychopaths: David Schwartz, Psychotherapist

How will history judge Obama’s economic policy? Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post

The Koch Brothers and the End of State Universities: Juan Cole

Our Fantasy Nation? Nicholas Kristof on Where the Right Seems to be Taking Us

The Truth About the American Economy: Robert Reich

Trying is Important: Krugman's Critique of Obama's Politics/Policy on the Economy

Most Contracts We'll Ever Sign are Hardly Mutually Consensual: Ralph Nader on *Contracts Against Americans*

Why Doctors Have Been Moving Left: Dr. Ron Chusid

Illustration of the Right's Purposeful Pursuit of Power: Second Excerpt from *Deer Hunting With Jesus*

People's Imperviousness to Evidence and Reason is Being Overstated: Prof. Jonathan Baron

* Radio Show I Did Today: A Link at Which it Can be Heard

Help Me With a Campaign Poster: How this Deficit is a Function of Plunging Revenues More than Skyrocketing Expenditures

America Becoming an Idiocracy: Dr. Brian Moench on Common Dreams

How Right-Wing Populism Got Hold of Working-Class Whites: Excerpt from *Deer Hunting with Jesus*

How America Falls Behind: E.J. Dionne on how the Politics of Irrelevancy is Crippling America

* While Liberalism Slept: How THE PARABLE OF THE TRIBES Illuminates the Dilemma with Which Liberalism Has Yet to Come to Grips

The IMF after the Fall of Its Head: Mark Weisbrot in the Guardian (UK)

More on Republican Blackmail, Democratic Weakness, and the Coming Debt Ceiling Fiasco: Jonathan Chait

Spitfire II-- On the Unpredictable Returns on Research and Innovation: Tim Harford on Slate

GOP Fears of Democrats' Extreme Socialism! Jon Hart Foresees Possible *Wild Ride* in 2012

Two Good Bits of Critique of Right-Wing Economic Nonsense from Krugman

* Have Returned from My Son's Graduation from College

America's Ungenerous Budgeting in Historical and Compative Context: Eduardo Porter in the New York Times

The Ryan Attempt to Kill Medicare Through *Divide and Conquer* Proves a Bad Bet: Timothy Egan in the NYTimes

Are the U.S. and China on a Collision Course? Aaron L. Friedberg in the New Republic

Polls Show Overwhelming Opposition to Cutting Medicare etc.: PPP Polling

Koch Brothers Fueling Far-Right Academic Centers Across the US: Think Progress

Let's Not Be Civil: Krugman Talks a Bit about the Elephant in the Room

Turns Out, It's the Red States that are the Welfare Queens: Harold Meyerson in the WashPost

* What Happened to "For the People and By the People"? Another Proposed Ad Copy

Vermont as a Possible Foothold for Single-Payer Health Care: George Weigel Report on Slate

The Supreme Court Continues to Make Money Dominant in Our Politics: Ronald Dworkin

The Republican Party Has Abandoned Its Own Best Traditions: E.J. Dionne

Spitfire I: How an Unlikely Investment in an Airplane May Have Saved the World: Tim Harford in

Senate Republicans Introduce Bill To Abolish The EPA

AFL-CIO Chief Threatens to Abandon Dems in 2012 Unless They Fight Harder for Labor

Obama's NLRB Takes a Radical Step (Enforcing the Law): John B. Judis in the New Repbublic

On the Debt Ceiling Issue, Even the Chamber of Commerce Knows Where Politics Should Stop: News Report on Huffington Post

* Obamacare in the Courts and Questioning Judicial Review: Dahlia Lithwick, with Comment from Me

* What Does It Say about a Political Party If...? Copy for a Proposed Campaign Ad

The Individual Mandate's Constitutionality is Obvious: Andrew Koppelman via Jonathan Chait

* What These Showdowns Reveal: By Me

Thank Republicans for Finally Being Honest About Wanting to Destroy Medicare: Chris Bowers

* My Plan to Run a Series of Campaign Ads: "That's Not the American Way!"

FDR and Obama Contrasted by FDR's Grandson on Leadership in a Time of Economic Hardship

Krugman on the Focus on the Phony Economic *Problems* and the Disregard of the Real One

Shocking Example of the Nuttiness of Rand Paul: Jonathan Chait

It Wasn't Torture that Led to Bin Laden: Talking Points Memo

Bradley Manning, Barack Obama and the National Surveillance State: Jack M. Balkin

Scientific Support for Obama's Decision Not to Release the Bin Laden Death Photos: Andrew Silke in the New Scientist

Everything's For Sale: Report on Koch Bros. Influence on Florida State University Econ Hiring

The Wilting of a Once-Flowering Civilization: S. Frederick Starr Ponders the Decline of Central Asia Almost a Millennium Ago

The GOP Priorities Laid Bare in a Montana Letter to the Editor

* No True Patriot: To Hate Liberalism is to Hate a Part of America's Heart

The Big Republican Budget Lie: Jonathan Cohn in The New Republic

Obama's Appproach to Terrorism Contrasted with Bush's: Michael Hirsh in the National Journal

Our Vanishing Night: Verlyn Klinkenborg in the National Geographic

Leading from Behind: An Obama Critique (and a Bit of Appreciation) from Leon Wieseltier

Watch This Speech by Senator Bernie Sanders to the California Democratic Convention

The Evolutionary Psychology of Revenge: Interview in Scientific American in the Aftermath of the Bin Laden Killing

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Manning's Jail Conditions Improve, Apparently Due to Protests: Guardian (UK)

Becoming Adolf: Excellent Essay by Rich Cohen in Vanity Fair on the Hitler Mustache (Part III)

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Becoming Adolf: Excellent Essay by Rich Cohen in Vanity Fair on the Hitler Mustache (Part II)

What the Republican Budget Would Do to the Food Stamp Program: Jonathan Cohn

Becoming Adolf: Excellent Essay by Rich Cohen in Vanity Fair on the Hitler Mustache (Part I)

With Bad Arguments, the Supremes Entangle Government in the Support of Religion: Ronald Dworkin

The Symbollic Meaning of Bin Laden's Death for American Democracy: Paul Berman in the New Republic

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* Our Crisis is Represented in Three Epic Movies of our Times

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* In So Grave a Crisis, What Should We Ask of Ourselves?

NYTimes Editorial on the Trail of Republican Destruction on the American Landscape

Shock Doctrine and the Assault on Democracy in Michigan: Rania Khalek in Common Dreams

Waiting for the Spark: Ralph Nader on Common Dreams

How the Tail on the Dog Drags the Owner into the Ditch: Republican Hubris, Democratic Capitulation (Guardian, UK)

Video Interview of Me in the Wake of a Big "Elephant in the Room Speech" I Gave This Week at James Madison University

* A Constructive Primary Challenge to President Obama

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Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System: Chris Hedges on Truthdig

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Going After Net Neutrality: Truthout Report on Latest GOP Sell-out of the Many for the Corporate Few

Dionne Sees Obama's Deficit Speech as Worthy of a President

Private Manning’s Humiliation: Legal Scholars' Letter of Protest

Ryan's Plan for Medicare is *Serious* Like a Mugging is Serious: Dean Baker

John Kerry Fed Up with *Flat Earth Caucus*: Reuters Report

Exporting Democracy Has Led to Shortages of it in U.S.: The Borowitz Report

* *Oh Golly! Wouldn't a Cold Hamm's Beer Taste Good Right Now?*

Two Quick Krugman Responses to the Obama Speech: Better Than Feared, Much Better Than Ryan

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%: Joseph Stiglitz on America's Growing and Corrosive Inequality

How Not to Deal with Bullies: Robert Reich Predicting Future GOP Hostage-Takings

Two From Krugman's Blog on the Fraud of the Ryan Plan (and the Unreliability of the Dem Leadership to Expose It)

How the English and Irish Regard Each Other: A Brilliant Quotation from George Bernard Shaw

* Obama's Broken Promise and the Spirit of Truthfulness

Just Because Sen. Kyl Said It, Doesn't Imply He Means It's Actually True: Jason Linkins on HuffPost

No Shutdown, But a Lot of Sellouts: John Nichols in the Nation

The Nowhere Man: William Rivers Pitt's Lament about the Disappearing Leadership of Barack Obama

It’s Not Really About Spending: NYTimes Editorial

Today's GRAND OLD INQUISITORS PARTY: Krugman on the Professor Cronon Affair and the M.O. of the G.O.P.

The Achilles’ Heel of Paul Ryan’s ‘Path to Prosperity’: Jonathan Chait

We're Number One --Not: Meteor Blades on the State of this Nation and James G. Speth in Yes! Magazine

Republicans Want to Repeal the 20th Century: Harold Meyerson on the Ryan Budget

The Adaptive but Disastrous Stupidity of Britain's Ruling Class (as seen in 1941): Another Fine Passage from George Orwell

Krugman on Why There Aren't Any Conservative Blogs He Reads Regularly

* Why Are the Democrats Wimps? Jonathan Chait Has it Backwards

"Let's Talk About THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!" New and Improved Version

Austerity as a Bankrupt Economic Policy: Krugman

Secret Fears of the Super-Rich: Graeme Wood in the Atlantic (Part Three)

When the Big Bucks Commit Crimes, It's the Prosecutors Who Get Tried: Paul Krugman

Liberalism and the Realm of the Spirit: An Exchange

Restraint in Japan to Solemnize the Disasters: NYTimes Report Provides Further Illustration of the Operation of Culture

An *Elephant-in-the-Room*-Type Statement from Thomas Friedman

Punditry from the Disgraced: Katrina vanden Heuvel on the Media's Lack of Decent Standards

How Ideals Ameliorate the Sad Realities of Our Quite Imperfect Societies: Passage from Orwell's *England My England*

* The Elephant in the Room* and the Destruction of the Death Star in the First Star Wars Movie

Now Maine as a Battlefield in the Republican War on American Labor: Laura Clawson on Daily Kos

To Fire Up the Base, the National Dems Have to Pick a Fight: Chris Bowers on Daily Kos

Why So Little Looting in Japan: Christopher Beam with an Example of How Culture Works

*The Elephant in the Room* is Like the Fix in *Apollo 13*

How a Powerful Literary Voice Can Shape a Society: The Case of Charles Dickens

The War on Elizabeth Warren: Krugman's Powerful Indictment of the Right-Wing Attack Machine

The Sad, Hypocritical Retirement of Evan Bayh: Ezra Klein

Secret Fears of the Super-Rich: Graeme Wood in the Atlantic (Part Two)

Good Stuff from Dean Baker

Court Allows Constitutional Challenge to New FISA Law: Glenn Greenwald

* No True Patriot: My NPR Radio Commentary Can Be Heard Here

* What Happens When the Fortunes of the Rich Are Severed from those of the Rest: A Passage from Bill Moyers (with Commentary from Me)

China Leading the Way on Nuclear Power from Thorium: Telegraph (UK)

The Wisconsin Microcosm: That This Is Not the Republic Party of Yesteryear, as Illustrated by William Cronon

* Recasting the Ending of the *Elephant in the Room* Speech

Michigan's GOP Governor Slashes Corporate Tax Rate by 86 Percent, Hikes Taxes for Working Poor: Pat Garofolo on Think Progress

* One Way the Elephant Disables Americans from Talking about It

* Not By Bread Alone, but Not Breadlessly Either

Our Right-Leaning Public Media: Ralph Nader on Common Dreams

* Will You Help This Go Viral?

Secret Fears of the Super-Rich: Graeme Wood in the Atlantic (Part One)

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* The Parallel Campaign: Can Talking About the Elephant in the Room Go Viral? (Part Two)

Pay Teachers More: Nicholas Kristof on the Proven Value of Outstanding Teachers

Heroes Welcome Home for the 14 Wisconsin Democratic State Senators: News Report in the Madison Newspaper

Signs of Fraudlence in the Video that Skewered NPR: Jason Linkins on Huffington Post

* The Parallel Campaign: Can Talking About the Elephant in the Room Go Viral? (Part One)

Who's Afraid of Elizabeth Warren? Katrina Vanden Heuvel in the Nation

Now Michigan: Forbes Blog on How Right-Wing Governor Is Sweeping Away a Big Piece of Democracy

* The Lust for Power and Wealth Does Not Deserve the Name, *Ideology*

Help Wanted: Researching How My Opponent Serves the Elephant

Daniel Ellsberg on the *Shameful Abuse of Bradley Manning*

Dumbing Deficits Down: Paul Krugman Talks About a Chunk of the Elephant

What Wisconsin Democrats can teach Washington Democrats: E.J. Dionne, Right on Target

Jonathan Chait's Take on Judge Vinton's Decision as Politics Masquerading as Law

Robert Reich on *Governor Walker's Coup D'Etat * / And Al Franken Says *This Isn't Over*

Some Findings about Sex in Contemporary America

Where Are the National Democrats, Asks Mitchell Bard A Propos Specifically of Wisconsin?


The Next Big Extinction an Eye-Blink Away: The Age (Australia)

* Big Announcement: I'm Running for Congress

Mistaken Orientations in *Risk Management*: Another Passage from the Book *Streetlights and Shadows*

Lose the Future: Paul Krugman on How the GOP in Texas Sacrifices the Children

Brilliant Satire from Jon Stewart: Right-Wing Hypocrisy on Teachers' Pay vs. Big Bucks for Wall Street

Nothing Sexy about Being Responsible: E.J. Dionne on How the Media Cover the Nation's Governors Battling Fiscal Problems

Cross-Cultural Differences in Concepts and Attitudes Regarding *Teamwork*: Passage from *Streetlights and Shadows*

* A History of Those Occasions When I’ve Failed to Change the Course of History: IV: My Appeal to Congressman X (Not Long After the Recent Mid-Terms)

Elizabeth Warren Speaks on the Collapsing Middle Class

The Real Political Math In Wisconsin: Howard Fineman

One Bad Argument Against Collective Bargaining Rights: Samuel Culbert Debunks *Performance Reviews*

How the GOP Uses Policy as a Form of Warfare: Allan Lichtman on Common Dreams

Laying Foundation Before Building: A Story of Effective Leadership from *Streetlights and Shadows*

Krugman on the *Deficit* Commission (A Deficit of Decency?)

Anti-Lying Law Keeps Fox Out of Canada: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

* My Radio Show This Morning, I Commend for Your Listening Here

Devastating Indictment of Political Economy in the U.S. Today from Jeffrey Sachs

Why Wisconsin Matters: Pieces by E.J. Dionne and Dana Milbank

The Republican Shakedown: Robert Reich

* Please Help Me Get Ready to Discuss Wisconsin on the Radio

Shock Doctrine, U.S.A.: Krugman

* A History of Those Occasions When I've Failed to Change the Course of History: III: John Kerry and the Aftermath of the Election of 2004

* Interpreting the Beck Card in the Republican Deck

Domestic Spending Has Not Grown as a % of GDP for 50 Years: Ryan Avent

Deficit Hawks and the Games They Play: E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post

Limbaugh and the Right-Wingers' Ugly Attacks on Michelle Obama's Good Food Campaign: Dana Milbank

Why Professors Tend to be Democrats: Jonathan Chait Says It's Not Mostly Ideology

* My Intuitive Take on What the GOP Has Been Doing on Abortion in the House

Wisconsin, Ohio Public Employees are Not Overpaid: Meteor Blades on Daily Kos

Two Interesting Paragraphs from a Book about Goethe

It's About Power: Two Pieces on the Wisconsin Battle (from Linda Kaboolian and Paul Krugman) in the New York Times

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: International Contagion in the Middle East

*Stuff is Just Made Up*: Former Fox Insider Tells How Fox News Operates

* Majority of Wisconsin residents oppose Walker’s Bill: Chris Bowers Report, My Commentary

The Republican Strategy: Robert Reich

Obama's Present Political Strategy, According to E.J. Dionne

The Wisconsin Governor and the GOP Aren't Interested in Solving Problems: Jamelle Boule in the American Prospect

*Strong Ideas, Weakly Held* (Or Jump to Conclusions, but Verify): From the Book *Streetlights and Shadows*

Is Right-Wing Talk Radio Dying? John Avlon on Daily Beast

Boehner, The Teahadists, and the Question of a Government Shutdown: Jed Lewison on Daily Kos

How Economic Muscle Can Produce Injustice in America: Bill Moyers Provides Some Illustration

The Dems May not Need the South, but the South Needs Them: Mark Schmitt on The American Prospect

South Dakota Considering Legalizing the Murder of Abortion Doctors: Barbara Morrill on Daily Kos

* On the Radio for One Hour Tomorrow (Wed) Morning in Virginia

The Repeal Crusade in the Republican Base: Greg Sargent in the Washington Post

* Be Nice to Bigots: William Saletan (and I) on the GOP's Craven Indulgence of Its Base's Illusion

Initial Conclusions Can Be a Trap: From the Book *Streetlights and Shadows*

* In What Ways Does It Matter Whether the Government Protects the Weak from the Strong in the Economy?

Crucial Information Gets Ignored: From the Book *Streetlights and Shadows*

Don't Start Thinking About Tomorrow: Krugman on How the GOP-Proposed Cuts Eat the Future

*Thoughts about the Revolution in Egypt

Dealing with the Widower's First Wife: A Touching View from Slate's "Dear Prudence"

The Tenth Amendment is Not the Strait-Jacket the Tea Party People Think It Is

Mistakes, The Secret to Happiness: Steve Roberts

* Wondering if I Need to Revise My Understanding of Today's GOP

Koch Brothers Now at Heart of GOP Power: Report from the LA Times

* AOL Acquires Huffington Post: My Concerns, Plus a Critique from Dana Milbank

From George Orwell's Great Essay on Charles Dickens

For Our Economic Mess, Dean Baker Blames the Housing Bubble and the Fed

Clever Move for Obama to Cut the Deficit and Beat the Republicans: Jonathan Chait Proposes a Way to Go

* Calling Obama a "Polarizing Figure" Obscures the Reality: I Take Issue With AOL's "Poll Watch"

Britain Proves the Folly of GOP Economics: Robert Shrum in THE WEEK

Why Reagan's Tax-cut Guru is Aghast at Today's GOP: David Corn on David Stockman

More Than a Feeling: How Music Plays in the Human Brain

More on the Abusive Treatment of the Alleged Wikileaks Leaker

Is Health Care Reform Unconstitutional? Why David Cole, in the NYRB, Thinks It Will Be Upheld

Inquiry and Intimidation: Krugman says, Beware of Coming Up with Findings the GOP Doesn't Like

Needed, An Infrastructure Bank: Public Memo from Bill Galston to Gene Sperling

How Radical Would a New Regime in Egypt Be? Two Views-- Juan Cole and Barry Rubin

The Rest of Us Aren't So OK Either: Anxiety Besetting Contemporary America

* Whence the Division/Divisiveness in the American Body Politic?

Dean Baker Criticizes Times' Scare Tactics about Supposed *Demographic Squeeze* in Japan

A Court Decision Tinged with Politics: Jonathan Chait on the Florida Judge's Striking down the ACA

The Kids Aren't OK: USA Editorial on the Condition of America's Young

* You Can Hear My Latest Virginia Radio Show Here

* The Restoration of Dream-Life

The Bitter Fruits of Inequality: Nicholas Kristof in the NYTimes

* You Can Hear My Virginia Radio Show Live on the Web this Upcoming Morning

The Tea Party Wags the Dog: Frank Rich on the Positioning of Obama and the Republicans

Birth of the Beat: The Vital Musical Dimension of Mother-Infant Interaction

If the Climate's Warming, How Come It's So Cold? Here's a Bigger Picture, and Some Hypotheses, Reported by the New York Times

If Paul Ryan is the Republicans' Serious Guy, In View of His Ignorance and Carelessness that Isn't Good News: Paul Krugman

* Upheaval in the Arab World: What Should Be Said?

* Thoughts of Mine on the Still-up-for-Grabs State of the Battle Ongoing about America's Destiny

Gaming the Emotions: Very Interesting Research Reported in Harvard Magazine

Fox News Has Lost Public Trust in the Past Year: Public Policy Polling

Scalia's Originalist Hypocrisy Shown by Bush v. Gore: Robert Parry

Obama's State of the Union Address as a Trap for the GOP: Ed Kilgore on the New Republic

Legalize Drugs, Says Mexico's Ex-President Vicente Fox: Time Magazine

Is Obama Doing a *Backdoor Cap-and-Trade*?: David Roberts Says No, It's the Rule of Law

Are the Dems Setting a Trap for the GOP? Jonathan Chait

Breaking News Report: White House Backs Down On Social Security Cuts In State Of The Union

*True Grit* and the State of America, 1969 and 2010: Frank Rich in the NYTimes

No, Both Sides DON*T Do It: Melissa McEwan on Alternet

Glenn Beck's Latest Contribution to Civility: Professor Targeted by Beck Getting Death Threats

Obama Damaging Himself, Democrats, With Apparent Openness to Social Security Cuts: Dan Froomkin Reports Poll Findings

Is This a Whole New Level of Dumb? William Rivers Pitt Undergoes a Crisis

Olbermann is Out at MSNBC

* How We *Know* and Don't Know at the Same Time: Reflections on Interesting Recent Findings about Placebos

Can American Democracy Protect Itself by Rolling Back *Citizens United*? Katrina Vanden Heuvel

* The Effort to be Right: IV-- When the Right and the Desire to Be Right Conflict

Chris Christie Inflames Anti-Muslim Right: Jonathan Chait in the New Republic

Bye-bye Lieberman: Why Emily Bazelon Loathes Her Connecticut Senator

* Obama Gets a Second Chance: II-- A Plan for How to Win the Rematch

What's This About? Report Says Japanese Losing Sex Drive

* Obama Gets a Second Chance: I-- This Time He'd Better Be Ready

Dean Baker Slams the Post's Samuelson for His Phony Arguments Against U.S. Entitlements for the Elderly

An Issue that Arose on the Radio Today

Insurrectionism Timeline

Talking on the Radio Tuesday Morning (in VA): How to Listen, How to Call

The Conservative Inconsistency in Reverence for the Constitution: Jonathan Chait (and Alexander Hamilton) on the Filibuster's Supermajority Requirement

* The Effort to be Right III: Leaning on the Wisdom of Others

*Job-killing* As the Latest GOP Propaganda Nonsense: Steven Pearlstein in the WashPost

Mixed Seating at the SOTU? An Interesting Idea Reported in the NYTimes

My Own Civility: Welder Asks a Good Question

* I Never Borrowed It, and Besides, I Already Returned It: Musing on the GOP's Response to the Tucson Shooting

Unprecedented: Popular Protest Topples an Arab Government

On Bush's Memoirs: Joseph Lelyveld in the New York Review

* The Effort to be Right: II-- Multi-pronged Campaign toward a Multi-Dimensional *Rightness*

* Thoughts in the Wake of Obama's Tucson Speech

Obama to Blink First on Social Security: Robert Kuttner on Politico

* Craziness and Politics: Some Thoughts

* The Effort to Be Right: I-- Keeping Wholeness Before Our Eyes

Food Riots in Our Global Future? Gwynne Dyer on Common Dreams

What a Debt Default Would Mean: Ezra Klein in the Washington Post

* On the Question of Seeing Sarah Palin as Having Some Responsibility

* No True Patriot Could Be So Dismissive of American Liberalism: Liberalism and American Glory

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Some Reporting about the Giffords Shooting

An Anti-Poverty Program That's Changing Brazil (and other Countries): Tina Rosenberg in the New York Times

Gail Collins* Fine Satire on This Week in the GOP Congress

Has Science Buried Philosophy (and Natural Theology)? John Haldane Takes on Hawking and Mlodinow

R.J. Eskow's Thoughts on the Bill Daley Appointment

The Constitution May not be What the Tea-Partyers Think: Garrett Epps in the Atlantic

Psychologists for Social Responsibility Protest Solitary Confinement of Wikileaks Leaker

* Responding to Critics II-B: Misplaced Focus on the Partisan Fight?

Obama's Losing the War on Inequality: Jacob Weisberg

* Responding to Critics II-A: Misplaced Focus on the Partisan Fight?

Scalia Says Women Don't Have Constitutional Protection Against Discrimination: Amanda Terkel Reports

* E.J. Dionne Sees Some Opportunities in the Coming GOP House

An Irony about the Health Care Reform: Paul Waldman on How Dems May Suffer from Its Not Being a *Government Takeover*

My 1933 Nightmare: David Michael Green on the Darkness in America

How to Make a Decent Cup of Tea: Christopher Hitchens

The Coming Game of Chicken on the Debt Ceiling: Alexander C. Hart in the New Republic

* Money and Equality in the Political Battle: My Response to Welder

Obama*s War on Terror is not *Bush Lite*: David Cole in the New Republic

The Supreme Court as the *Person of the Year*: Bob Burnett on the *Citizens United* Decision

Sharing My Vision of Wholeness: "Our Pathways Into Deep Meaning"

Americans Are not as Religious as They Claim: Shankar Ventantam on Slate

Krugman on Zombie Ideas and Orwellian Re-Writing of History on the Right

Two Americas, with Washington Making Things Worse: Robert Reich

*I Should Have Stuck with What I Said at the End of 2007

America's Political Class Struggle: Jeffrey Sachs on Huffington Post

Why Did the South Secede? Edward Ball, Descendant of Confederate Soldiers, and E.J. Dionne Answer

* What Does the Murkowski Transformation Reveal to Us About Today's Republicans? Kos on Murkowski, Me on Its Implications

* Here's Where You Can Hear a Radio Show I Did this Week in Washington State

William Gallston's Take on What Obama Should Do in His State of the Union Address

Santaleaks: Ben Greenman, in the New Yorker, on What We Learn from the Recently Disclosed Documents from the North Pole

* Telling My Father’s Grandchildren about the Grandfather They Never Knew: III-- *You Live, Kid!*

Conservative Hysteria over the Individual Mandate: Jonathan Chait in the New Republic

* Does My Picture Need Adjustment? Discussion Question in the Wake of This Week's Developments

Welder Sees No Need to Respect Liberalism, and I Respond to His Counterargument

* No True Patriot Could Be So Dismissive of American Liberalism: Respecting the Mainstream Fruits of American Political Culture

What Progressives Don't Understand About Obama: Ishmael Reed in the New York Times

* The Humanizing Movement of *Winter*s Bone*

The Facts Lose: Krugman on the G.O.P. Narrative about the Financial Crisis

Keep Obama from Making the Next Bad Deal: Dean Baker on How Social Security Needs Protection

The History and Meaning of the Estate Tax: Joseph Thorndike on Huffington Post

* No True Patriot Could Be So Dismissive of American Liberalism: Introduction

What Obama SHOULD be Talking About with Corporate CEOs: Robert Borosage

* Telling My Father’s Grandchildren about the Grandfather They Never Knew: II– Perfectionism in the Performance of Tasks

* A Glimpse into a Part of the Right-Wing Problem

* About the Wikileaks Issue, What Should be the Rules?

If Homosexuality if OK, Is Incest? William Saletan Argues Why They're Different

A More Positive Assessment of Obama's Tax-Deal Performance: *The new comeback kid* by Charles Krauthammer

* The State of the Union Address I Would Like (But no Longer Hope) to Hear

Fox News Boss Ordered Staffers To Cast Doubt On Climate Change Science

Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment, Court Rules: News Report from Electronic Freedom Foundation

You Can Hear My Virginia Radio Show Here

* Telling My Father's Grandchildren about the Grandfather They Never Knew: I-- Roots

The Post-Election Game Plan: Cut Social Security, Soak the Middle-Class, and Keep Taxes Low For the Rich: Richard Eskow in the Washington Post

Correction: My Hour is One Hour Later! (Sorry) Hear My Virginia Radio Show Live on the Web Wednesday Morning

Pitfalls for U.S. if It Tries to Prosecute Assange for the Wikileaks Disclosures: Peter Kirwin in Wired UK

Casting Light on "The Moment of Truth": James K. Galbraith Shows the Dishonesty of the Debt Commission Report

* Leaving it on the Field: Reflections on How I Play the Game of Life

* A History of Those Occasions When I've Failed to Change the Course of History: II: The Florida Recount Fiasco of 2000

Humor (if It Weren't So Sad) from Andy Borowitz

Institutional Insanity: Ralph Nader on Crazy Republicans, Spineless Democrats and Clueless Reporters

The Big Economic Story, and Why Obama Isn't Telling It: Robert Reich on his Blog

* Imagine You're a Congressman Contemplating Plan C: Smart Move or Political Suicide?

If Only Obama Could Throw a Punch Like Krugman Can: Krugman on the *Axis of Depression*

Responding to Critics: I: The Issue of What's Deep and Important

More on Education from Thomas Friedman

How the Environmental Crisis Could Lead to a Repeat of the 20th Century's Nightmares: Timothy Snyder in the New Republic

* On Obama on Dealing with *Hostage-Takers*

* February 29, 2008: The Day I Misoverestimated Obama

The Central Role of Media in the Right-Wing Ascendancy: Robert Parry

* Responding to the Obama Defense of the Tax-Cut Deal

* How I See this Idea of Moving Past Obama

The Obama/Post-Obama Issue: Thoughts from Ed Kilgore, Michael Lerner, and Me

Excerpt from Frank Rich's *All the President’s Captors*

* A History of Those Occasions Where I've Failed to Change the Course of History-- Part I: The Parable of the Tribes and the End of the Cold War

Dean Baker Goes After Those (Thomas Friedman, CBS, David Brooks) Attacking Social Security

The Threat of Republican Dismantling of Regulation: John B. Judis in the New Republic

On the Subject of Quitting: William Rivers Pitt (and Paul Krugman) Provide the Context in which Plan C (a Post-Obama Strategy) is Appropriate

Deep-Six the Deficit Commission Report: Dean Baker in the New Republic

* Plan C is Born: A Post-Obama Strategy for Getting the Needed Leadership NOW

* Some Thoughts of Mine on the *Joy in a Dark Age* Challenge*

Wondering: How to Live Joyfully as the Wider World Slides into a Dark Age?

* "Obama is Weak" is Today's Viral Thought

*Here's My Plan B for Transforming the Political Dynamic of the Country

Avatar in Real Life: The People vs. the Dam in the Amazon Rainforest

* A Gaping Hole in Americans' Vigilance Regarding *Freedom*

* *Law & Order* As an Artistic Achievement of the Highest Order: The Element of Surprise

Against the Approach of the Deficit Commission: Critique by W. Lee Hammond of AARP

Do You Want to Sign up for the NSB Newsletter?

* About the Latest WikiLeaks, I Disagree with this Defense from the Guardian

* Message to My WSVA Audience: Can You Tell My Anything Constructive the Republicans Are Doing?

America Undone: Eliot Spitzer on Obama's Asia Trip and the Decline of American Economic/Political Clout

The TSA, the Right, and My Busted Watch: William Rivers Pitt on the Pat-Down Brouhaha

Perhaps Paul Krugman's Deepest Piece: On the Ways that Economic Wisdom Got Lost

* How the Right Disables the Tools that Could Be Used Against Them

With All Disrespect, Mr. President: NYTimes Editorial on How the Republicans Continue to Show Zero Interest in Compromise

* *Law & Order* As an Artistic Achievement of the Highest Order: Form and Formula

Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

How Germany got it Right on the Economy: Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post

* *Law & Order* As an Artistic Achievement of the Highest Order: Introductory

How Will China Deal with North Korea? News Analysis in the New York Times

Education in America: Tom Friedman on How and Why We're in a Hole

* Social Mobility in America: Perspectives from Welder and Me

Krugman's Take on the Global Economy and the Rise of Ill-Conceived Policy

* Strategy for Obama

* Another Place in Which to Glimpse the Reality of that Pattern/Force I Call *Evil*

Methinks They Do Protest too Much: Matt Miller on the Trumpeting of American Exceptionalism

Preview of Coming Attractions: My *Strategy for Obama*

Another Version of *Obama Must Fight*: This One From William Greider in the Nation

The Need to Invest in Technologies to Avoid Energy Crisis: Steven Chu in Science News in 2008

* Hear My Virginia Radio Show from Earlier This Week

Are There Limits to the GOP Priority on Making Obama Fail? NYTimes Editorial on Republican opposition to the START Treaty

* The Idea *Obama Must Fight* Goes Semi-Viral

* How Ted Koppel Just Lost My Respect

Three Juicy Goodies from Dean Baker's *Beat the Press Round-Up*

Message to My WSVA Audience: Is *No Compromise* a Defensible Position for the Republicans to Take?

The Need to Reform Working Hours for Resident Physicians: Charles Czeisler in Science News

* How Will Future Generations Forgive Us? A Piece *Inspired* by the Magazine from My Electric Cooperative

Torn by Bullying Suicides, Mega-Church Pastor Says He's Gay: News Report on AOL News

* The Two Crucial Battles Obama Forfeited: How Obama Surrendered His Power by Not Fighting

This is the Guy: William Rivers Pitt's Revulsion at the Reappearance of George W. Bush

The Condition of the U.S. Legal System is NOT at the Top of the Standings: David Swanson on Opednews

Will Fox Permit Even This Outrageous Lie from Glenn Beck, Cenk Uygur Wonders?

Revenge on the Wall Street Bull: A Vignette from Ed Schmookler

Where's the Democrats' Fighting Spirit? Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post

Obama's Inspiring Speech in Indonesia: Edward Schumacher-Matos in the Washington Post

The 9/11 Controversy: What Do You Think is the Truth, and Why?

The Mortgage Morass: Krugman in the NYTimes

Dishonest, Devious, and Dangerous: Fred Kaplan on Two Bushites, Out of the Woodwork, and Their "Case" against the New START Treaty

* When Does the Idea of *Evil* Explain Best?

Sacred Space of Lovers: Marnia Robinson on How Men Can Render Their Feelings More Monogamous

* In Praise of Paul Krugman

US Not # 1 in Education

* A Constitutional Argument Against the Filibuster as Used by the Republicans

Good Stuff from Dean Baker: On Hiring; Social Security; TARP

* GUIDEPOSTS for Those Without Doctrine: Creating an Anthology of the Human Good

Election Night Disputation Between Welder and Me

* Here's What Fighting Back Might Look Like: The case of the *$200 Million a Day Obama Trip to India* Fake Scandal as an Illustration

* Keith Olbermann Suspended from MSNBC: Is there a Rat to Smell Here, Will You Sign this Petition?

* A Blustery Autumn Day on the Ridge Where I Live: A Picture

Fake Scandals Begin, Will Obama Finally Fight Back?

* Obama and the Tax Cuts for the Rich: I Hope He's Not Going to be Too Conciliatory

And Now for the Next Battle: E.J. Dionne in the WashPost

To Cry or Become Inured to the Pain: NSB Reader Katrin Reflects

What Lessons of Election Day? Robert Kuttner on Huffington Post

* What Obama Should Say Post-Election: My Thoughts

Fast Track to Inequality: Bob Herbert in the NYTimes

Dean Baker Goes After the Washington Post (Which he Calls *Fox on 15th Street*)

Groucho Marx Sheds Light on the Tea Party: Summary of a Column from Spain's Publico

* Pre-Election Radio Show from Wednesday to Washington State

* Do You Know Who Your Real Political Friends Are? The Text Version of My Radio Commentary Broadcast Friday on My NPR Station

Perception of US Corruption is Growing: Report from AOL News

Kindergarten Matters: Dramatic Research Findings Reported in Harvard Magazine

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Help Wanted

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Other countries probing Bush-era torture — Why aren't we? Report from McClatchy Newspapers

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* The Sacred Space of Lovers: Two Keys Simultaneously

U.S. Offers Aid to Rescue Pakistanis and Reclaim Image: NYTimes News Article

Planning Good Spaces for People to Lead Good Lives: George Monbiot in the Guardian

Goodies from Krugman's Blog

Ground zero mosque debate echoes Europe's fears of Muslims: Robert Marquand in the Christian Science Monitor

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Studies of Human Social Networks Reveal Loneliness as a Contagion

* One Criticism of Obama (re the Elizabeth Warren Appointment Issue) with which I Disagree

I Would Appreciate Encouragement

* The Sacred Space of Lovers: The Fear of Putting People Off

* A Critique of the Estimable Rachel Maddow

Swearing as a Pain-Killer: Research Report from Science News

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You Can Hear My Virginia Radio Show Live this Coming (Thursday) Morning

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How People Value Celebrity Objects: Passage from *How Pleasure Works* by Paul Bloom

Well-Reasoned, Powerful Decision to Overturn Prop 8: Dahlia Lithwick

Dean Baker Slams a Couple of Major Washington Journalists for Their Lousy Economics

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Podcast of a Radio Show I Did Yesterday to Washington State

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An Interesting Way Rhesus Monkeys Are Like Humans: From Bloom*s *How Pleasure Works*

Four Deformations of the Apocalypse: David Stockman, of the Reagan Administration, Indicts Today's Republican's Economics

Declaration of Incoherence: Tom Toles

* Jonathan Chait's *Conservative Hatred vs. Liberal Hatred* Plus My Email to Mr. Chait

Bushite Torturers Make Themselves Out the Victims: Dahlia Lithwick and Glenn Greenwald

* We Take in More Readily from Those to Whom we Feel Connected

The Angry Left Needs Hugs and Kisses: Jules Siegel on Truthout

How We Get Imprinted with the Music We Like: From Bloom*s *How Pleasure Works*

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The Benefits of Discussing End-of-Life Issues: Atul Gawande in the New Yorker

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It's Not Racism, It's Race-Baiting: Paul Waldman on the American Prospect

* Here's Where to Hear a Radio Commentary by Me (Newly Broadcast by my Local NPR Station)

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What Is the First Rule for Democratic Success in November? Robert Creamer on Huffington Post

* Too Presidential: Another Way Obama Can Replenish His Power

Stop Cowering Before the Right-Wing Propaganda Mill: E.J. Dionne Chastises the Mainstream Media and the Obamites

Left Pushes Hard for Elizabeth Warren: Eleanor Clift on Newsweek

* More Dog Whistles, and the Alan Grayson Case

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Podcasts of Thursday's Radio Show Here in Virginia: On Obama's Accomplishment and Problems

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Tactical Radicalism And The End Of The GOP Establishment: Jonathan Chait

What Science Can Teach about How to Vacation Best: Drake Bennett in The Week Magazine

A Question that Arose on the Radio Show This Morning

The Unknown Unknowns: A Passage from an Article by Errol Morris

My Virginia Radio Show Can Be Heard (and Called) Live, on the Web, Tomorrow Morning

* The Mystery of the Plunge in Consumer Confidence: Article in MarketWatch, and My Partial Disagreement with Krugman*s *Pundit Delusion*

Seeing the Elephant: William Rivers Pitt on Why He Doesn't Expect the GOP to Take Control of Either House

High Achievement, Low Poll Numbers: Krugman Explains the *Obama Paradox*

Ways to Change Course in Afghanistan: Richard Haass in Newsweek

* Had Lincoln Not Been Shot, NSB Might Not Exist

Dirty Little Secrets the Republicans Don't Want You to Know: Robert Creamer on Huffington Post

The Issue of Slavery was Central to the Struggles at the Constitutional Convention of 1787: Joseph J. Ellis in American Heritage

Two Recent Fine Blog Entries by Krugman

The Great Reunion of the Battle of Gettysburg, 1913: Stefany Anne Golberg in the Smart Set

*Inventing New Meanings* for the Constitution: My Response to David R's Complaint about the Court

My Private Obama: Robert Kuttner in Huffington Post

Southern Strategist Sarah Palin Denies the Southern Strategy: Bob Cesca on Huffington Post

*Mel Gibson’s Rant as Profound Clue: An Exercise in the Tracing of the Spirit

Don't Confuse Me With Facts: Joe Keohane with Discouraging Evidence about the Correctability of False Belief

* Another Piece of Political Advice: How Obama Should Lead the Coming Campaign

Why Is *To Kill A Mockingbird* Being Attacked? Jesse Kornbluth on Huffington Post

* A Piece of Political Advice: Democratic Senators Should Up Their Decibels to Compensate for the White House's Weak Messaging

The Costs of Winning at All Costs: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Lebron James Plus

Why the NYTimes Chickened Out on Calling Waterboarding *Torture*: Jason Linkins Reports what the Times has Confessed

* Whatever Anyone Wants to Talk About

Clinging to False Belief: A Illustrative Case from I WILL BEAR WITNESS

There's No *Free Lemonade*: Terry Savage in the Chicago Sun-Times

Last Tuesday*s Radio Show Can Be Heard Here on Podcast

Zombie Ideas and the Fate of the Deficit Commission: Paul Krugman

* Let's Hear it, Mr. President: "Yes I Can!"

John Kerry Takes on Romney on the New Proposed Arms Treaty with the Russians

Let Steele Speak: E.J. Dionne Stands Up for the Right of Dissent During War

* What *To Kill a Mockingbird* Isn't: Allen Barra in the WSJournal, and a Comment from Me

E.J. Dionne Looking for More Fight from the Dems

Support Obama by Pushing Him: Katrina vanden Heuvel on What Progressives Should Do

Why don’t our regulators do a better job? James Surowiecki in the New Yorker

Education for the Soul: Martha Nussbaum in Harvard Magazine

* A Radio Show I Especially Commend to Your Attention

Second of Two Positive Takes on the Kagan Hearings: Jeffrey Rosen Says They Weren't at all Vapid

How Political Experts Rank our Presidents: News Report from the Guardian (UK)

* What's Important to Take from that 97 to 3 Climate Science Report

Soccer, Race, and the French Social Fabric: John Hoberman in Foreign Policy

First of Two Positive Takes on the Kagan Hearings: NYTimes Report

Fox News, Your Source for Misinformation on Oil Spill: Media Matters

* When North Is Up: Scientific Finding about a Defect in Our Information Processing, and a Comment from Me

* Specter Attacks Kagan for Vapidity: Sam Stein on Huffington, and Commentary from Me

* We Need Obama to Dig Deep for his Inner FDR

Ex-WashPo Blogger Wrong About Why He Was Wrong: Ari Melber in the Nation on the Dave Weigel Affair

Endless War, the Military, and the Corrosion of American Democracy: Andrew J. Bacevich in the Washington Post

On Climate Change, a Research Report on What those Most Expert in the Field Think

Now and Later: Another Presentation of Krugman's Main Argument about Fiscal Policy

* The Mystery of Obama's Relationship with Power

America needs an Afghan strategy, not an alibi: Henry Kissenger in the Washington Post

Elena Kagan Should Take on the Prevailing *Originalism* II: Justin Driver on the New Republic

Robert Kuttner Writes the Speech He'd Like Obama to Deliver on Recovery Policy

Elena Kagan Should Take on the Prevailing *Originalism* I: Justin Driver on the New Republic

Joe Barton's Gift to the Democrats: Outstanding Piece by William Saletan

* In Praise of Talking to Oneself

Why McChrystal Did Obama a Big Favor: Gareth Porter on the Policy Implications of Replacing McC with Petraeus

How Failure Became an Option: Timothy Egan in the NYTimes

Should Obama Fire McChrystal? Robert Dallek et al.

Prohibition Is a Lousy Way to Deal with Drugs: Johann Hari in Slate

Regulation Beats Lawsuits: Krugman Counters the Libertarian Argument

Afghan Policy Looking Doomed: William Galston in the New Republic

* Where Joe Barton Went Wrong

The Lesson of BP: Frances Moore Lappe on the Plutocratic Core

The Leadership of FDR-- IV: From William E. Leuchtenburg's THE FDR YEARS

Al Franken Blasts Supreme Court for Dismantling Legal Protections

Don't Blame the Dream of Home Ownership: Robert Kuttner on Huffington Post

* Wrong Beliefs Aren't Mostly about Stupidity

Obama's Gang May Agree with Krugman More than I Thought: NYTimes News Article on Obama Letter to G-20

Afghanistan Banana Stand: A Question I'd Like to Raise

A Couple of Nuggets from Baker's Beat the Press, Plus a Bonus Item from Today's News

Why Our Reaction to the Oil Spill Terrifies Bradford Plumer

The Pleasure of Imagination II: Paul Bloom in the Chronicle of Higher Education

* Transformational Leadership Requires the Power of Inspiration: IV

* Obama and the Oil Spill: What Should America Want from Its Leader?

At Last, You Can Hear my Virginia Radio Show Live

Misery in North Korea: Sharon LaFraniere in the New York Times

The Leadership of FDR-- III: From William E. Leuchtenburg's THE FDR YEARS

Debunking a Right-Wing Myth about the Housing Bubble: Krugman

In the Original *Karate Kid,* It's not just Danny Who is Transformed: William Swansburg on Slate

* Transformational Leadership Requires the Power of Inspiration: III

Musings about Human Mother-and-Grandmotherhood

Krugman Increasingly Alarmed at *Crazy* Demand for Fiscal Austerity

The Leadership of FDR-- II: From William E. Leuchtenburg's THE FDR YEARS

Why Human Females So Far Outlive their Reproductive Lives: Bruce Bower in Science News

The Leadership of FDR-- I: From William E. Leuchtenburg's THE FDR YEARS

Puzzled by the Lack of Response to *Wisdom of the Body*

What Kagan Should Say: Doug Kendall and Jim Ryan

Germany's Dangerous Code of Silence: Anne Applebaum in the Washington Post

* Transformational Leadership Requires the Power of Inspiration: II

The Oil Spill and Questions about Obama's Way of Leading: Frank Rich in the NY Times

The Banking Showdown: Robert Kuttner on Huffington Post

Merchants of Doubt: (from Daily Kos) About an Important Book

* Transformational Leadership Requires the Power of Inspiration

Another Round on the *Obama and Goodness* Matter

The Pleasures of Imagination I: Paul Bloom in the Chronicle of Higher Education

The Obama and Goodness Question

Obama and the Chaos-vs.-Order Problem: Matt Bai in the NYTimes

* Sighs, Yawns, and the Wisdom of the Body

The Folly of the Deficit Hawks Has Become Conventional Wisdom: Paul Krugman's Blog

* On Oil, A Way Around the Climate-Change "Controversy"

Did The Postwar System Fail? Krugman Debunks More Mythology from the Right

Two Good Critiques of Obama on the Oil Spill: George Lakoff and Maureen Dowd

When Will the Religious Right Learn Humility? E.J. Dionne Reflects on Mark Souder's Downfall

How Can Obama Make this Oil Disaster Into an Opportunity?

* Transported by Smells

Parties Change: From Paul Krugman's Blog

Matter Beats Anti-Matter: Another Interesting Report from Scientific Research

The Rasmussen Problem: Jonathan Chait on the New Republic

The Dalai Lama on *How to Overcome the Negative Force that is Opposing You*

Three Reasons a GOP Landslide Won't Happen: Paul Waldman on The American Prospect

The Stigmatization Of Bush-Blaming: Jonathan Chait

The Old Enemies: Krugman on the Corporate Power Arraying to Defeat Obama

* What's With Obama and the Oil Spill

Texas' Ideologically Driven Social Studies Curriculum Ratified: News Report in the Christian Science Monitor

I Can Be Heard on the Web Today on a Radio Show

* Open Letter to Keith Olbermann: Constructive Criticism for One of My Heroes

New British Government Begins to Roll Back Police-State Policies: Glenn Greenwald

A Third Excerpt from *The Tea Party Jacobins* by Mark Lilla

My Message to the *Anti-Obama Lefties* Has Created Quite a Stir on Opednews

* On Love and Preservation: The Story of My Love of Neutrogena Face Soap

Jeff Sessions*s Constitution: Scott Horton in Harper's

The Threat to Miranda: NYTimes Editorial (and Comment from Me)

Don’t Cry for Wall Street: Krugman Says, Contra Obama, Reform Shouldn't Be in the *Best Interests* of the Wall Street Banks

Why the Left Has No Answer to the Right-Wing Lie Machine: Ernest Partridge on Truthout

More Goodies from Dean Baker

Dismal Picture of How Things are Going in the Afghan War: Fred Kaplan

How U.S. Drug Policy Just Got Better: Harold Pollack in the New Republic

* The Oil Spill as Avatar

Job Creation and Politics Past, Present and Future: Ronald Brownstein in the National Journal

Obama More on the Attack: John Dickerson on the Timing of O*s More Partisan Rhetoric

More From *The Tea Party Jacobins* by Mark Lilla

Two Goodies from Dean Baker, One from Paul Krugman

* With Respect to Respect: An Exchange with Jim Oberg

Government Inaction and/or Wrong-Action: Paul Krugman and Dean Baker on the Roots of the Oil Spill

Advise and Wimp Out: Ruth Marcus on the Kagan Nomination

The Tea Party Jacobins: Mark Lilla in the New York Review of Books

Fear and Horror in Nazi Germany, 1942: More Passages from Klemperer's I WILL BEAR WITNESS

Chait Skewers Right on Obama's Supposed Deck-Stacking for Labor

* To Anti-Obamite Lefties: It Doesn't Matter If You're Right, You Still Need to Help Him Prevail

Have the Baby-Boomers Lived Like Grasshoppers? Dean Baker Slams Tom Friedman

GOP Chooses Non-Scientist Lord Monckton as Sole Expert Witness at Climate Change Hearing: Brendon DeMelle on Huffington Post

Another View of the Pathology Possessing the Right: Gary Younge at the Guardian (UK)

Milky Way Evidence May Require Revision of Theory of Galaxy Formation: An Example of Science in Process

Three Good Blog Entries from Krugman

* Good and Evil versus Mystic Oneness and Perfection: My Response to the Challenge from Hanu Man Ji

Immaculate misconception and the Supreme Court

BP Oil Spill, NYC Terror Plot: Limbaugh & Co. Go Nuts: From David Corn, New Vivid Imagery of What Total Right-Wing Dishonesty and Fear-Mongering Looks Like

The Rebirth of Regulation: Robert Reich

Christopher Lasch's Flawed Choice of Targets: From a Review Article by Alan Wolfe

Dems Shouldn't Envy the Repubs Their Tea Party: Paul Starr in The American Prospect

* A New Riff on My MAIN Insight: Good and Evil are Important and Illuminating Concepts

The Ongoing Ethical Scandals at Fox News: Report from Media Matters

Goodies from Dean Baker's BEAT THE PRESS

Reminder of Why the Individual Health Care Mandate is Necessary: Jonathan Cohn

* Patriotism and Every Man for Himself: A Challenge to the Conservative World View

If Only Arizona Were the Real Problem: Powerful Piece by Rich on the Rise of Nativist Anger

A World in which One Must Scream to Be Heard Fosters Extremism: Neil Gabler in

Two Pithy Blog Entries from Krugman

Obama's Second Chance on the Predominant Moral Issue of This Century: James Hansen on the Climate-Change Challenge

Rumors About W and Obama: J.L. Bell, Examining the Numbers, Finds Evience the Right*s Rumors Are More Numerous, More Negative, and More Likely to Be False

Great Piece by Dionne on the Fight Over the Court the Dems Should Now Seek

The Rating Agencies are Part of the Corruption that Must Be Corrected: Krugman Makes another Strong Point

Groupthink at National Review: David Frum on the Decline of Genuine Conservative Thought

The Liberals I Know Aren't Leeches on Society, They Just Believe a Good Society Uses Government to Create Wholeness

More Bang for the Buck: Ezra Klein Explains the Graphs on How *The Affordable Care Act* Affects Costs and Coverage for the U.S.

Breathing While Undocumented: Linda Greenhouse on Arizona's Immigration Law

Arizona's Disgraceful Immigration Law as a Continuation of the Old GOP *Voter Fraud* Sham: Greg Palast's Interpretation

The Present Politics of Financial Reform: Robert Kuttner on Huffington Post

How Goes the Battle Under Obama

The Case Against Goldman: Hale *Bonddad* Stewart on FiveThirtyEight

NPR & Trust in Government: Robert Shetterly on Common Dreams

The Courts Must Protect the Weaker: Dahlia Lithwick on the Case the Dems Should Now Make

Why the Emergence of the Libertarian Right Is Good News for Progressives: Michael Lind at the New America Foundation

A Mighty Pale Tea: Charles Blow on the *Diversity* of the Tea Party

Obama Must Win the Message War on Wall Street Reform: David Corn

Worthy Thoughts from Krugman's Blog (and a Couple of Comments from Me)

Is It Important that Obama Appoint a Strongly Progressive Justice to the Supreme Court? I'm Not Sure it Is

Fraud at Last: Robert Kuttner on the Need for Deep Reform of the Financial System

Good News about the Earth's Forests: A Report from

The Right-Wing *Obama Is a Socialist* Smear, Debunked by AEI's Norman Ornstein

Pussy-footing Liberal-Speak Even from the Redoubtable Nina Totenberg

I Can Be Heard Today on the Internet: A Radio Interview on a California Station with a Right-Wing Audience

Could the Plane Crash Bury Stalinism Forever? Timothy Snyder Looks at the Weave of History

"Climategate" Was Overblown: Bradford Plumer Reports on the Conclusion of Experts Commissioned by the UK Royal Society

Getting in the Fighting Spirit for Judicial Nominations: mcjoan on Daily Kos

Crocodile Tears on Wall Street: Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

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Thank You to Those Who Responded to My Request for Help

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Help Me Please on These Two Points

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Public Opinion on Health Care Reform is Warped (in a Negative Direction) by Misinformation: Nate Silver Presents the Evidence

Let Us Not Forget Obama's 1st-Year Accomplishments: Record-Setting by One Measure, Says CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY


Please Help Me Prepare for a Radio Show about the Tea-Party Movement

My Own Best Counsel to Obama on his State of the Union Address

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BEAUTY, As Bach Does It

Reid's Comments-- Bad Politics but Accurate Sociology: Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post

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BEAUTY: A Collaborative Project

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Michael Pollan's *Food Rules*

The Criminalization of Protest: Radley Balko in Reason Magazine

Have You Heard the One About How Climatologists Used to Agree the Planet Was Cooling? Science News Article Debunks the Myth

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Paul Craig Roberts on *Liberty is Lost* and Andrew Bard Schmookler on the Mentality of Paul Craig Roberts

Wondering about Obama's Relationship to the *Law* and "The Rule of Law*

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If You Think Obama Should Get My *Dear President Obama* Message...: An Action You Can Take

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Is Rasmussen's Polling Biased? Nate Silver on

As the World Turns: Matthew Yglesias Assesses the First Year of Obama Foreign Policy

Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us: A Discussion My *Google Alert* Brought to My Attention

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SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Connection Through The Generations

The Decade When the U.S. Lost its Way: E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post

The Post-Nazi Transformation of the German Mentality: Second Installment from the Book *AFTER HITLER*

In the Wake of *Dear President Obama* Appearing in the Baltimore Sun

Power Fosters Hypocrisy: Findings Reported by World-Science.Net

The Abortion Issue in the Health-Care Bill Is Bridgeable: William Saletan on Slate

Military Courage: Thoughts from Marc Bloch, from His Experiences in the French Army in World War I

Why We're Getting More Terrorist Threats Now: A Hypothesis

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Need for a Re-Integration of the Evolutionary Picture of the Tree of Life

Celebrating the Health Care Bill: Jonathan Chait Calls It *the Greatest Social Achievement of Our Time*

Major Statement from Me: Here's the Spiritual Core of Our Moment, As I See It

Who Are We? Samuel Huntington Worries About What Will Hold the U.S. Together as a Nation

Disagreement About What it Means to Support Obama: An Exchange Between Sam Gruen and Me

*SEEING THINGS WHOLE*: Revisiting the Intro that Launched the Project

Judicial Nominations-- One of the Arenas Where *Fight Don't Accommodate* Can Be Applied: David Fontana

If I Could Give President Obama a Message, in 800 Words

America's Regression: Glenn Greenwald on American Attitudes Toward Torture

What to Make of the Copenhagen Accord: Bradford Plumer in the New Republic

The Post-Nazi Transformation of the German Mentality: First Installment from the Book *AFTER HITLER*

Thoughts on Being Wrong (or Right) About Obama

The Beneficial and Injurious Consequences of the Progressive *Kill Bill* Strategy: Nate Silver

What Is Living and What Is Dead in Social Democracy? Tony Judt in the New York Review

Use the *Veil of Ignorance* to Abolish the Filibuster Rule: Nicholas Stephanopoulos in the New Republic

*Climategate* Doesn't Affect Strong Scientific Consensus, Says in Newsweek

An Unexceptional Nation: Damon Linker on What the Neo-Cons May Have Missed in Obama's *Just War* Vision

Sinking Poll Numbers for Obama and the Dems: NBC/WSJ Poll

What Public Option Supporters Won: Jonathan Cohn in the New Republic

Heroic Sadism in Southern Culture: Another Vivid Passage from W. J. Cash's THE MIND OF THE SOUTH

Climate Rage: Paul Krugman from His Blog

What the Democrats Should Say About Lieberman

Joe Lieberman: Let's not make a deal! Ezra Klein on the Moral Defect on Display by Joe Lieberman

Neighborliness, Community, and the Calling Out of the Right-Wing Evil

End of Whose History? Kishore Mahbubani in the New York Times

Are Republicans Serious About Fixing Health Care? Jacob Weisberg on Says No

Obama's Ambitious Effort to Re-Orient American Foreign Policy: Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek

Something Unprecedented: Paul Krugman on the New Prominence of Old Paranoia

Testosterone's *Moral* Effects: More Complicated than You*d Think

Uncertainty and Prudence in the Matter of Climate Change

Black in the Age of Obama: Charles Blow in the New York Times

America Without a Middle Class: Elizabeth Warren on Huffington Post

Determinism and Indeterminacy in History: Peter Gay on Hitler's Rise out of the Dynamics of the German Past

Is Obama Getting Wise to the Need to Call Out this Evil?

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Disintegration in Fin-De-Siecle Vienna

In Polls, Much Opposition to Health Care Plan Is From Left: Nate Silver in

Climate Change *Smear Campaign*: Report from Reuters

Reform or Else: Paul Krugman on the Fiscal Necessity of Health Care Reform

Football as an Expression of the Real Character of America: Wilcomb E. Washburn in the New Republic

A Cloud Still Hangs Over Bhopal: Suketu Mehta in the New York Times

Review of Barbara Ehreinreich*s *Bright-Sided*: Susan G on Daily Kos

In Praise of Obama's First-Year Achievements: Jacob Weisberg on

Corporate Campaigns Manufacture Scientific Doubt: David Michaels in Science News

Assessing the Goldstone Report and Israel's Conduct in Gaza: Moshe Halbertal in the New Republic

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: On Putting Neighbor Back into Neighborhood

The Emotional Epidemiology of H1N1 Influenza Vaccination: Dr. Danielle Ofri in the New England Journal of Medicine

The Causes of Deficits Matter: Paul Krugman from His Blog

*See No Evil* Remains the Key Problem: II-- Matching the Intensity of Evil

Biodiversity Loss is Earth's Tragedy: James Randerson in the Guardian

As Health-Care Reform Limps toward the Finish Line: Jonathan Cohn in the New Republic

Swiss Vote to Ban Construction of Minarets on mosques

*See No Evil* Remains the Key Problem: I

Voila! Here's How the Climate Change Denial Folly Looks

Vatican Conference Regarding the Possibilities of Extra-Terrestial Life: News Article from the Washington Post

Our Right Not to Deal with Rude Kids: Amy Alkon in the Los Angeles Times

Corporations and the Average American: What If the Government Played No Role?

A Legacy of Bad Law: David Feige on the Real Cost of Trying KSM

Obama's thankless Thanksgiving: E. J. Dionne in the Washington Post

The Importance of Obama's Coming Afghanistan Announcement

Visceral Has Its Value: Maureen Dowd Contrasting Palin and Obama

More Jobs is the Route to Deficit Reduction: Pelosi Advocates Moving toward a Jobs Bill

How Should Progressives Feel about the Present State of Health Care Reform? Jonathan Cohn in the New Republic

Too Big to Block? Why Obama Must Stop the Comcast-NBC Merger: Josh Silver in the Washington Post

Europe and Its Muslims: Review Article by Anne Applebaum

Iraq Is Not Becoming an Extension of Iran: Gary Sick in the Daily Beast

Obama's Anzio: Krugman Continues to Fear that Obama's Economic Over-Caution Will be His Undoing

Religious Images Afford Believers Protection from Pain: Research Reported in Science News

Welder and Me Going Toe-to-Toe on What's Happening on the Right

GOP Obstructionism in the Senate: E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post

Is America Losing Its Mojo? Fareed Zakaria (in Newsweek) on Trends Regarding Innovation in Science and Technology

Hostage-Takers in the Senate: Dean Baker on an Upcoming Showdown around Raising the Debt Limit

10 Reasons That Sarah Palin Could Win the Republican Nomination: Nate Silver in

The Psychology of the Public's Dealing with Climate Change: Nordhaus and Shellenberger in Yale Environment

I Can Be Heard on the Internet Tonight

Obama’s Delusion: David Bromwich

The Worst is yet to Come: Roubini Predicts Unemployment Will Get Worse Before Better

Does It Still Matter if the Bushite Supporters Recognize the Darkness of that Regime? An Exchange Between David R. and Me

The Nature of Obama's Afghanistan Decision-Making: Fred Kaplan on

What's Fueling the Average American Right-Wingers? A Discussion Question

One Morsel from Dean Baker, Two from Paul Krugman

This is Your Brain on GPS: Alex Hutchinson in The Walrus

The Abortion Piece in the Health Care Bill from the House: E.J. Dionne Offers a Somewhat Benign Perspective

The U.S.-Japan Relationship: Obama's Opportunity for Constructive Change, from R. Taggart Murphy in The New Republic

A Historical Perspective

Iran's Moves Reveal Leadership Rift: Gerald F. Seib in the Wall Street Journal

Is the House Bill Better or Worse than Nothing? Jonathan Cohn in the New Republic

How Might Obama Come Back into Strength?

Two Possible Scenarios Forward Regarding (What I Fear Might Be) Obama's Weakness: Ruminations from Schmookler

On Problems Regarding U.S. Policy on Climate Change: Rick Piltz on Eurozine

Pentagon Used Psychological Operation on US Public, Documents Show: Brad Jacobson in Raw Story

One Nation, Under Illusion: Neil Gabler in the Boston Globe

Krugman Refutes Two Bogus Right-Wing Economic Arguments

Islam Struggles with Evolution: Drake Bennett on

Gorbachev Interviewed in the Nation

Obama's Foreign Policy Report Card: Juan Cole on

The Fate of Gaia: How James Lovelock Now Sees It

Limbaugh and Race: Jonathan Chait in the New Republic

California-- Abundance and Mal-Distribution: Rebecca Solnit in the Los Angeles Times

Goodies from Dean Baker's BEAT THE PRESS ROUND-UP

Product Roll-Out: E.J. Dionne on the Biggest Health Care Challenge Remaining for Congress

NSB in the Coming Week

Explaining the Animosities of the Right: One of My *Challenging the Conservatives* Pieces

An Exchange on Climate Change

The Defining Moment: Paul Krugman on the Crunch Time on Health Care Reform

The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York: Frank Rich in the New York Times (and a Comment from Me)

Iran: Can Obama Play Hardball? Robert Kagan in the Washington Post

Why Neanderthals Went Extinct: Sharon Begley in Newsweek

Poster Boy for Canadian Health System: Stephen Lautens in the Calgary Sun

The Ph. D. Problem: Louis Menand in Harvard Magazine

Politics as Religion in America: Neil Gabler in the Los Angeles Times

Muddling Through in Afghanistan: How One Knowledgeable Brit Sees the Situation

Just Say No To Blasphemy Laws: Jonathan Turley Criticizes an Obama Administration Move

Mismanaged Care: Another Passage from Jerome Groopman's HOW DOCTORS THINK

Understanding Lieberman, Plus Why the Public Option Came Back to Life: Two Timely Analyses from Nate Silver

Gov. Sanford and Sacred Eros: Revisiting a Previous Topic

The Senate, Obama, and the Public Option: Jonathan Cohn on the State of Play

Juicy Morsels from Dean Baker's BEAT THE PRESS ROUND-UP (And One Tid-Bit from Me)

The Aura Strikes Back: Paul Krugman on How the Sense of Inevitability Now Favors the Democrats

Russia Against Napoleon: Review of of a New Book

Who You Calling Deranged? Jonathan Chait in the New Republic on the Isolation of the Republican Base

1989! Timothy Garton Ash on the Year Europe Changed History

How Upset Should the Military Be about Obama's Indecision on Afghanistan? Steven Metz in The New Republic

It is the Republicans --Not Obama-- Who Are Extreme: Another of My Two-Minute Challenges

The Evolution of Self-Consciousness: A Report on Mirror Experiments (Which Raises at Least One Interesting Question)

Something Rotten in the State of Texas: Michelle Goldberg on Governor Perry's Scandalous Conduct Concerning the Execution of an Apparently Innocent Man

More on the GOP as a Regional (Southern) Party: Kos Reports on Latest ABC/Washington Post Poll

Maybe It's a Blessing: Facing Evil Till We Get It Right

GOP vs. Effective Government: Thomas Frank in the Wall Street Journal on Why Republicans Are Blocking the Nomination of Patricia Smith

Dealing with Uncertainty, Part II: The Lessons from Medicine (in Groopman's HOW DOCTORS THINK)

The Banks are not All Right: Paul Krugman in the New York Times

Dealing with Uncertainty, Part I: The Lessons from Medicine (in Groopman's HOW DOCTORS THINK)

How Moody's Sold Ratings, Sold Out Investors: Report in McClatchy Newspapers

Getting to 'Yes' With Olympia Snowe: E. J. Dionne in the Washington Post

Baseball, Too, Should Use Instant Replay: Jesse Zwick in the New Republic

Why Is Blackmail Wrong? Lizzie Widdicombe Raises an Interesting Question in the New Yorker

McChrystal and Obama and the Problem of MacArthurism: David Greenberg on

No Doubt Obama Deserves the Nobel! View from the French Philosopher, Bernard-Henri Levy

On the Practice of Primary-Care Medicine: Jerome Groopman from His Book HOW DOCTORS THINK

Going To Copenhagen Empty-Handed: Robert Reich Advises Obama on How to Handle Climate Change Legislation

U.S. Science Remains Far From Its Rightful Place: Interview of Rep. Rush Holt in Science News

The Politics of Spite: Paul Krugman in the New York Times

Graphics Question about NSB

The One-Party South: Historical Perspective from THE MIND OF THE SOUTH (by Cash)

The White House Treats Fox News as Partisan Foe: Ari Melber on Huffington Post

On the Credibility of Those Who Were So Often So Wrong Before on These Wars: Frank Rich in the New York Times

More on Obama and the Nobel Prize: James Fallows Praises Obama's Remarks, Jerome Doolittle's Prescient Expectation about GOP Talking Points

The Creation of the Right-Wing *Teaching Machine*: Henry A. Giroux Provides a Glimpse into the *Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy*

Post-Mortem on the Russian-Georgian War of 2008: Excellent Account by Ronald D. Asmus

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize: What I Think of It

Red State vs. Blue State Moralities: Can You Help Gather this Information?

Saved from Despair: A Passage from THE AGE OF WONDER

To the Good People on the Right: This Is Not How You Deal With Disagreements in Your Own World, Is It?

Take Action: Tell Harry Reid to Fire a Shot Across the Bow of Any Dem Who'd Support a Health-Reform-Blocking Filibuster

Obama and the Dalai Lama: Michelle Goldberg in The American Prospect

*This is It!* Thoughts on Profundity and the Obvious from My Book, LIVING POSTHUMOUSLY

Relitigating Summers and Bank Nationalization: Noam Scheiber in the New Republic

Mission Re-Definition: Help Me Take This Viral

The Trauma of Inflation in Germany: Excerpts from Zweig's *The World of Yesterday*

No Rush to Escalate: E.J. Dionne on the Afghanistan Decision-Making

Coming Tomorrow: An Important Posting on *Mission Re-Definition*

Politics Normal or Abnormal: Challenge to the Guys at WSVA

Obama and China: Vandalism or Vision: Robert Borosage on Huffington Post

Irving Kristol saved the right from intellectual bankruptcy in the '60s. Who will save it now? Jacob Weisberg on

A Couple of By-the-Way Questions I'd Appreciate Help On

The Age of Eco-Angst: Daniel Goleman in the New York Times

The True Cost of Fiscal Stimulus: Paul Krugman

Thanks to You Who Responded to My *Pitch*

Another Perspective

Here's What Blindness Looks Like: A Journalist Doesn't See --at all-- the Most Important Story in America Since World War II

Should Obama Be Pitching to Get the Olympics? Discussion Question (I Vote No)

Europe's Descent into the Passions of War: Excerpts from Stefan Zweig's Portrayal of Europe in the Time of World War I

Slaves to Ideology? Challenge to the Conservatives on Health Care

Perks for *Seniors*: Are They Warranted? (A Discussion Question)

The Globalization of Censorship: Anne Applebaum Relates Three Cases of Western Institutions Abetting Other Countries' Censorship Desires

Could the Health-Care Solution be this Simple: Thom Hartman Puts Forward a *Modest Proposal*

Liberals Should Recognize the Significance of Half-Filling This Glass: Jonathan Chait Offers Perspective on Health Care Reform

CIA Torturers Running Scared: Ray McGovern on Consortium News

Schmookler on New Dimensions Radio: Hear It Here (Interview Broadcast in 2006)

Climate Change, the Next Arena for GOP Lies: Paul Krugman

Joe Biden's Switch from Hawk to Skeptic on Afghanistan: Michael Crowley in The New Republic

Obama Says Don't Run, NY Gov Patterson Says Yes I Will: What Obama's Trying to Do

The Good Family Man: The Conservatives Can't Have it Both Ways

Future Unknown: From *The World of Yesterday* By Stefan Zweig

CIA Directors Oppose the DOJ Investigation: Glenn Greenwald Dissects the Tawdry Meaning of this Opposition

First They Came for the Marlboros: Jacob Weisberg on the Proper Limits to the *Nanny State*

You Couldn't Parody this Right Wing Nonsense: *Suddenly, they're czar-struck," Dick Polman on the Latest Bizarro Pseudo-Issue

I Can Be Heard Tonight on Internet Radio

Shift Happens: Some of Obama's Droop Explained by the *Morale Curve* Says Layne Longfellow

The Pitch

What's Happening To Women's Happiness? Marcus Buckingham on Huffington Post

Baucus and the Threshold: Paul Krugman on Where Health Care Reform Might Go from Here

Using the Law for the Public Interest: Thoughts about Jerry Brown, Hero

How to Talk to Iran: Roger Cohen in the New York Times

Government Tends Toward Corruption, and Therefore? Why I Part Paths with the Libertarian Answer

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Brains and Cities Develop Similiarly

Dems Should Impose Anti-Filibuster Discipline: Ed Kilgore in the New Republic

High-Five Nation: David Brooks in the New York Times

More Fundamental than Race: My Critique of the Excellent Waldman Essay Posted Here Earlier

Stuff Some White People Don't Like: Paul Waldman in The American Prospect

Anger of Right-Wing Protesters Mis-Directed: Glenn Greenwald

Rooting for Rain

Two Issues from My Radio Show This Morning: I'd Appreciate Your Help

Science and the Discovery of the Un-Intimate Universe: A Passage from *The Age of Wonder*

Rescuing *Government Action* from the Paranoia of the Right: Roy Ulrich on Common Dreams

The Corrosive Effect of Berlusconi's Media Empire on Italian Democracy: An NPR Report from Sylvia Poggioli

THE PARABLE OF THE TRIBES After a Quarter Century: A Revision

Issues of Artificial Enhancements: Passages from an Essay by David Edmonds

Rich Passages from Paul Krugman's Recent Blog Entries

Income Inequality Is At An All-Time High in U.S.: Report on a Study by Professor Emmanuel Saez

Creative Grokking and the Sacred

A Culture of Cruelty: Henry A. Giroux in Truthout

What I Liked in Obama's Talk Tonight

A Trigger-- With Teeth? Nate Silver Offers a Creative Way to Gain Strength through Compromise

A Historical Perspective

Why the President Has Been Losing on Health Care, and What He Needs to Say: Drew Westen on Huffington Post

The Most Important Political Event This Week is NOT Obama's Health Care Speech: E.J. Dionne in The New Republic

Rising Craziness in America: I. Obama Has to Address It (Revisited)

Suffering and Pain, Solace and Joy: How Are You Doing?

Liberty and Tyranny Battle Over the Internet: Eli Lake in The New Republic

Cheney Manipulates Media, Media Enable Cheney: Dan Froomkin on Huffington Post

The Media's Role in (Dis)Connecting People with Reality: *The Pity of It All* on the Lead-Up to World War I

Financial Regulation, Moral Hazard, and the End of *Too Big to Fail*: David A. Moss in Harvard Magazine

Republicans Disappointed In Holder's Decision To Enforce Civil Rights Laws: Adam Serwer in The American Prospect

This Morning's Technical Problem Has Been Fixed

Why Health Insurance Reform Will Pass This Fall: Robert Creamer on Huffington Post

How to Do Health Care Reform in the Face of Public Mistrust of Government: William Galston in the New Republic

A Paradox in Public Views of Health Care: Excellent Piece by Nicholas Kristof in the NYTimes

We're about to Learn Something Important about Obama

All-Star Pithy Comments from Krugman's Blog

Nate Silver's Illuminating Musings on Health-Care Reform Strategy

Is Afghanistan Indeed a *Necessary War*?

New Windows on the Human Journey

How Important is this Currently-Measured *Public Opinion* Anyway?

Seventh Piece: Holding the Bushites Accountable

Majority Rule on Health Care Reform: Clear Analysis from a New York Times Editorial

Will Teddy Speak One More Time from the Grave?

What's Wrong With American Medicine? Andrew Weil on Huffington Post

Facing Suffering: Another Passage from THE WISE HEART

What Harry Truman Tried to Do About Health Care in November, 1945

Sixth Piece: Wielding the Sword on Behalf of the Moral and Spiritual Force

About Changing the Law to Fill Kennedy's Seat Right Away

Fifth Piece: Fighting Back

You Can't Correct Misinformation: Counter-Intuitive Advice for Obama on the *Death Panel* Rumors

Fourth Piece: Are You Being Guided, Mr. President, by the Wrong Advisor?

Liberals Should Rally Behind Whatever Health Care Bill They Can Get: Michael Tomasky in the Guardian (UK)

Third Piece: How to Put the Force Behind Health-Care Reform

All the President’s Zombies: Krugman on Some Disproven Notions that Won't Die

Second Piece: Re-Connect with the Force from Whence Came Your Power, Mr. President

First Piece: Why It's Clear, Mr. President, You've Made an Important Strategic Error

A Story of Mindfulness: Another Tale from THE WISE HEART

Watch This Space: Something's Coming

The Health Implications of Optimism/Pessimism: A Research Report from WebMD

Obama’s Trust Problem: Krugman in the NTY, and ABS Commentary

Is Paul Starr Right that It's Necessary, and Worthwhile, to Sacrifice the Public Option?

Another Study in Intolerance and Oppression: The Persecution of Iran's Bahais (A Talk by an Iranian Scholar, an Essay by Me)

Baker Slams Press Again

Never Trust Those Liars Again: Another Challenge to My Radio Show Audience

Obama's Dreams From His Mother: Michael R. Dove in the New York Times

Why U.S. Diplomacy Will Fail With Iran: Edward Luttwak in the WSJ, and an ABS Critique

Crazy as a Preexisting Condition in America: Rick Perlstein in the Washington Post

*Us Against Them* Thinking: More Passages from *The Pity of it All*

Life After the Death of the Public Option: Nate Silver on the State of Play with Health Care Reform

Politically Transmitted Disease: George Monbiot on Right-Wing Denial and Rising Teen Pregnancy and STD Rates

Collisions with the Blind: Another Passage from *The Wise Heart*

There's More to Health than Health Care: Report by Carrie Peyton Dahlberg

Other Countries, Same Pattern of Hate Speech Driving Violent Action

It Takes All Kinds: The Idea of Moral Ecology

Announcement: Between Now and Friday Evening...

Bi-Partisanship? Why Does this Idea Persist?

Health Care's Public Perception Malady: Paul Waldman on The American Prospect

Optimism as a Spiritual Condition

Properly Calibrated Response Re North Korea: News Report Plus ABS Commentary

The Enthusiasm Gap: Jonathan Cohn on Why Liberals Should Push Hard Even for *the Current Lackluster Health Care Legislation*

History and the Question of Inevitability: Passages from *The Pity of It All*

Abandon the Rope-a-Dope, Obama

Media Complicity in Whopper Lies about Health Care Reform: Dean Baker

The Ascent of George Washington: A Sobering Assessment of Our First President

Will Obama be brought low by the same forces that irreparably damaged Clinton and Carter?: John B. Judis in The New Republic

Worried About the Christians? An Exchange from OpedNews

The Remarkable Heinrich Heine: Some Intense Passages from *The Pity of It All*

Dear Mr. President: Satirical Letter from Daily Kos Objecting to Government Intrusion into Healthcare

How Morality Enters into Game Theoretical Calculations: Revisiting the Defectors/Cooperators Dilemma

Isn't There Some Sort of Rule about the "Water's Edge"? Look What the Republicans are Saying in Jerusalem

The Reformer (Frederick Douglass) and the Politician (Abraham Lincoln): Sean Wilentz on the Failure of Much Liberal Thought to Understand the Different Roles

The Wise Heart: Two Little Stories from a New Book by Jack Kornfield

The Character of Barack Obama: A Critique from David Bromwich

About My Radio Show this Morning on *The Toxic Stench of Hateful Lies*

Is Pessimism Wisdom? An Exchange Between Father and Son

A Tip of the Hat to Hillary: Francisco Toro Salutes What U.S. Diplomacy Seems to Have Accomplished with the Honduran Crisis

The Toxic Stench of Hateful Lies

What the Dems Need to be Doing (and Have Largely Failed to Do) to Sell Health Care Reform: Nate Silver

Liberty as a Fundamental American Value, Not an *Un-Value*

How the Republicans Wounded Themselves Through the Sotomayor Hearings: Paul Waldman on The American Prospect

Schmookler and the Anarchists III: A (Semi-Famous) Exchange from the 1980s

Paul Krugman Refutes the *Anti-Speculation* Case Against Cap and Trade

The *What a Planet!* Experience

What I Hope Will Happen with the Peace Beer at the White House Today

Health, American-Style: Jacob Weisberg on

Hear My Most Recent Radio Show Here: Judicial Activism Discussed

Retiring Senator Voinovich Unloads on His Regional Rump Party: Kos on DailyKos

Dean Baker Beats the Press Some More

The Spirit of the Christians? Another Possible Radio Show

Nate Silver's Advice to the Blue Dog Dems on Health Care

The Possible Costs of Sotomayor's Conflict-Avoidant Confirmation Strategy: Dahlia Lithwick on

Suffering in the Culture of the Shenandoah Valley: What is It About, and Why Does it Express Itself in this Form?

Schmookler and the Anarchists II: A (Semi-Famous) Exchange from the 1980s

In Other Words IV: Some Choice Untranslatable Terms from Other Languages

On Liberty at 150: Andrew Norton Reviews the Famous Book by John Stuart Mill

The Media's Role in Keeping Nonsense on Center Stage: A Report Re Lou Dobbs, an Exchange on Countdown

Unlike Truthout

The Psychiatrist Under the Table: Thoughts About Therapy from Ronald Pies

The Sotomayor Confirmation: Poll Numbers Give Reason to Think Obama's Strategy Has Benefits as Well as Costs

Schmookler and the Anarchists I: A (Semi-Famous) Exchange from the 1980s

Obama Speaking Tonight: And Here's a Note I Wrote Two Days Ago about Such a Speech

Seance on Wall Street: Dean Baker Derides the Wall Street *Seers* Who Purvey Pseudo-Analysis to Mask Their Policy Agendas

Rumors of the Demise of ObamaCare Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: Nate Silver on FiveThirtyEight

The Traditional Meaning of *Marriage* and the Desire of Gays: An Exchange on NSB

Obama Starts Fighting Back: Is It Too Late?

Prelude to the Series, "Schmookler and the Anarchists"

The Primary Weapon: Jonathan Chait on How the Dems Could Better Keep Their Wayward *Centrists* in Line

Questions for the Attorney General: Michael Isikoff in Newsweek

Celebrating Cronkite While Ignoring What He Did: Glenn Greenwald and a Scathing Critique of the Contemporary News Media

The Evolution of Spite: Article in The New Scientist

HOW DOES OUR LANGUAGE SHAPE THE WAY WE THINK? Report on Some Interesting Research

In Other Words III: Some Choice Untranslatable Terms from Other Languages

Judicial Activism on the Right: Some Choice and Pertinent Passages

Two-Parter on the Issue of a Second Stimulus: Dean Baker and Me

It Takes All Kinds: Game Theoretical Illumination of the Evolution of Intra-Species Diversity

Sotomayor Plays It Safe: Emily Brazelon on

Briefing on the Show for Those Who Might Wish to Call In

Sarah Palin Broke the G.O.P. and Now She Owns It: Frank Rich in the New York Times

House Overwhelmingly Rejects Obama Signing Statement: News Report from TheHill

News Flash! The Radio Show Changed Yet Again. Your Prep Help Requested.

A Lesson on Global Warming: New York Times Editorial

The *Select Few Who Get Things Done*: Moyers and Winship on the Corruption in Washington

My Revised Plan for this Thursday's Radio Show

The Misuse of the Biblical Story of Onan

Newsweek says HOLDER "LEANING TOWARDS" APPOINTING TORTURE PROSECUTOR: This Looks Like an Obama Dance I was Hoping For

The Future of American Health Insurance: It Works, says the CBO and Paul Krugman

Should A News Organization Take Sides Between Truth and Falsehood When It is Also Between One Major Political Party and the Other?: On NPR's Avoidance of the Use of the Word *Torture*

Do Presidents Really Need the Intelligence Community to Be Happy With Them?

"You Have Only the Future to Win": Speech by David Davis (in the UK) on the Defense of Liberty

Tired of Talking about Obama: His Approach Does not Inspire Me Enough

An Army Untapped: Harold Meyerson Decries the Failure of the Obama Gang to Utilize Its Latent Grassroots Force

In Search of Dignity: David Brooks in the New York Times

What in History Most Disturbs You? Discussion Question PLUS

In Other Words # 2: Some Choice Untranslatable Terms from Other Languages

Obama Needs to Do More to Protect Appalachia from Ruination by the Coal Companies: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in the Washington Post

How the Press Misstates the Economics: Some Good Items from Dean Baker's *Beat the Press*

The Body and the Sacred, or, Mark Sanford's Dilemma and the Quest for the Good: III

The Fretting Over Health Care Reform: Paul Waldman in The American Prospect

A Funny Little Story from My Day

Dowd Skewers Palin

The Ways Placebos Work: From an Essay in SKEPTIC by Dr. Harriet Hall

What the Nixon tapes tell us about the Republican Party: Christopher Hitchens on

How Do You Decide Whom to Marry? A Funny Compendium of Kids' Saying the Darnedest Things

Mark Sanford's Dilemma and the Quest for the Good: II

Critique of the Court's Ricci Decision: Drew Westen on The New Republic

Mark Sanford's Dilemma and the Quest for the Good: I

Betraying the Planet: Paul Krugman in the NYTimes

Who Killed the Men of England? An Illustration of How Science is Transforming the Study of Human History

Defectors and Cooperators: Illuminating Issues in America Today

In Other Words # 1: Some Choice Untranslatable Terms from Other Languages

Obama's Cairo Speech and the Changes in the Middle East: Gershom Gorenberg in The American Prospect

Sanford Should Apologize for How He Judged Others' Morals: Cenk Uygur on Huffington Post

What Obama Must Do to Save Universal Health Care: Robert Reich on The Arena

The Politics of Revulsion: Research Findings Regarding Disgust and Political Orientation

Stranger in a Familiar Land: The Introduction to My Book, *The Illusion of Choice*

The Sexual Scandals of Our Politicians: What's Worth Saying?

Court Declares Illegal the Strip-Search of 13 Year-Old

The Anti-Gay-Marriage Non-Argument: Jonathan Chait in the New Republic

Hoping for Audacity: Drew Westen Questioning Obama's Strategy

Hate Speech Right and Left? A Reader Thinks He Sees a Double Standard

A Brief Report on Yesterday's Radio Show

To The Mattresses: E.J. Dionne on Why Business Leaders Should Scare Obama More than the Republican Party

The Sonia Sotomayor You Don't Know: Jeffrey Rosen in the New Republic

Worst. Damage Control. Ever. Nate Silver on the Question of Election Fraud in Iran

House Revives Some Health Care Hopes the Senate's Been Killing: Ryan Grim on Huffington Post

Tuesday's Radio Show: Official Notification of Topic, Time, Phone Numbers, Customs and Manners

An Appalling Ruling from the Supreme Court: NYTimes Editorial

Discussion of the Iranian Situation: Daniel W. Dresner on

What Does it Mean Not to be Hoping for these Iranian Protestors?

What To Make Of The Russian Media’s Reaction To Iran? Julia Ioffe in The New Republic

Obama and Iran's Elections: An Interpretation (By Me)

As Ye Sow: Some Lessons from *Prisoner's Dilemma* Research

Health Insurance Plan Is Great Politics for Democrats: Robert Creamer on Huffington Post

America’s Sea of Red Ink Was Years in the Making: David Leonhardt in the New York Times

Good News A Propos the Radio Show

Say No to Censorship: Washington Post Editorial Against Chinese Restrictions on the Internet

Whither the Iranian Protests? Maya Schenwar on Truthout

GOP Activist Calls Gorilla One of Michelle's 'Ancestors': Meteor Blades on Daily Kos

Keeping Them Honest: Paul Krugman on Health Care Reform and the Insurance Industry

Conservatives Might Learn Some Things From Liberals: Possible Opening Statement for Virginia Radio Show

Stealing the Iranian Election: Juan Cole on Truthout

Do we need a technological breakthrough to avert the climate crisis?: Bradford Plumer in the New Republic

A Father's Mortification at Growing Old

GOP Smear Campaign vs. Sotomeyer Fails: Greg Dworkin on the Arena

Death at the Holocaust Museum and the Degradation of the American Dialogue: Michael Rowe on Huffington Post

Iran Awakens Yet Again: Roger Cohen in the New York Times

A Unified Theory of Obama: Jonathan Chait in the New Republic

How to Deal with the Pathological Spirit on the Right?: Sharing My Dilemma

The Importance of How We Leave Iraq: Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek

Obama to Forge a Greater Role on Health Care

What's Going to Become of the Republican Party? A Discussion Question

How Pharma and Insurance Intend to Kill the Public Option, And What Obama and the Rest of Us Must Do: Robert Reich

Animals Possess a Sense of Morality: Science Report in Telegraph (UK)

Cooperation and Conflict in Obama's Cairo Speech: Aaron Zelinsky in the Huffington Post


The Media Attend to the Right and Ignore the Left: E.J. Dionne on How the Debate Gets Skewed

"Memento Mori": Some Wonderings About Death

Testing Our Beliefs: An Informative, Entertaining Video (A TED Talk)

Empathy? It's Just a Question of *With Whom?* Adam Serwer in The American Prospect

Revisiting "Revisiting the 'Muddle Through Scenario'"

The Roots of Today's Financial Crisis Lie in the Reagan Years: Paul Krugman in the NYTimes

The Great Deflector: How Obama Stays Out of the Fray (Cottle at TNR)

Who Is to Blame for the Next Attack? Frank Rich in the New York Times

A Possible Logjam-Breaking Move for Obama to Make on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Petraeus and the Bushites: BarbinMD on Daily Kos on How Petraeus' Recent Statements Challenge the Bushites

High Expectations for Obama's Speech in Egypt: James Zogby on Huffington Post

Obama's Center-Left Two-Step: E.J. Dionne's Interpretation of Obama's Political Strategy

How the Internet Helped a Canadian Mag Beat Canada's Human Rights Censors

Wondering About the Banking Crisis

Notes Toward a Theory of Obama: Jacob Weisberg on

Statistical Proof that Democrats Hate Freedom: Funny and Incisive Report on Daily Kos

Blessed by Obviousness: My Response to a Comment on Opednews

How Colin Powell Got Snookered at CIA: Ray McGovern on Common Dreams

Overcoming Distributional Objections to Greater Reliance on Market Pricing: Robert Frank on FiveThirtyEight

Time is Not Running Out on the Prosecution of Torture Crimes: Elizabeth de la Vega on

Troubling Commentary on North Korea's Troubling Nukes: Bill Powell in Time Magazine

Schmookler is Available for Conversation

Questioning Obama's Strategy Against Evil: Letting His Foes Be the Focus of Ugliness

The GOP’s Paranoid Foreign Policy: Michael Freedman in Newsweek

Is Cheney Hurting/Helping? Question from Me, Article from Lincoln Mitchell

My Hunch about a Credit Card Reform Matter

Cheney Lost to Bush: David Brooks in the NYTimes

Advice from *America's Worst Mom*: Lenore Skenazy in The Week

The Problems in Obama's Speech: More Stategic Subtlety or Outright Hypocrisy?

Signs of the Times in Russia: A Dramatic Example of the Long-term Battle of Patterns in a Society

Politics and the Passage of Credit Card Reform: Ryan Grim on Huffington Post

Senate Democrats, the Closing of Guantanamo, and the Obama Strategy: A Tentative Hypothesis

Imagine You're Talking to People Who Think FOX is a Legitimate News Source

The Happiest People in the World are Heavily Taxed: Thomas Kostigen on Marketwatch

The Politics of Excusing Torture in the Name of National Security: John Dean on

The Character of Dick Cheney: Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic

What Obama Wants in the Next Justice: Geoffrey R. Stone on Huffington Post

Torture Defensible? How about Homicide? Mcjoan on Daily Kos

Questioning Obama's Strategy Against Evil: Correlation of Forces

Introducing HuffPost*s Weekly Recap of the Sunday Talk Shows

Interesting Reflections on People and Happiness: A Passage from an Atlantic Monthly Article

The GOP's Misguided Campaign Against Judicial Empathy: Dahlia Lithwick in

Problems of Tolerance and National Coherence in Contemporary Europe: Christopher Caldwell in the Prospect (U.K.)

Shifts in Washington's Tectonic Plates of Power: Ronald Brownstein on Obama Bringing Business Interests Over to His Side on Two Major Issues

Questioning Obama's Strategy Against Evil: A Missed Opportunity?

The Decline of The Conservative Intellectual: Nate Silver on

Calling Club for Growth: Kos Hopes the Suicidal GOP Will Knock Off Krist in the Primaries

Obama, The Torture Pictures, and this Dick Cheney Moment: A Speculation

Questioning Obama's Strategy Against Evil: Premise

Debt is Not So Cool: How the Recession May be Changing the Attitudes of the Young

Ronald Reagan's Position on Torture Now Labeled "Hard Left": Glenn Greenwald on

Questioning Obama's Strategy Against Evil: Overview

Upcoming Battle on Souther's Replacement: William Rivers Pitt in

Obama Delivers the Zingers at Journalists' Dinner: Washington Post Report

Bonkers in Georgia: Hendrik Hertzberg on More of the Rising Craziness on the Right

A Great Party Needs to Have Give: Peggy Noonan on the Problems of Today's Republican Party

Archiving NSB Writings: Anyone Out there Willing to Help?

"Torture May be Necessary in the Future": David Waldman on Why Going After Bushite Torture is not Just "Looking Backward"

New Morsels from Dean Baker

How Obama Sees the Court (According to Those Who Know Him): NYTimes Article

DOJ Report Reaches "Damning" Conclusions for Bybee and Yoo: Jason Leopold on

Book review of Dave Neiwert's "The Eliminationists": By Susan G on Daily Kos

What Do Liberals Want on the Court? Josh Patashnik in The New Republic

Anti-Green Economics: Paul Krugman's Blog

America Becomes Desensitized to Torture: Dahlia Lithwick on

Arlen Specter Needs to Earn His Spot in the Democratic Party: Editorial in The New Republic

How the Republicans Re-Write the History of the New Deal: Jonathan Chait in the New Republic

Christopher Buckley on Losing His Parents

Craziness in America: II. The Same Dark Spirit at Work

Reconciliation as Game-Changer on Health Care Reform: Jonathan Cohn in the New Republic

Bailouts Have Cost Less than You Think: David Weidner in the Wall Street Journal

Obama Gets Higher Grade at 100 Days than His Followers: Robert Borosage on Huffington Post

Crawling Out from Under the Rocks: Thoughts on the Ongoing Exposure of Bushite Crimes

How the Media Cover the Torture Controversy: Glenn Greenwald on

What Obama Can Do on Energy on His Own: Becker and Gerstenzang in the New York Times

Juicy Morsels from Dean Baker: Cases of Misreporting of Economic News from Major Media

Why Do Conservatives Like Stephen Colbert? Lee Drutman Article Followed by Schmookler Commentary

Larry Summers is Not the Guy to Lead Us Beyond the Money Culture: Frank Rich in the New York Times

Reclaiming America's Soul: Krugman Argues for Prosecution of Bushite Crimes

Why It's Necessary to Fast-Track Universal Health Care: Robert Reich

Obama and Transparency: Thoughts about Lions and Foxes

Of Black Holes and Radio Silence: Elizabeth de la Vega on Why the Appointment of a Special Prosecutor Should Wait

Handshake Diplomacy: Fred Kaplan on Obama's Approach to Foreign Policy

What to Think about 9/11?

Obama's Loyal Opposition: Robert Kuttner in Huffington Post

Threats of Secession and Other Recent Republican Rhetoric: Lincoln Mitchell in the Huffington Post

Withering shoots? Mark Hulbert on How Underfunded Corporate Pensions Could be a Major Drag on the Market

Rising Craziness in America: I. Obama Has to Address It

While Obama Gains in Public Opinion, the Democrats Lose Ground: Drew Westen says Something Should Be Done about It

The State of the Post-Bushite Republican World: Sam Gruen and David Spangler Offer Good Thoughts

The Torturers’ Manifesto: NY Times Calls on Congress to Impeach Federal Judge Who Wrote the Torture Memos

The Texas Governor Strikes the "Secession" Note: Gail Collins in the New York Times

Why a God with Such Dubious Character? Thoughts from Jack Miles, Jerome Segal and Me

Red and Blue Economies? Nate Silver on Partisan Distortions of Perceptions

Interpreting the Biblical Narrative of God's Relationship with the Early Israelites: Second Installment of the Exchange with Author Jerome Segal

How Minnesotans Feel about Resolving Their Senate Race: DemFromCT on Daily Kos

You've Really Got to See and Hear This: Something Irrelevant but So Inspiring

Taxing Matters: Robert Borosage on How Tax Policy and Income Redistribution Have been the Opposite of What the Republicans and Their Tea Parties Claim

Judge Posner Wrote What? Eliot Spitzer on a Sign the Times Might be Right for Overhauling the System of Executive Compensation

The Bushite Policies of Obama’s Department of Justice: IV-Justified?

Republican Histrionics on Obama's Recent Trip: Terence Samuel on How They're Making Themselves Irrelevant

The Bushite Policies of Obama's Department of Justice: III. Protest!

Playing on People's Fears: Please Help Me Flesh Out this Indictment

The Bushite Policies of Obama's Department of Justice: II-Illustrated

The Bushite Policies of Obama's Department of Justice: A Series with a Surprise

From "Bad Experiences" to an Ecology of the Soul: An Essay by Me

Post-Consumer Prosperity: Robert H. Frank in The American Prospect

Is the GOP Cynical or Naive? Christopher Orr in the New Republic

The Geithner-Summers Plan Can Be Gamed: Jeffrey Sacks (and a Comment from Paul Krugman)

The Pick-Your-Poison Paradox: Nate Silver on FiveThirtyEight

The Next Two or Three Days

Understanding Systems vs. How the Human Mind Seems Wired to Think

Two New Takes on Obama and the Banks: From what's Visible, Stiglitz Sees Capitulation, From the GM-CEO Firing, Delamaide Infers Something Bolder

Interpreting the Biblical Narrative of God's Relationship with the Early Israelites: An Exchange with Author Jerome Segal

The Hat

Why Obama Has (Largely) Stopped Reaching Out for Bi-Partisanship: John Dickerson on

Afghan President Orders Review of Marital Law: Pressure from the World's Response to the Idea that Husbands May Rape Their Wives

The Quiet Coup: Simon Johnson in The Atlantic Monthly on How the Financial Industry Came to Have Preponderant Power in the American System

Your Help Wanted: Seeking Examples of Dishonest Republican Arguments

Obama as Peacemaker: A Tale (That Makes Me Feel Good) from the G-20

Will the Recession Bring a Collapse of U.S. Power? Au Contraire, Says Walter Russell Meade

Jim Webb's Courageous Call for Major Changes in Our Justice System: Glenn Greenwald on

In Praise (Mostly) of the Obama Auto Plan: From John Paul MacDuffie, a Business School Professor

Being Right Has Little to Do with Pundits' Success: Paul Farrell on Marketwatch

No Return To Normal: James K. Galbraith on Why this Economic Crisis Changes Things

A Truth Deficit: E.J. Dionne on Why the Conversation over our Financial Future is so Poisoned

Different Spiritual Paths, Different Contributions

This Time, Geithner’s Plan for Banks Makes Sense: Jim Nocera in the New York Times

Why We Need a Commission on Presidential Power: Bruce Ackerman in the American Prospect

The Right Way to Fix Wall Street's Pay: Some Smart Analysis from Nate Silver

Behold, humble Deutschland: David Marsh on Why Germany Isn't Gloating Over its Relative Prosperity

Shall We Get Rid of the Lawyers? Anthony Lewis Review Article in the NYRB

More Dimension I'm Seeing in the Obama/Wall Street Approach: Obama's Way is Non-Confrontational, and What's Determinative is the Politics

Two Sides of an A.I.G. Bonus Story: From the Receiver of a Bonus, and From a Critic of Him

Is There an Antidote to the Republican Amnesia? Rep. Barney Frank on the Political Fingerprints on our Financial Crisis

What The Ozone Scare Can--And Can't--Teach Us: Bradford Plumer in the New Republic

If Obama Did Take on Wall Street, How Tough/Winnable a Battle Would it Be?

Memory: A Fascinating Passage about the Role of Memory in Some Biblical Stories

Two Questions: What Does it Mean to Support Obama? and What if Obama's Banking Policy is Right?

Obama's Missing the Opportunity the Banking Crisis Presents

Some Truths About Guantanamo Bay: Lawrence Wilkerson Sheds Light on the Darkness

Does Krugman Have the Ear of the President? If Not, Here's What He Could Do

The Joy of Artistry

Can Anyone Reassure Me? Is there Any First-Rate Economist Who Agrees With the Geithner Approach?

Revenge of the Glut: Paul Krugman Helps Illuminate the Economic Crisis

Some Reflections on Obama's Promise: An Exchange Between Jim Oberg and John Hofer

Public Anger and the Challenge to Obama: Two Pieces, E.J. Dionne and Thomas Friedman

Ongoing Thoughts and Open Forum --March 19

Does Obama Have the Right Economic Team: Two Pieces that Feed My Doubts

Problematic Southern Culture: Cheap Labor from Slavery to Union-Busting

How Should We Think about the AIG-Bonus Affair? A Discussion Question

Banking Vouchers: Benjamin Barber with a Good Idea for Market-Loving Geithner

The Irish Troubles: A Moving and Hopeful Opinion Piece from an Irishman

Kepler and Brahe: A Little Piece of Science History

Today's Republican Party is a Central Part of our National Crisis

Obama's Challenge at the Upcoming G-20: Robert Borosage on the Need for Global Action on Economic Revival/Transformation

Stop Blaming the Market's Collapse on Obama: Jonathan Chait in the New Republic

What is the Value of Wealth?

Half-Way Through Obama's "First 100 Days": William Rivers Pitt Gives an Assessment

From Longfellow's Poem, "The Building of the Ship"

Nuclear-Armed China and India, with Tibet in Between: Dan Twining in Foreign Policy

Obama, Bush Secret-Keeper: Dahlia Lithwick Questions Obama's Position on Bushite Crimes

Ready to Rumble: Jed Lewison on Obama Taking on the GOP on Earmarks

Financial Glimmerings? A Couple of Brief Notices

The Media's Stupid/Corrupt Quest for "Balance": An Article from Daily Kos

Obama's Fine Memorandum Breaking with Bush on Signing Statements

The Tall People: Reflections on Humans and Trees

Why the Market Wants Banks Nationalized: John Verke on Seeking Alpha

Behind the Curve: Krugman's Continuing Worries about Obama Economic-Rescue Policies

A Fictious Exchange Between Obama and Emanuel on Their Beleaguered Banking Policy

Adulation-wise, Obama is to Progressives as Reagan was to Conservatives: Paul Waldman in The American Prospect

Ongoing Thoughts-- March 8

The Republicans' Limbaugh Problem, According to David Frum (Conservative Republican)

The Cynicism of the Commentariat?

The Internet: Foe of Democracy? An Analysis from Cass Sunstein

Obama and the Banks: Critiques from Kuttner and Krugman

Obama Should Proclaim His Liberal Vision, Says Leon Wieseltier (But I do not Concur)

Ongoing Thoughts-- March 5th

Virtue and Victory in Armed Struggle: An Exchange on Opednews

Pithy Insights from Dean Baker's Beat-the-Press Round-up

Two Pieces about the Limbaugh Albatross: Documentation of His Bigotries on DailyKos and Interpretation of the Obama Strategy on FiveThirtyEight

I Believe This is an Accurate Translation of the Bush DOJ *Legal Opinions* Released Yesterday

Why is Obama's DOJ Backing So Many Bad Bushite Policies: Glenn Greenwald Articulates What Worries Me Most about this New (and Otherwise So Impressive) Obama Presidency

The Santelli Screed Hits Wrong Target on Mortgage Bailout: Dean Baker on Truthout

Obama's "Centrism" is Protective Coloration: Part II, Some Applications

The Obama-ites Are (Wisely) Using Limbaugh as a Weapon Against the GOP

The Obama Code: Passages from George Lakoff

Frugality, Eternity and Clarity

The Many Deep and Diverse Sources of Obama's State-of-the-Union Rhetoric: Fascinating Textual Analysis by Aaron Zelinsky

Paul Krugman Has Me Worried about How Obama's Handling the Banks

Chris Matthews Has His Moments-- Watch the Brief Video

A Historical Perspective

Obama's "Centrism" is Protective Coloration: Part I, the Thesis

There Is No Social Security Crisis: Paul Waldman on The American Prospect

Obama Redefines *Investment*: Jeffrey Feldman on Huffington Post

Obama and the Revival of Responsibility: Robert Creamer on Huffington Post

Obama's State of the Union Address: An Epitaph for the GOP-- Jacob Heilbrun in Huffington Post

The Filibuster Issue: An Argument from Ryan Grim and a Dismissal from Me

The GOP's Jihad on Obama: Robert Parry on Consortium News

Normal Times? Not Yet. Maybe Not in Sight.

The Seven Components of Liberalism: Alan Wolfe's Portrait Summarized by K. Anthony Appiah on

Disagreeing With Paul Krugman: Stan Collender at

What Are the Characteristics of an ENLIGHTENED Human Being?

It Looks Like *Zombie* Bank Nationalization is Coming: From Reading this Report from Ryan Grim at Huffington Post

THE LAND’S PRAYER: An Expression of Reverence for the Earth by Layne Longfellow

Ongoing Thoughts for February 20

The Republicans Foretell Their Opposition to Health Care Reform: Howard Dean on Huffington Post

Chinese turning to Tibetan Buddhism: A Case Study in the Complexity of the Relationship Between Power and Culture

Dean Baker Takes Two Swipes at the Washington Post

The Left Would Help Obama by Complaining More: John Judis in the New Republic

Pet Peeves and Pet Delights

George Will's Disingenous Global-Warming Denial: Two Critiques of a Recent Piece

Wondering: What Changes to the NSB Site in the Post-Bushite Era?

How to Speak Obama: Zadie Smith's Insights Reported by Jack Shafer

Republicans Propose Nationalizing the Banks: An Opportunity for Obama?

Obama's Stimulus Rope-a-Dope: Noam Scheiber in The New Republic

The Irrational Voter: Larry M. Bartels in the Wilson Quarterly

GOP, Like Rush, Sees Hope in Failed Stimulus: Meteor Blades on Daily Kos

Let the Zombie Banks Die: Ariana Huffington

Here's a Strong Condemnation of Geithner's Plan from Someone I Respect (Robert Kuttner in The American Prospect)

Obama Versus Petraeus? Gareth Porter on Inter Press Service

Plunder and Blunder: Progressive Economists Discuss the Crisis (Part II)

Problematic Southern Culture: Venerating Disastrous Leaders

Leahy: Investigate Bush Now

Krugman on Geithner's Ambiguous Bank Bailout Plan

National Security Team Delivers Grim Appraisal of Afghanistan War: News Article in the Washington Post

The Capitulation of the Mountain Man

The Myth about FDR's New Deal Failing: Charles McMillion

Ongoing Thoughts and Open Forum: February 9

Plunder and Blunder: Progressives Discuss the Crisis (Part I)

Ariana and Me on the Proper Beneficiaries of Bailout

Operation *Zero Cred*: Bob Cesca Calls for the Netroots to Rise Up to Help Obama on the Stimulus

Obama*s Growing Pains: Chuck Todd on Accomplishments and Errors in the Pursuit of the Stimulus

European Activists Call For Bush To Be Tried For Torture: Julio Godoy on Inter Press Service

Why I'm Not OK with this Dying Thing

We're on the Edge: Paul Krugman Exhorting Obama to Take the Offensive on the Stimulus

Should Obama Have Taken Fuller Ownership of the Stimulus Package? Nate Silver on

Why Pay $36.09 for Rancid Chicken?: Stephen J. Dubner on

Obama Shores Up Ethics Credibility: NYTimes Editorial on the Daschle Withdrawal

The Big Sort Revisited: Shankar Vedantam in the Washington Post

A Hopeful View from Robert E. Lee

If You Jump Halfway Across a Chasm You Fall Into the Abyss: Ariana Huffington on Getting the Stimulus and the Bailout Right

More on the Dilemma Regarding Prosecuting the Bushites: From Some Exchanges I Had on Opednews

Post-Partisanship, R.I.P.: Robert Kuttner in The American Prospect

Interpretations of Obama: Paul Waldman in The American Prospect

Generals Seek To Reverse Obama*s Iraq Withdrawal Decision: Gareth Porter on Inter Press Service

Ongoing Thoughts and Open Forum: February 1

Another Great Man

What Life Asks of Us: A Piece Worth Discussing from David Brooks

The New Me: I Just Changed the Photo of Me on My Bio Page

Question on Stimulus and Politics: Was Obama Brilliant or Blundering?

How the Denunciation of the Bushite Regime Permeated Obama's Inaugural Address: Jonathan Raban in The Guardian

If I Could Now Ask Obama, Privately, One Question

The Debunking of Obama in Some Foreign Press: Anne Applebaum on

MLK's *Black President* Prediction-- A Very Lucky Shot

A Return to Professionalism: Fred Kaplan on Obama's National Security Under-Secretary Appointments

Wanted: Good Calls to a Radio Show this Thursday Morning

Two Pieces on the Politics of the Stimulus Package: Dean Baker and Robert Kuttner on the Not-Post-Ideological Confrontation between Obama and the Republicans

Prosecuting Bushite Crimes: It's a Genuine Dilemma

Improving on the Bush Administration is Going to be Just Too Easy: FDA Scientists Complain to Obama about *Corruption"

Just Say "No" to the Credit Rating Agencies: Economist Gerald Epstein Critiques Their Role, Now and Before

What Will the Next Republican Coalition Look Like? Paul Waldman in The American Prospect

Speaking in Washington, D.C. on Sunday: All Are Welcome

Challenging Time in the Practice of Frugality

The Loyal Opposition: Joe Scarborough Manifests How Obama's Bridge-Building Is Working

Wall Street Voodoo: Krugman Fears Another Bank Bailout Where Taxpayers Will Get the Shaft

The top Bush executive orders that Obama should scrap immediately: Emliy Bazelon and Chris Wilson on

Reverend Lowery's Benediction: The Transcript

How to Push Obama: John Nichols in The Progressive


Bush's Central Defect, According to Historial Alan Brinkley

Ongoing Thoughts for January 18

What was with this McClelland Dude? Ruminations on a Civil War Matter

The Need for Truth --If Not Prosecution-- about the Bushite Wreckage: Frank Rich in the New York Times

What Will, What Should, Obama's Inaugural Address Be Like?

Sponsor an Executive: A Very Funny Video

Evil Leaders Destroy What They Claim To Love: An Essay by Me from More Than Three Years Ago

The Complicity of the Mainstream Media in the Bushite Iraq Fiasco: William Rivers Pitt in Truthout

Should Environmentalists Fear Cass Sunstein? Michael A. Livermore on Obama's New *Regulatory Czar*

Intellectual Dishonesty (Gasp!) from a Conservative Economist: Nate Silver Hits Another Good One

A Deepened Sense of the Tragedy of Lincoln's Assassination

Does Sec*y-Nominee Geithner Represent a Break from the Bushite Team?: Article from Wall Street Journal

Ehud Barak and the Gaza Conflict: A Glimpse into Israeli Politics

Ariana Proposes a Way for Us Americans to Join in this Presidency

Frugality as Adaptation

Shocked! G.W. Bush has Done Something Good

Two Views of Obama's Tax Cuts: Krugman and Scheiber

The Future of the Internet: A Review Article by Tim Wu

Radio Show in Virginia on Monday: What My Approach Will Be This Time

Best Nuggets from Dean Baker's *Beat the Press* This Week

Why Bananas are a Parable For Our Times: Johann Hari of the London Independent

Bigger Than Bush: Krugman's Brilliant Polemic Tying Bush's Failures All the Way Back to Nixon's Southern Strategy

A Couple of Poignant Little Stories from the Civil War: From Goodwin's TEAM OF RIVALS

Israel's Thinking May Provide Insight into Obama's: Lisa Gans on Huffington Post Plus a Comment from Me

Three Ideas of What To Do About Burris: From John S. Bohrer, Nate Silver, and Me

The Panetta Nomination Picks Up Steam: News article by Sam Stein and Ryan Grim on Huffington Post

Ongoing Thoughts

Obama's Justice Nominees Signal End of Bush Terror Tactics: News Report from McClatchy Newspapers

Deficit or Depression? Robert Kuttner on the Need for Stimulus

E.J. Dionne on *Why Senate Democrats need to reject Roland Burris*

The *Secret of Lincoln's Gifted Leadership*: A Passage from A TEAM OF RIVALS

Two Brief, Pungent Entries from Paul Krugman's Blog

What Book(s) Would You Recommend?

The Two-Sidedness of the Obama-Warren Gambit: Two Similar Takes-- Alan Wolfe and E.J. Dionne

On the Legalization &#8212; or Not &#8212; of Marijuana: Stephen J. Dubner in the New York Times

The Madoff Fraud and the Erosion of Trust in American Capitalism: Anne Applebaum in

My Cat's Oft to be Found in the John Sweeny Spot: Opening for a Sharing of Private Language and Imagery

Why Lincoln Defeated His More Favored Rivals for the Republican Nomination for the Presidency: Another Passage from Goodwin's TEAM OF RIVALS

Nate Silver Thinks Through the Smart Republican Strategy on the Stimulus Bill

Why Gaza Matters: An Israeli's Analysis

The Return of the Princess: The Mythic Dimension of the Caroline Kennedy Story

*What are your hopes for the Obama Presidency?* I Commend to Your Attention This Radio Show I Did Yesterday in Ohio

Does it matter if Barack Obama doesn't call his policies progressive? Paul Waldman in The American Prospect

As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S. : Report from the Wall Street Journal

More on Friendship

Ongoing Thoughts

Dismantling the Presidency: Aziz Huq on How Obama Will/Should Deal with Bush's Usurpatious Presidential Powers

Slow Learners: Jonathan Chait on the Post-Defeat Republicans

Lincoln's Empathic Approach: A Passage from A TEAM OF RIVALS by Doris Kearns Goodwin

The Torture Report: A NY Times Editorial

Be Nice to the Countries That Lend You Money” A Chinese Financial Manager on America's Financial Crisis

The Post, Post-Partisan President: Robert Kuttner on How Obama Will Succeed Only by Overpowering the Republicans

The global political awakening: Zbigniew Brzesinski on the International Situation and the New President

Keeping Order: The Latest on the *Broken Windows* Theory

Reading Obama's Character from How He is on the B-Ball Court: Essay by Obama's Brother-in-Law

A Christmas Present You Could Give Me that Won't Cost You a Cent

Madoff not Entirely Different from the Financial Industry as a Whole: Paul Krugman on the "Madoff Economy"

The Beauty I Find in Christmas

Why It's Legitimate to Investigate the Bush Lawyers Who May Have Approved War Crimes: Milan Markovic on (and Comment from Me)

The Obama Inauguration Plan as Another Indicator of the Obama Way

NSB and Catching the Wind: A Communication from Jude Wilber

Ten Things Science Says Will Make You Happy

Why I Don't Agree with Those Who Oppose Caroline Kennedy's Appointment

Supreme Court Overturns Bush v. Gore: Humor Piece from the Onion

How the SEC Didn't Catch the Madoff Fraud: Binyamin Appelbaum and David S. Hilzenrath in the Washington Post

A Morning Wrapped in Ice: A Special Scene Described by April Moore (my wife)

Coleman v. Minnesota Canvassing Board: Nate Silver's Smart Analysis of the Legal Situation in the Minnesota Senate Race

Republicans Attacking the Republican Attackers of Obama on Blagojevich

On Obama and Goodness? My Replies to Comments on Opednews

The Enormous Bill for the Bush Presidency: A Passage from a Piece by LithiumCola on Dailykos

How Important is the Loss of Friendship?

Man Bites Dogma: Dean Baker on the Institutional Resistance to Hearing the Economic Truth

The Upside of Catastrophe: E.J. Dionne in The New Republic

Team of Heavyweights: Henry Kissinger on Obama's National Security Players

Let Obama Smoke, Says Ron Rosenbaum in

Capitalist Fools: Joseph Stiglitz Writes Perhaps the Most Illuminating Explanation of What Went Wrong with the Economic/Financial System

Primitive Response: On the Comings and Goings of My Joy in These Mountains

Class Warriors: Robert Borosage on What the Senate Repulicans Have Shown Themselves to Be

Newt Gingrich Tries the Old Culture War Route: Michelle Goldberg in The New Republic

Painting A Red State Blue: A Brief and Meaningful Memoir from Jude Wilbur

Nobel Laureate Physicist and Global Warming Activist to be Energy Secretary?

Harry Reid's Letter to Governor Blagojevich: Step Down, Make No Appointment to the Senate

Obama Describes His Coming Move to Make Peace with the Muslim World

Ongoing Thoughts

Loyalty is an Overrated Virtue in Politics: Jacob Weisberg on

How Obama Tapped into a Powerful&#8212;and Only Recently Studied&#8212;Human Emotion Called *Elevation*: Emily Yoffe in

Does George W. Bush Deserve Credit for Keeping Us Safe Since 9/11?

How to Repair Our Relationship With Europe: Matthew Yglesias in The American Prospect

Confrontational and Non-Confrontational Approaches to Combat: A Contrast that May Illuminate Obama's Way

The Truth About the Election: Elizabeth Drew's Good Overview

Crisis as the Foundation for Transformational Leadership: A Reprise of a Piece I Posted Here Almost Two Years Ago

Whither (Wither?) Right-Wing Talk Radio: Michael Medved in USA Today

Peasant Food: Elemental, Economical, Nutritious

Getting to 60 in the Senate is Not Just About Party: Nate Silver from

Radio Show Consultation: Part II

A New Global Grand Strategy is Needed: Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek

Obama's Knife Does Not Hit Bone: How Obama Can be as Transformational as FDR by Fighting His Battles More Indirectly

Atrocity: How Can People, How Can a Culture, Get so Broken?

Of Ants and Men: Christine Kenneally in

Paulson and Bernanke Spread the Wealth Around: Dean Baker Critiques the Bailout

Help Me, Please, Prepare Rightly for My Radio Show in Virginia

Gates Staying on at Defense? Here's Why Fred Kaplan, at, Thinks It's a Great Idea

More About "Justice or Reconciliation"

The Main Divide is Between the Educated and the Easily Fooled: Passages from an Essay by Chris Hedges

A Remarkable Sign of Humanity in a City

Harvesting Thanksgiving: A Homily by Davidson Loehr

Do Obama's Appointments Call into Question His Promise of Change? Two Items Dealing with that Question

On Obama's Not Winning a Majority of the White Vote: Timothy Noah in

Feeling Thankful: A Personal Statement

Some Thoughts of Mine on How Obama Should Proceed

Impressed with Obama's Team: Remarks from Krugman at the Times and from Fred Kaplan on

We Found the WMD: Thomas Friedman on the Severity of this Economic Emergency

This *Transformative* Election Did NOT Change the *Big Sorting* of America

How the Obama Wave of Change Crosses the Atlantic: Will Hutton in The New Statesman (UK)

I Was Evidently Wrong about the Clinton Appointment

Should It Bother Me? (It Does)

Al Qaeda Sees Obama as a Threat: Report on Huffington Post

The Fundamental Changes Our Economic Crisis Requires: Eliot Spitzer in the Washington Post

Justice or Reconciliation: Alternative Approaches to Healing America

Obama's Jarring Use of Complete Sentences: Humor Piece by Andy Borowitz

Obama Should Tackle Climate Change, Says Al Gore

Barack, Make the Most of Your Magic Moment, Part II: Use Cabinet Appointments to Articulate Your Vision for America

Three Morsels from THE WEEK

Barack, Make the Most of Your Magic Moment: Part I Blow on the Embers

A Few Goodies from Dean Baker's *Beat the Press* Round Up

Obama on His Spirituality: Transcript of a 2004 Interview

About Michelle and her Fashions: Open Letter to Michelle Obama from Josh Patner on

To Light a Fire

Hypothesis on the Clinton Appointment

Five Areas of Foreign Policy Where Obama Has Been Dealt Some Good Cards: Fred Kaplan in

The Big Sort: The Growing Political Segregation in America

Thank You, America: A No-Longer Cynical Young American Responds to Obama's Election

Obama Should Repudiate and Roll Back the Bushite Usurpations of Power: Ackerman and Magliocca in The American Prospect

A Small but Telling Comment from Michelle Obama

CO2-wise, We're Already in the Danger Zone, New Study Reports

Health Care as Stimulus: What Dean Baker Thinks Obama Should Do at the Outset

Ariana's *Winners and Losers* of Campaign 2008

Take Away Lieberman's Gavel: Kagro on the Daily Kos

Start Big or Step-by-step: New York Times Report on Debate Over Obama's Agenda

This is Part of the Heart of What Liberalism Is: Martha Nussbaum's Outstanding Essay on an Outstanding Human Being, Roger Williams

Reversal of Fortune: Joseph E. Stiglitz on Our Profound Economic Mess

"Mutts Like Me": A Jewel in Obama's Friday Press Conference

Obama's Rhetoric: Jack Shafer Piece from

Rural/Conservative :: Urban/Liberal

The Human Aspect: A Glimpse into the Human Relationships Part of the Emerging Obama Picture

Ongoing Thoughts

How Conciliatory, How Progressive: How Should We Want Obama to Play It?

*Shock: Drudge loses his grip on US media!* Financial Times on How the American Media are Moving Left with the Political Climate

So What Are Your Thoughts in the Wake of the Election?

Dreams and Votes: John Cory on Truthout

Inborn Political Orientation? Interesting Research but a Big, Questionable Inferential Leap

The Leaning Tree Still Lives

So Much at Stake

Hopeful, Yet Fearful Too

A Question for the Group at Large: Regarding Long Lines to Vote

Something Else Funny: From Colbert Appreciating *the McCain Campaign Treating Us Like Children*

Ambivalence in McCain and Obama and the Psychology of Their Decision-Making: An Essay by Two Psychologists

Obama Shows One of His Rhetorical Gifts in Skewering McCain*s *Socialism* Nonsense, and What Else I'd Like to Have Heard

The Race Card is Still in the Deck: Andrew Delbanco on this "Fateful Election"

The Cream of the Week from Dean Baker: On the Media, and the Economy, and Economists

Will America Form a Social Movement Behind It's Community-Organizer President? Question Raise by an Interesting Narration from an Obama Event

A McCain Victory Could Cement Unchecked Presidential Power: Garry Wills on this "Fateful Election"

Something Funny

About Frederick Law Olmstead: A Hero of Mine

The Text of the Endorsement of Obama by the Editors of The New Republic

McCain Threatens to Drag Down the Whole GOP Slate, says David Frum in the Washington Post

Transmitting Our Wounds into the World: How We Almost Didn't Buy This Place

How Would You Adapt to Hard Times? The Radio Show I'm Doing in Ohio on Monday Morning

The Barracuda Bites the Hand that Fed Her

An Amazing TV Interview: Biden Confronts Ridiculously Right-Wing TV Interviewer

Americans May Do Something Great or Something Terrible: Ronald Dworkin on this "Fateful Election"

The Food Issue: Michael Pollan Lays it out for the President-Elect

We Americans Cannot Talk about Our Failure: Thomas Powers on this *Fateful Election*

How Quickly the Strange Becomes Familiar: Thoughts on Our Adaptability

The Permanent (Smear) Campaign: Paul Waldman in The American Prospect

The Importance of Self-Awareness to Correct the Distorting Lens of Our Own Emotional Structure: One Point in Response to an Excellent Comment

How Americans Deal in Nonsense: Remarks by Joan Didion Concerning this Election

Restoring Good Order to a Disturbed Land: Why We Create an Order of Our Own Choosing

Making "Who Could Have Known?" Unacceptable: Dean Baker on the Key to Popping Bubbles

Is Bush the Buffoon the Best Hollywood Can Do? Elbert Ventura on *W* and Other Depictions of Our 43rd President

Clearing Out My Palin Files: Talbot on Palin's Glass House and Kinsley on the GOP's Redefining Presidential Qualifications

A Labor of Love

The Spores of Evil

Phony Media Balance Attacked by Dean Baker

The Son of William F. Buckley Explains Why He'll Vote for Obama

Restoring Good Order to a Disturbed Land: The All-Too Blatant Metaphor of "Dead Wood"

Christopher Hitchens Dumps on McCain/Palin and Says Vote Obama

What is at Stake in Literature: A Brief Review Essay by Leon Wieseltier

The Rationality of Panic: Steve Coll on the Genuine Uncertainty Behind the Financial Panic

GOP Attacks on American Voters Turn Desperate, Ugly and Dangerous: Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman at The Free Press

Will Bin Laden Strike Again? Rany Jazayerli on

David Brooks on Palin's Anti-Intellectualism and Obama's Intellect

The Creatures Around Us

A Sign of McCain Having a Soul Again

Moment of Truth: Paul Krugman Sounds an Urgent Alarm on the Deepening Economic Danger

Obama Finally Figures Out How to Talk about the Economy, Says John Dickerson on

Science and the Law, and Problems of Bias: Janett Raloff in Science News

It's Over, Says Howard Wolfson

Restoring Good Order to a Disturbed Land: Erosion as a Natural Tendency

Anger vs. Steadiness in the Crisis: Joe Klein in Time Magazine

Obama's Preemptive Move Against McCain's Coming Smear Campaign: A News Article from the Washington Post

Make-Believe Maverick: Tom Dickinson in Rolling Stone

We Must Examine More Closely the U.S./Russian Relationship, Stephen F. Cohen

Restoring Good Order to a Disturbed Land: Introductory Thoughts

You Can't Infer Politicians' Beliefs from their Actions: Important Critique of the Press from Dean Baker

Memo to Joe Biden: Let Palin Talk -- Nate Silver on

Wall Street's Just Deserts: Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post

McCain Is Stuck With Palin: Nate Silver on

Does This Mean I Was Right? A Discussion Question about the Financial Markets and the Bushite Darkness

Is this Bailout Unnecessay? James K. Galbraith Thinks So

What Obama Must Do to Keep the Momentum: Drew Westen on Huffington Post

The Bailout Failed to Pass, Now What? Chadwick Matlin in

Paul Newman: A Class Act ...Dahlia Lithwick in

Letting Sarah Palin Answer Questions Is Very, Very Dangerous: Greg Sargent at Talking Points Memo

The Evolution this Week of Krugman's Views of this Evolving Bailout Scheme

Obama on McCain's not Being on Your Side

Ongoing Thoughts

Some Quick Thoughts of Mine on Last Night's Debate

Difficulty Factor: Chapter 8 --the Last Chapter-- of My Book NOT SO STRAIGHT-AND-NARROW

Know-nothingism as Decried by Sam Harris in NEWSWEEK

Two Pieces on Palin and McCain: Interesting but Less than Fresh Articles by Frank Rich and Fred Kaplan

The Social Animal: David Brooks in the NYTimes on the Excessive Individualism of the Republican Worldview

A Citizen's Bailout Plan, from Robert Borosage on Huffington Post

Russia's Paying an Economic Price for the Georgian Invasion: Julia Ioffe in The New Republic

Barack Obama, John McCain and the Language of Race: Brent Staples in the New York Times

A Piece of Advice for Obama: A Brief Essay by Me (ABS)

The Party is Over: Pat Buchanan Piece, Followed by Schmookler Critique

Why All This Lying Really Matters: Paul Krugman in the New York Times

Critique of this Federal Bailout: Sebastian Mallaby of the Washington Post

Hard Truths About the Bailout: New York Times Editorial

McCain Calls for Our Health Care to Be Organized Like Our Banking: Revealing Mini-Piece by Paul Krugman

What Liberals Don't Get about Why People Vote Republican: Jonathan Haidt on

"Enough Is Enough!": Paul Slansky Says This Should be Obama's Mantra

The Dishonesty of Financial Institutions, the Incompetence of Policymakers: Joseph Stiglitz on the Roots of Our Financial Crisis

The Politics of Contempt: Paul Waldman on the Emotional Energy of the Palin-Loving Republican Base

How Sound Are the Fundamentals of Our Economy? Daniel Gross in

Winning Vs. Building: An Extremely Insightful Statement by David Spangler

I Commend to You this Archived Radio Broadcast

How To Debate a Girl, and Win: Dahlia Lithwick's Advice to Joe Biden

The "One of Us" Phenomenon and the Palin Bounce

Where Is Russia Heading? A Handful of Experts Offer Their Assessments

Turns Out the Radio Show is Tomorrow (Tuesday)

What Does McCain's Recent Success Say about America's Moral Condition? Nothing Good

How Much Correlation Is There Between How Liveable and How Liberal American Cities Are? Asking for a Bit of Research Help from the Readers Here

You Can Hear My Radio Show Tomorrow Morning Live on the Web

Gay Sex Trumps Corruption on Senate Sin List: Margaret Carlson on

The Value of Daydreaming: Jonah Lehrer in

Lakoff's Latest Advice to the Obama Campaign

The Brain-Dead Media Cannot Hear Obama's Message: Eric Alterman in The Nation

Other Voices Expressing the Same Agonized Frustration with Obama's Dispassion

The Overprotection of Children: A Piece from the U.K.

Combatting Republican Propaganda Is Core to Addressing ALL Our Problems

Questions About the Validity of Recent Polls Favorable to McCain: Seth Colter Wallis on Huffington Post

A Statement from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: From an Interview on Democracy Now Radio

Obama's Restraint is Deliberate: Observations Regarding Olbermann's Interview of Barack Obama

Russia Calls NATO's Bluff: William Pfaff on

Will the Democrats Once Again Allow a One-Sided War about Character to be Waged Against Them? Another Strong Argument from Glenn Greenwald

Contrasting the Two Conventions: Mark Schmitt in The American Prospect

Russian Blunder, Not Russian Triumph: The Georgian Conflict as Interpreted by Fareed Zakaria

Polls Suggest Few Clinton Supporters Will Be Won Over by Palin's Being on the GOP Ticket

How the Republicans Win: Essay by Robert Parry on Smears, Dirty Tricks and October Surprises

HAUNTED: A Narrative that Raises Questions about the Nature of Meaning and Value

Meet Jane Doe: Harold Myerson on Palin and her Convention Speech

Illegal Mad Cow Testing: Where are the Free Marketers? (Small, Juicy Tidbit from Dean Baker)

Want to Protest this Muzzling and Intimidation of the Press? Here's a Way

Joe Klein's No-Nonsense Piece on McCain's Post-Palin Rage Against the Press

Lakoff Warns Dems: Palin Can Resonate with Voters at the Emotional Level to Which the GOP Has Pitched its Winning Campaigns

The Bush Administration Falters in a Geopolitical Chess Match in the Caucasus: Michael Klare on TomDispatch

What The Palin Pick Means For Evangelicals: Alan Wolfe in The New Republic

Greenwald on the Federal/Police Raids on Protesters in Minnesota: More Demonstration of How the Rule of Law Teeters in Today's America

John, Don't Go: Paul Krugman on the Political Meanings of this Hurricane

Is This Why Americans Are So Prone to Fear? (Schmookler writes again)

The Traffic Guru: Fascinating Essay from the Wilson Quarterly

McCain's Hail Mary Pass: William Greider on McCain's Veep Pick

The Oprah-fication of Michelle Obama: From the Editorial Board of the New York Times

The Troubled Tourist: Gershom Gorenberg on the Ubiquity of Narrow-Minded Nationalisms

Drew Westen on *What Obama Needs to Do in Denver*

Why McCain's Wealth Matters: Jared Bernstein on Huffington Post

What Obama Needs to Do Now: Frank Rich in the New York Times

Who started Cold War II? Piece by Pat Buchanan

As If: Chapter 7 of My Book NOT SO STRAIGHT-AND-NARROW

It's Not About the Medals: Paul Waldman on the Olympics and What's Special About America

Obama's Extraordinary Party-Building: Piece from the American Prospect

The Challenge of Affluence: A Root of Our Moral Crisis

Overhyping Georgia: Matthew Yglesias in The American Prospect

Obama Needs to Play Offsense on the Economy: Nate Silver in the New Republic

The Great Illusion: Krugman on What the Georgian Conflict May Portend About Globalization

Dean Baker Skewers the Wash Post for Special Pleading for Rich Financiers

Russian Aggression and the Bushite American Precedent: Juan Cole in

Corrupting Habit: Morris and Altschuler on Why the Media Cover Politics as They Do

McCain's Policy Apathy: Josh Patashnik in The New Republic

Mikhail Gorbachev Says Russia Had No Choice

A Slow-Mo Meltdown: Paul Krugman on our Economic Woes

The Bush administration's feckless response to the Russian invasion: Fred Kaplan in

An Antidote Obama Should Use: Drew Westen on Huffington Post

World Inaction: Anne Applebaum on the Outbreak of the Russian-Georgian War

Shall We Be As Gods? Chapter 6 of My Book NOT SO STRAIGHT-AND-NARROW

Study Shows Networks Harder on Obama than on McCain

What the Democrats Should Do on Foreign Policy: Another Passage from Samantha Powers

By Their Fruits: A Commentary Delivered on Public Radio at the Beginning of 2005

Low Road Express: NY Times Editorial on McCain's Disreputable Rovian Campaign Tactics

The Wave of "Capitol Crimes" Continues: Moyers and Winship on Truthout

Running While Black: Bob Herbert in the New York Times

It's Been a Good Couple of Weeks for Evil in America

The Long-Standing Approach of American Conservatives to National Security: A Passage from Samantha Powers New York Review Essay

McCain's Attack Campaign: Paul Harrison in The Observer

Trying to Save the Planet: Paul Krugman Worries about the Politics of Energy and the Environment

NoneSoBlind in August

Playing With the Devil: Chapter 5 of My Book, NOT SO STRAIGHT-AND-NARROW

The Republican Tactic of Blaming the Democrats for the *Do-Nothing* Record of Congress: Robert Borosage on Huffington Post

Obama as Foreign Policy Realist: By Fareed Zakaria in NEWSWEEK

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Id as a Sea of Energy that Transcends the Individual and Embraces All Mankind (from N.O. Brown's LOVE'S BODY)

Will They Now Succeed in Swiftboating Obama?

Moral Endo-skeletons and Exo-skeletons: A Perspective on America's Cultural Divide and Current Crisis

Will Congress Rebuff the Supreme Court's Anti-Consumer Activism? Simon Lazarus in the American Prospect

Obama-McCain Matchup: Blowout Or Trench Warfare? Thomas B. Edsall on Huffington Post

The Denunciations of the Prophets of Old Fit Our Times as Well: A Passage from the Book of Amos

Is China the Next Dominant Superpower: John Pomfret Expresses His Doubts

Brzezinski's Skepticism Regarding the Efficacy of More Troops to Solve the Problem in Afghanistan

Pope Benedict Warns Of The *Spiritual Desert* Spreading Throughout The World

Obama as Seen by the Conservatives at the U of Chicago Law School: Piece by Jason Zengerle in the New Republic

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Priming and Our Extreme Susceptibility to Influence

The Wind Up, and Here's the Pitch

McCain Runs on Bush's Dismal Record, Counting on the Media not to Notice the Emperor Has No Clothes: Dean Baker

Transforming America's Energy Future: A Speech by Al Gore

Bye Bye Bush: Europe's Parting Feelings as Reported in THE WEEK

The Sweetness of Prophetic Speech: From the Striking Image in Ezekiel

Ariana's Excellent Advice to Barack

Torture and the Rule of Law: Greenwald's Thoughts Prompted by the New Book THE DARK SIDE

McCain, Foot in Mouth: A Telling Snippet from Daily Kos

Hollywood's Hero Deficit: James Bowman in the American

The Iraqi Leadership and the Call for a Timetable for American Withdrawl: James Hefferman on Huffington Post

Brother's Keeper: Chapter 4 of Not So Straight*and*Narrow

The Promise and Peril of the Obama World Tour: John Dickerson on

Staying with the Shakiness: More About Seeking Peace of Mind Amidst Insecurity

Impeachment Hearings: A Win Is a Win-- Dave Lindorff on Common Dreams

Corporate Media Collude with Democracy's Demise: Speech by Bill Moyers

The motivation for blocking investigations into Bush lawbreaking: Greenwald Provides Illumination

The Prophetic in Today's America: An Exchange Between David R. and Me

The New Yorker's Satirical Obama Cover: Jack Shafer, on, Writes a Most Obtuse Piece

Tabula Un-Rasa: David Spangler Writes on *The Projection of Barack Obama*

The Unitary Executive Congress: David Bromwich Bewails the Congressional Cave-In on FISA

McCain's Low Road To Victory: Drew Westen on the Gathering Campaign to Play on Voters' Unconscious Fears of Obama

By Their Fruits: Chapter 3 of My Book NOT SO STRAIGHT*AND*NARROW

The Prophetic Voice: A Passage from Jeremiah

Time for a Grand Inquest into Bush's High Crimes: Robert Borosage on Huffington Post

The Economy Under Democratic and Republican Presidents: From a Marketwatch interview of Marshall Loeb

Unequal America: Article from Harvard Magazine About Growing Rich/Poor Income Gap

Reaganism and the Energy Crisis: Article by Richard Cohen

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Individual in Isolation is "a Convenient Fiction"

Waxman Threatens Mukasey With Contempt Over Cheney*s FBI Interview on CIA Leak Probe

The Contrasting Gambling Styles of McCain and Obama: Article from Time Magazine

David Broder, Clueless Dean of the Beltway Press: Greenwald Continues His Exposure of the Media Blindness

How Obama can Lessen the Intensity of the Opposition: Jeff Greenfield in

The Mind and the Obama Magic: George Lakoff's Analysis and Recommendation

Seeking Peace of Mind Amidst Insecurity: Reflections on a Spiritual Challenge

Anxious in America: Tom Friedman on America on the Economic Skids

Jim Wallis on Obama's Faith-Based Proposals

What Makes Something Good: Chapter 2 of Not So Straight-and-Narrow

Chief Justice Roberts, the 2008 Election, and the Future of Law in America: Jeffrey Rosen Article

Scenes of Coming Attractions: Not So Straight-and-Narrow, My Book on the Question, *How Well Can We Know What's Right to Do?*

Is the Press Stupid or What? Probably What. The Handling of Wes Clark's Remark about McCain

Does the Housing Bubble Have to Pop?: A Debate Between Dean Baker and Robert Kutner

Barack, You've Lost Your Way

Don't Worry About Obama's Brand For God's Sake!: Thomas de Zengotita on Huffington Post

*Moving to the Center* Is Foolish: Glenn Greenwald on the Illusion that Catering to Bushite Terrorism Policy is Politically Required

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Holiness in the Book of Leviticus

The Republicans and the Terrorism Card: Frank Rich on this Charlie Black Affair

Which Catch Phrases Should be *Thrown Under the Bus"? Ron Rosenbaum on

Is It Smart Politics: A Question about Obama's Recent Policy Moves

America's Scary Non-Voters: Survey Finds Rise of Alarming Values among the Politically Uninvolved

Three Pieces on the Obama "Pragmatism"-or-"Betrayal"

The Cult of Che: Paul Berman on Our Warped Ideas of Glory

America's Next Chapter: Gary Hart in the New York Times

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: On Putting Neighbor Back into Neighborhood

More Phony Myths: Maureen Dowd on Rove on Obama

Life Is Good, So Why Do We Feel So Bad? A Really Bonehead Op/Ed from the Wall Street Journal

Another Perspective

The Shadow Platform: Robert C. Koehler Decipihers the Dark Republican Attacks on Obama

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: On the Chemistry of Love and Attachment

What the Bushites Want in Iraq: Article by Pepe Escobar

Teaching People Financial Irresponsibility: David Brooks in the New York Times

Greenwald Denounces Obama's FISA Cave-in: I Agree, I Don't Like It, and I Don't Get It

How People Protect Their Most Cherished Beliefs: A Biblical Case in Point

What's the Oil/Environment Trade-Off: Dean Baker Presents Some Numbers

Leahy Announces Opposition to House FISA Bill

This is a Moment of Truth in America: Say Yes to What Obama Represents

Greenwald Mounts Campaign Targeting Enablers of Telecom Immunity

Biden as Possible Veep Choice: E.J. Dionne in The American Prospect

How Obama Can Fight On National Security: Seth Colter Walls on Huffington Post

Hanging by a Thread: Scott Lemieux on the Fragile Victory Last Week in the Supreme Court

America's Dangerous Imbalance of Power

Frank Rich on Obama vs. McCain

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Butterfly Effect and the Limits of Human Knowledge

Polarizing on Global Warming along Party Lines

The End of the End of History: Robert Kagan on the Return of a World of Ideological Conflict

Opinion Around the World on the U.S. and Its Presidential Candidates

*The Treaty of Lisbon Betrays Original Vision for European Union,* Says European Socialist to the People of Ireland

Dan Rather Blasts Today's Corporate News Organizations

Obama Shows His Punch: Borosage on the Candidates' Sparring over the Economy

An Exchange with a Member of My Virginia Radio Audience

Why We Need Another Recount: Piece by Mark Crispin Miller

A Glimpse into Wes Clark, Potential Obama Running-Mate

Network News Anchors Praise the Job They Did in the Run-up to the War: Greenwald Piece

Who Should Be the VEEP Pick? (I'm Thinking about Chris Dodd)

A Gift to the G.O.P.: Bob Herbert in the New York Times

Obama Should Challenge McCain to a "National Security Match-Up"

A Way to Respond to Political Emails: A Worthwhile Contribution from Jim Oberg

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: On the Pristine Forest of Biolowieza Puszcza

Karl Rove and the Siegelman Case: A NYTimes Editorial

Presidential Simulations: An Idea Presented Before that Lays the Foundation for a Big Piece I'll Run Here Tuesday

Schmookler on the Market System: Here in a Nutshell

What Voters Saw Tuesday Night: Drew Weston on Huffington Post

The Truth About the War: New York Times Editorial

Lieberman, Speaking of the *Democrat Party" Reveals Himself: Piece by Kos

The Republicans Will Campaign --Divisively-- as the Party of *Real Americans*: Mark Schmitt in The American Prospect

Two Commentaries on Hillary and Her Latest Moves

*I'm Not Bush's Third Term*: On McCain's Primetime Tuesday Speech

The Hillary Matter: It Is All Part of the Same Spititual Struggle in America Today

"The World Never Seemed Quite Right Again"

Obama's Present Weakness: Some Thoughts

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Smoking, Quitting Smoking, and the Group

McCain's McClellan Nightmare: Frank Rich in the New York Times

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Many and the One, the Hero and the Chorus, the King and the People (more from LOVE'S BODY)

Discussion Question: What Can Obama Do Now to Rekindle the Sense of Hopeful Possibility?

Bad News for Republicans: It's Their Positions on the Issues that Voters Hate Most

Discussion Question: If the Hillary/Barack Dynamic Were Playing Out in the Republican Party

Former Prosecutors Challenge White House Immunity Claim

Moyers on Democracy and the State of America

A Piece (Not By Me) Proposing Another Veep Pick

Confessions and Revelations: Greenwald Piece on the Deepening Picture of Media Corruption

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Oliver Sacks Describes How Music Helped a Damaged Woman to Move

A Persuasive Piece on Why Webb Ought not be Obama's Veep

Video of Obama Tying McCain to Bush, Plus My Thoughts About Where Obama's Campaign Strategy Should Go From Here

Is Clinton's Strategy Now to Assure Obama Loses in November? Yes says Ezra Klein in the American Prospect

Reverend Hagee and the Theodicy Issue: Do People Like Hagge Get Unfairly Condemned for Their Theological Beliefs

Prisoner Abuse Reported by the F.B.I.: New York Times Editorial

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Integrative, Holistic Impulse at the Core of Goethe's Thought and Art

Go Ahead, Make My Day: Hillary May Give Obama a "Sister Souljah Moment"

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Mating and the Pattern of *Ripeness*

Stop Yelling at Hillary to Stand Down and Start Yelling at the Superdelegates to Stand Up: Ariana Huffington on Huffington Post

Head Winds and Tail Winds: A Metaphor

Jim Webb on the Culture of Scots Irish in Appalachia: Obama's Challenge is Something Other than Pure Racism

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Blessed Be the Tie that Binds

The Toxic Thinking of the Right Infects the Body Politic: Ariana Huffington Piece

Back in the Saddle: Returned from Travels

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Cancer Seen in an Evolutionary Context

Obama's Transformation and Consolidation of the Democratic Party: Major Piece by Matt Stoller on

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Connection Through The Generations

McCain Signals Breaking with the Ways of Bush: New York Times Editorial

On Why People Kill People Over Belief Systems

Inherent Contempt for Rove: An Email from Congressman Wexler

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Symbolism and the Making of Connections (from N.O. Brown's LOVE'S BODY)

*American* as a Wedge Issue: Harold Myserson on the GOP Election Message

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Wholeness as Appealing, Wholeness as Empowering

Conyers Mounts Opposition to Iran Attack: Letter Published on Truthout

McCain embraces Bush's radical views of executive power: Glenn Greenwald Piece

Two Women --Jean Houston and Barbara Ehrenreich-- Discuss Hillary Clinton

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Human Propensity to Hear the Pattern of Rhythm

Too Much Focus on One Individual?

Is A 'Unity Ticket' A Good Idea? A Debate on The New Republic Website

Honoring the Emotions that Give Life to Liberal Principles: Nick Bromsell in The American Scholar

Arianna Huffington on How Far McCain has Fallen

Hard Fouls: Brief True Tale of a Basketball Game

Personal Attacks and the Critique of Those Attacks: Glenn Greenwald Defends Himself Against the Charge of Hypocrisy

I, Too, Have Been Damaged by the Evil Bushite Forces

The Abominable Debate and What It Showed about the Media: Frank Rich in the NYTimes

You Can Hear Me on the Radio This Evening

Two Paths Converge on the Way to the Sacred: My Wife, April, on Two Big Life Changes

Lullaby of Bagdad: Paul Starr in American Prospect on the Mess in Iraq

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: How People Are Influenced by Those Around Them

Who Will Tell the People?: Tom Friedman on the Decrepit State of the Nation

What Happened to Hillary at the Level of the Spirit

"Spiritual Transformation" by Other Names: An Exchange I Had on Opednews

The Media Make Mischief to Weaken the Democrats: Eskow Piece on Huffington Post

Some Information, and Some Thoughts, about Electability

For Your Amusement: An Exchange on About Obama's Hidden Muslim Agenda

Ariana Huffington vs. Howard Kurtz on *Self-Loathing Liberal Media*

Making the Race One about Spiritual Transformation

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: "Magical" Thinking and the Perception of Patterns

"Long National Nightmare" is What Obama Should Be Talking About

Our Long National Nightmare: Thoughts of Now and of 1974

Americans Can Talk Only with Those Who Already Agree: Susan Jacoby Article and Schmookler Interpretation

Obama Gets Reasonable Advice from --of All People!-- Karl Rove

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Understanding Our Place in the Larger Order

Thoughts/Questions About Obama's Ability to Defend Himself

Two Catastrophic Acts of Selfishness: One Couple's Enormous Role in America's Tragedy

Are You Aware of the NSB Newsletter?

The Irresponsible Media: Paul Waldman in the American Prospect

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Are We Willing to Align Ourselves with the Truth?

Here's How Obama Should Deal with the *Debate* Issue

Republicans in Senate Protect Pay Discrimination Against Women: Hard-Hitting Piece by Dahlia Lithwick in

Revisiting the Muddle Through Scenario

Frank, the *What's the Matter with Kansas* Guy, on Bittergate: An Interesting But Shockingly Obtuse Article from

Reining in Presidential Secrecy: NYTimes Editorial on How Congress Might Be about to Take Action

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Contagious Interactions Among People

No, It's Not OK to Use Al Qaeda as a Catch-All Term: Glenn Greenwald Exposes a Deceptive Neo-Con Verbal Sleight-of-Hand

*You Can End It Here* This Should Be Obama's Mantra in Indiana

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Here It Is! The Open Forum on Wholeness

The Low Road to Victory: NYTimes Editorial on the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Hillary and Iran: Olbermann Missed the Point

The Democrats Must Not Reward Hillary

Obama Refuses to Schedule N.C. Debate: I Approve

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: My Own Experience of Extraordinary Knowing

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Denial of our Wider and Deeper Knowing

Two on the Effort to Tie Obama to Hamas: A McCain Fundraising Letter and a Gary Hart Article

What Will Happen Legally with the Bushites and Their Torture? A Piece by Spencer Ackerman

Majority of Historians Rate the Bush Presidency the Worst Ever

The Latest in Global Warming Denialism: Jonathan Chait in The New Republic

Dear Barack: Non Carborundum Illegitimatum

Two Speeches on Race: Garry Wills Compares Speeches by Obama and Lincoln

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Eros and Unification (from N. O. Brown's LOVE'S BODY)

Just a Reminder: The Open Forum on Wholeness is Coming Soon

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Goleman on the Human Connection

John Yoo: Spearhead or Scapegoat? Glenn Greenwald Article

Will the Constitution Be Altered to Eliminate Key Liberties?

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Dance of Polarization

Some of My Thoughts About How Obama Might Utilize the Recent "Bitterness" Flap

A Bitter Pill To Swallow: Dylan Lowe (on Huffington Post) on the Obama Flap

I Am Speaking Tomorrow in Santa Fe: Anyone May Attend

Obama's Gaffe: Is There an Opportunity Here for Another Important Speech

The Torture Memo: Excellent Piece on an Investigation of the Bogus *Legal* Memos *Justice* Provided Bush

Communing with Nature Less and Less: Article from World Science

Hillary's Mistake: It Turns Out that Nice Guys Do Better

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: An Invitation to the NSB Community to Go Deep

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Rhythm and the Channeling of Tourettes (Oliver Sacks)

When the Upholders of Law Are Declared Criminal: A Piece by Scott Horton From Harper's Magazine

The Democrats and Obama and The Politics of Religion: E.J. Dionne in the New Republic

Barr None: Bob Barr May Run as Libertarian, Says Piece in the Atlantic

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Oneness and the Manyness of Life As It Has Evolved on Earth

Interesting Poll Results: Obama the Candidate Most Americans Think Holds AmericanValues

Transformational Leadership: Crisis Not Only Makes It Vitally Necessary, It Also Makes It Possible

Progress and Entropy: Another Passage from the Concluding Chapter of DEBATING THE GOOD SOCIETY

The Intelligence Cover-Up: NYTimes Editorial

Obama's Remarkable Breakthrough on Economics: Robert Kuttner Asks Why Krugman Can't See It

The Manufacture of Uncertainty: Chris Mooney, in the American Prospect, on How American Industries Subvert Science and Endanger Us All for Their Profit

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Maybe It Would Blow Our Minds, Maybe It Would Transform Us

The Mental Health of Democrats and Republicans: Trying to Interpret a Juicy Fact from Harper's Index

Just Who Is Hillary Clinton? Peggy Noonan Writes about "Getting" Her

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Parental Patterns Perpetuated

Lakoff Describes What Obama's Speech Does: A Piece Worth Reading

Scenes of Coming Attractions: Invitation to an (Important, to Me) Upcoming Open Forum on Wholeness in Any of Its Dimensions

The Dilbert Strategy: Paul Krugman on the Phony Bushite Financial "Reform" Proposals

Expect Delays: An Announcement Concerning the Coming Week

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Two Kinds of Error Regarding Our Perception of Patterns

Sen. Chuck Hagel on Iraq and the "Arrogance and Incompetence" of the Bushites

Extemporaneous Writing Now Unfolding

Leadership and Connecting With People: Another Passage from Obama's 1995 Book

Five years after the invasion, the totality of our failure is clear (from The Independent, U.K.)

When a Nation Has Difficulty Facing Its Past: Japan Still Struggles

There's Running, and Then There's Running Ugly

The Long Defeat: David Brooks on Hillary's Continuing

Two Capsule Pieces on the State of our Financial System by Dean Baker

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Case of the Balinese Cockfight

Buried in the Numbers on Intrade

Beyond the Standards of Apedom (An Excerpt from DEBATING THE GOOD SOCIETY)

Interesting Public Opinion Poll Data From NBC/WSJ

John Dean Wonders: Was Obama's Speech Too Intelligent to be Politically Successful?

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: How Couples Create Important Wholes

What I Intuit the Reverend Wright Business Is Fundamentally About

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Expertise and the Mastery of Patterns

Here's Who I Think Obama Should Pick as a Running Mate

Fascinating New Idea About the Democratic Race

The Assignment Right Now

Poll Results on Obama's Speech on Race (from CBS)

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Market as a Fragmenting Force

Greenwald on the Media's Distorted Coverage of John McCain

When Broken People Reject the Message of Wholeness

If Bush and the Repubs are So Unpopular, Why Does McCain Poll So Well? Dylan Loewe on Huffington Post

We Need a President, Not Just a Commander-in-Chief: Brewer and Lakoff on Common Dreams

Partying Like It's 1929: Paul Krugman on the Perils of Our Unregulated Financial System

The T-Shirt of President George W. Bush

Discussion Question for SEEING THINGS WHOLE: What Constitutes Evidence for the *Oneness* of the Mystics

In Unusual Times, Unusual Outcomes Become Possible

"That is Leadership": Joseph Nye on Obama's Speech

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Collective Intelligence (Passage from Thomas's LIVES OF A CELL)

The "Grist for the Mill" Strategy

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: A Story from Katrin

Reactions to the Obama Speech (Compiled by Huffington Post)

Rigged Trials at Gitmo: Ross Tuttle Piece from THE NATION

Obama's Great Speech on Race This Morning

Admiral Fallon, the Danger of War Against Iran, and the Presidential Campaign

Live Radio Show Tuesday Morning: My Topic Will Relate to Wholeness

When You Hear Hoofbeats, Think of Horses, Not Zebras: A Piece From 2006 about Financial Markets and the State of America

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Earliest Experience of Nurture as Template for Life

Assorted Election-Related Thoughts

The Rise of American Incompetence: Daniel Gross on

When Push Comes (An Excerpt from DEBATING THE GOOD SOCIETY)

The Way Race is Playing in the Democratic Primaries: Passage from an Interesting New York Times Article

More Bellicose Than Bush? Paul Waldman on McCain in The American Prospect

House Rejects Telecom Immunity: Greenwald in Praise of a Possible "Sea Change" Among the Democrats

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Human Wholeness-- an Origin or a Destination?

How to Deal With the Darkness: The Key Question Facing Obama

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Isomorphisms in Music-- Feeling States, Artistic Performances of those States, and Audience Response

Spangler and Me on "Winning at All Costs"

Dean Baker on 1) Hypocrisy on the Sanctity of Contracts and 2) Nonsense on the Need for Immigrants

What Hillary Has Now Revealed About Herself

Does Obama Have a Pat Hand?

Schmookler is Available for Conversation

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: An Unreasonable Kind of Rationality

If I'm Not Ready, Why Does She Want Me as Her Veep?: Obama Makes a Deft Move

Evil is Not a Good Loser

David Spangler Relates His Dreams about Barack and Hillary

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Three Metaphors for the Whole (Taoist, Sufi, and Christian)

Hope and the Latent Power of the People: Another Passage from Obama's 1995 Book

Why the War on Obama: Robert Parry on Consortium News

Will America Pass This Test?

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Our Pathways Into Deep Meaning

Here's How Obama Should Fight Back

I Can Be Heard on the Internet This Evening

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: A Story of Insight and Healing

Call Congressman Reyes to Stop Him from Caving on Telecom Immunity

BULLETIN! The Thursday Event in Santa Fe is Postponed on Account of Snow

What I'd Ask Obama, and What I Hope He'd Answer

Naomi Wolf's Powerful Statement on Who in the Presidential Race Would Be Best to Lift the Bushite Darkness

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Patterns of Flocks in Flight

Granting Immunity Rewards Lawlessness: Interesting that a Fox News Judicial Analyst Has Written So Right-On a Condemnation of the Bushites

Presidential Simulatons: A Proposal to Improve the Process by which Americans Select Their Presidents

If You Could Ask Obama One Question

Winter of the Patriarchs: Harold Myerson on Castro and Nader

Schmookler is Available for Conversation

Obama at His Father's Grave

The Importance of What the Loser Says: Terence Samuel in THE AMERICAN PROSPECT on the End-Game in the Democratic Race

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Connection Between Truth and Wholeness

What psychological personality tests reveal about Clinton and Obama: Emily Joffe Article on

If I Were Obama, What I'd Be Tempted to Say to Hillary

Here's a Job for the Obama Campaign

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Metaphor and the "Very Secret of the Universe"

Obama Shows How to Parry Right-Wing Slime Attacks: Glenn Greenwald on

Obama's "Inspiration" vs. Clinton's "Solutions"

What the Hell Are Democrats So Afraid of? Article by Glenn Hurowitz from Alternet

Letter to a Baby Boomer (Written by John Updike in 1996)

McCain as the Anti-Obama: Darrell Delamaide Essay in MarketWatch

Where the "Audacity of Hope" Comes From

The Importance of Narrative in a Presidential Campaign: Paul Waldman in The American Prospect

Schmookler is Available for Conversation

More from Baker on the Poor Bush Record on the Economy and on the Poor Performance of the Media in Covering It

Is the United States Coming Apart as a Society? Some Findings Reported by Robert Putnam

This Phony McCain Bruhaha: An Unworthy Story

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Moral Instinct (Essay by Pinker)

Gambling on Obama is Our Safest Bet

McCain Panders to the Right, the Media Don't See: Ariana Huffington Article

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: This is Your Brain on Music

Obama's Not Naive About Power

The Dems Should Confront McCain on National Security, Not Mirror Him: A Greenwald Article

Padilla Sues Yoo: Bazelon Argues that the Case Has Plausibility

How the Democrats Could Resolve Their Nomination Process (If the Primaries Don't Do It): Paul Starr in the American Prospect

The Clemens Hearing as National Symbol: Quite Outstanding Essay by Stephen Metcalf on

The FISA Disgrace Continues: Sins of the President, Congress, and Media Discussed by Me and a New York Times Editorial

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: "Everybody's Got Their Issues" (Patterns in Individuals and Families)

Evaluating Changes in the Movies' Handling of Sexuality and Revealing of the Human Body: A Radio Show from Ohio Can Be Heard Here

Congress Has Stood Up for Itself, at Least this Much

Schmookler is Available for Conversation

Manhood and the Fate of the Earth

What Does It Profit a Man: McCain, Former POW, Votes for Torture

Obama and Progressive Change: Article by Dave Lindorff on Common Dreams

Baker Bashes Times for Skewed Comments on Bush and the Economy

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Evil and Wholeness-- Resolving an Apparent Contradiction

This is What I Like To See: An Example of Clinton and Obama Working Together

America Doesn't Need More Cheaters for Leaders

Help Senator Leahy on FISA in the Next 24 Hours

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Metaphor and Reality

A Couple Things from Me: I Had a Dream Last Night, and Man's Role in Changing the Face of the Earth

Liberals Should Make Common Cause with Evangelicals: A NYTimes Column by Nicholas Kristof

A New Geologic Age&#8212;Started by Us: Article from World Science

The Republican Lack of Credibility, the Democratic Mistake of Emulating and Capitulating: Glenn Greenwald Piece

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Yes, the Waters are Deep

How I'd Like Obama and Clinton to Campaign from Here

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Reality of Relationships

More Post-Super-Tuesday Thoughts: A Puzzlement and a Defect in the Media Coverage

Post-Super-Tuesday Thoughts

Mass Eviction from the Ownership Society: A Passage from Naomi Klein

Problems of "Masculinity" in the Contemporary World

Thoughts About Obama and the Finding of Fault for the Present Darkness

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Caring About Future Generations

The Choice: Christopher Hayes in THE NATION on Obama vs. Clinton

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: An Interesting Instance of Contagion

Obama Inspires the Young (Article by my Wife, April Moore)

How the World Sees the U.S. Presidential Race: AP Report

The Latest Bush Crime, Committed Just Now in Broad Daylight (Dave Lindorff Essay)

Why I'm For Obama! Only He Can Shift the Correlation of Forces

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: A Pattern in My Life (Part II)

Greenwald's Version of "The Lament of a True Patriot"

Justice Blinds Itself to the Need to Be Blind: W. Virginia Judge Fraternizes with Party to a Suit

Government Versus Market: False Contrasts at the NYT (A Brief Dean Baker Piece)

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: A Pattern in My Life (Part I)

The Democrats' Praise-Reagan Game: Excellent Piece by Robert Parry

Lakoff on a Difference Between Hillary and Obama

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Cutting Ourselves Off from the Whole Whole is Forfeiting Our Potential Power

More Bush Lying, Cheating and Usurpation: A New York Times Editorial (but that title is mine)

The G.O.P. Going for McCain Makes Hillary a Dangerous Choice for the Dems (piece from elsewhere)

Waving Goodbye to Hegemony: Interesting Piece on the Evolving World Order with America's Current Decline

When Marquee Value Trumps Moral Value: Marty Kaplan Decries Karl Rove's Being Invited as a Commencement Speaker

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Wholeness of Nature

Scathing Critique of Bush from Rep. Wexler on the Eve of Bush's Final State of the Union Message

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: "The Robinson Crusoe Fallacy"

A Question for This Group: How Frequent Would You Want the SEEING THINGS WHOLE Postings?

Announcing a Small Change in NSB's Front Page

The FISA Follies, Redux: NYTimes Editorial

Dems Cave to Bush on Stimulus Package: WHY? (Two Thoughts From Me)

"So Did Jesse Jackson": Clinton's Tactics Backfire in South Carolina

Questions for the Clintons: Questions for the Clintons: by Bob Herbert in the New York Times

My Little Phony: On Romney's "Reassuring" Way of Pandering (Jonathan Chait in the New Republic)

Mass Deception and the Bushite Assault on the Integrity of our Election System: An Interview with Mark Crispin Miller

The Media's Abominable Political Coverage: Another Effective Slam by Glenn Greenwald

How Americans Found Glowing Meaning in the Nightmare of the Civil War: An Excerpt from a New Book

Kucinich to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Bush


SEEING THINGS WHOLE: The Zeitgeist as Evidence of Subtle Patterns and Connections

Wondering if My Reaction to the Clintons' Recent Behavior is Representative

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Artificial Wholeness: Justice as the Antidote to Power (Another Passage from THE PARABLE OF THE TRIBES)

This Time --Unlike the Other Time Evil Wrought Havoc on America-- There will be No Romanticizing the Story: A Re-Run Worth Re-Running

The American Media's Complicit Failure to Investigate and Report on the Sibel Edmonds Case: Piece by Daniel Ellsberg

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Dimensions of Wholeness (A Passage from the Parable of the Tribes)

Refight the Nineties? A Piece by Rep. Barney Frank on Huffington Post

Donations Instead of Gifts: A Report from My Wife, April

Don't Cry for Me America: Paul Krugman on the Nature of our Current Economic Crisis

In Response To Criticism, Chris Matthews Meanders, Eventually Apologizes: Update on Matthews/Women Issue

The Moral Instinct: Steven Pinker Essay from the New York Times

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Order vs. Chaos in the Flow of Events

Chris Matthews and Women: An Issue Raised by Media Matters, A Letter to MSNBC by Me

Low Approval of Bush: The Latest ABC-News Poll

SEEING THE WHOLE: Science as the Discovery of Patterns and Connections

Greenwald on the Right's Defective Understanding of Law (with an E.g. in the Kucinich Case)

Twenty-five U.S. Military Officers Challenge Official Account of 9/11


The Unselling of Brand-Name Drugs: An Article Showing a Good Use of Government

Jonah Goldberg's Bizarro History: A Review Article by David Neiwart in the American Prospect

Shaken to My Moral Foundations: An Autobiographical Preamble to My Book, Not-So-Strait-and-Narrow-- Part II

Shaken to My Moral Foundations: An Autobiographical Preamble to My Book, Not-So-Strait-and-Narrow-- Part I

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Patterns of Thought

Fascist Wolves and Democratic Sheep: From an Article by Ray McGovern

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Connection Through Time

What is Spiritually Wrong With America? Weak and Strong Paths to "Victory"

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Scenes of Coming Attractions

George McGovern Calls for Impeachment

Iowa's Message to Investors: An Interpretation from the Wall Street Journal

9/11 Commission: Our investigation was "obstructed": Piece by Greenwald

How Can The Next President Lead America Toward Transformative Change: A Conversation Between Robert Kuttner and Doris Kearns Goodwin

SEEING THINGS WHOLE: Introducing a New Project

Maybe Mukasey Isn't Gonzalez II: Criminal Probe Opened Over CIA Tapes (Huffington News Item)

Mitt Romney's Pursuit of Tyrannical Power: Another Strong Piece from Greenwald

Mr. President: A Question I Imagine Bush Being Asked at a News Conference

The Bushite Betrayal of America: A Most Hard-Hitting, Year-End Editorial from the New York Times

A Fighter: What the Dems Most Need in a Presidential Candidate

Progressives to Arms! Krugman Says Forget about Bush--and the Middle Ground

The Torture Tape Fingering Bush as a War Criminal: Andrew Sullivan in the London Times

What is This "Cowardly Act" Bit About?

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Excellent Article on Regrets (from the AARP Magazine)

Conservatism as the Ideology of Freedom? David Michael Green Doesn't Think So!

What is Spiritually Wrong With America: Patterns of Weakness

Authoritarian Temptation: Greenwald on the Dangers of a Guiliani Presidency

The President-Tyrant: Article by Scott Horton from Harper's Magazine

The Change in Christmas Movies: A Case Study of the Cultural Shift from Idealism to Cynicism

The Pope Bemoans "Ill-Treated World" and Self-Centeredness: NYTimes News Article on His Chrismas Homily

Santa Claus Comes to Wall Street: Dean Baker on the Corruptions of Today's Corporate Capitalism

Is Change to be Had from Less Partisanship or from Doing Battle? Paul Krugman on Obama vs. Edwards

GOP Panic Over Huckabee: Ariana Huffington on How the Republican's Exploitation of Religion Has Come Home To Roost

Media Hostility toward Anti-Establishment Candidates: Greenwald Piece at

Democrats Who Refuse to Lead: John Aravosis' Take on Why the Dems Cave

Paul Krugman on the Ideological Roots of the Subprime Credit Crisis

Atheism's Wrong Turn: Essay by Damon Linker in The New Republic

"Global Warming Consensus Debunked," Claims NSB Reader and a Report on Senator Inhofe's Website

Debunking a Second Bogus Argument of the Climate "Skeptics"

Torture Tapes are the Watergate of Our Times: Brent Budowsky

It's Edwards the Fighter in the Iowa Homestretch: New York Times News Piece

What is Spiritually Wrong With America: The Loss of the Ideal, the Failure of the Heroic

What Is Spiritually Wrong With America: Shrinking From the Necessary Battle

Danger and Uncertainty: What Prudence and Responsibility Require

Reid Accedes to Pressure-- Half Way: Both Bills to Be Brought to the Floor

The Political Views of Academic Faculty Members: Interesting Research Reported by Harvard Magazine

Three Congressmen Make the Case for Impeachment Hearings Regarding Cheney

What's Harry Reid Up To? A Piece by Glenn Greenwald that Raises but Doesn't Answer That Question

Stunned by Lack of Outrage, Not Outrageous Acts: Beth Quinn's Disappointment with the American People

Lust: An Essay by John Updike

Call to Action from the ACLU: Stop the Senate from Approving a Bad FISA Bill

The Muddle Through Scenario

Al Gore's Outstanding Speech upon Accepting the Nobel Prize

If the CIA hadn't destroyed those tapes, what would be different? Emily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick in Slate

Power and Corruption: Just What Is Their Relationship?

Democratic Complicity in the Torture Picture: An Article by Glenn Greenwald

What to Make of Huckabee: A Question from Me and an Article from the American Prospect

Violence this Weekend With Religion as the Target

Schmookler is Available for Conversation: A Sunday Edition

The Right to Bear Arms: Thoughts from Cass R. Sunstein in Advance of the Supreme Court's Major Gun Control Case

Yahoo and the Betrayal of China's Dissidents: An Item from THE WEEK

Let's Hear It for Dahlia Lithwick: There's Prophetic Fire in Her Report of the Guantanamo Arguments This Week Before the High Court

A Most Rich Essay by George Orwell: England Your England

Needed, A Better Confirmation Process: Ted Kennedy on the Lessons of the Roberts and Alito Appointments to the Supreme Court

What Bothers Me About the "Issue" of Romney's Mormonism

Me and the Democrats: An Exchange from Opednews

Bush's Iraq "Agreement" Goes Beyond His Constitutional Authority: Bruce Ackerman on the Latest Presidential Usurpation

ACLU Asks Us to Take This Action: Tell Senator Reid to Uphold the Rule of Law on Wiretapping

Here's One Sentence Worth Pondering:

I Bring You Glad Tidings: Two Pieces of Good News from the World Today

Three Fine Little Items from Dean Baker's "Beat the Press" Weekly Roundup

Texas Director of Science Education Fired for Not Being Neutral About Evolution: NTTIMES News Item

A Couple of Questions About the Presidential Race

Republicans and Race: Paul Krugman Piece

What's Wrong with the American Essay: Strong Statement by Christina Nehring

American Media's Stupid and Lazy Version of "Balance": Molly Ivins from 1987

Scott Ritter Offers His Answer to the Question, Why Are the Dems in Congress Not Fighting the Necessary Fight?

Schmookler is Available for Conversation: A New Genre for NSB

America's Gulag Goes Before the Court: Marie Cocco Piece from Truthdig

Karl Rove Outdoes Even Himself in Shameless Lying

Women Leaders Under-Appreciated: Interesting Report from Slate

Reckoning: The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush-- Joseph Stiglitz in Vanity Fair

What Should Be Happening Now: The Put Up or Shut Up Challenge

America's Days of Reckoning: An Important Overview of the Current Crisis from Paul Craig Roberts

What Kind of Spiritual Ideology is Needed? An Exchange Between Morley and Me

Paul Krugman on the Influence of Big Money, the Democrats, and the Prospects for Progressive Change

Fighting Words: George Packer in the New Yorker on the Requirement that Republican Candidates for President Sound Shallow and Jingoistic

Our Own Creators: Chapter 7 of THE EXPERIENCE OF MEANING

The Narrative Narrative: Marty Kaplan on Huffington Post

Sharing the Goodies of Life: An Invitation in the Spirit of Thanksgiving

What Should Be Happening Now: Honoring the Presidency Requires Dishonoring this President

The Question of Democratic Complicity

Nat Hentoff on US Torture and Gestapo Precedents

Is Merle Haggard a Harbinger of the Return of Reagan Democrats to the Party? Joe Klein Article in Time Magazine

How Should We Be Dealing with the Dems? Some Disagreements Between Sam Gruen and Me

KARL ROVE TO BECOME NEWSWEEK CONTRIBUTOR: Is There no End to the Disgrace Our Media Have Become?

What Should be Happening Now: The What Kind of Man Could Do This?� Dramatization

The Sorry State of American Democracy: A Passage from a Column by Frank Rich

"Get Off My Plane!" An Emotionally Gratifying Image that Came to Me

Elizabeth Holtzman on Mukasey, Torture, and GW Bush's Legal Jeopardy

Tell Me What You Watch (And Listen To, and Read), And I'll Tell You How You Vote: Marty Kaplan on Huffington Post with My Commentary

Cause-and-Effect in History Are Hard to Judge, But I Wonder

Two Little Snippets from THE WEEK

The Dog that Didn't Bark: The Story I'd Like Bill Moyers to Cover

Big Win for Watada: A Study in Courage and Honor

Confrontation Over Darfur: Carter and the Elders Seek to Bring Peace to the Conflict

"Values Voters" Are Not Just on the Right: A Piece by Eric Zorn

Juicy Brief Snippets

Why Didn't the Democrats Filibuster Mukasey: Budowsky and Greenwald Make the Same Point

Why Have the Dems Been So Weak? Bruce Fein Gives His Answer

Questions I'd Like to See Asked

What Should Be Happening Now: When Your Champions Run From the Field Rather than Fight

On the Kucinich "Impeach Cheney" Gambit: Account from Dave Lindorff

What Should Be Happening Now: When Your Champions Run From the Field Rather than Fight

Bush v. Gore: Some News About Each

The Art of the Hissy Fit: Digby Piece from Common Sense

Ours is Not the First Time to Be Burdened by History: A Repeat of an Earlier Pep Talk

Andrew Sullivan's Dubious Moral Equivalencies

Feingold's Statement: Why He'll Vote No on Mugasey

Feinstein and Shumer Are Wrong

Clueless: The Excoriation of the Congressional Democrats by the New Republic

A Serious Question for this Gathering Concerning Cheney

The Partisan: Paul Krugman's Latest Book Reviewed in the NYRB

Calling the Question &#8212; In the House &#8212; on Impeaching Cheney: John Nichols on Kucinich's Upcoming Move

Cheney and the Confederate Flag

Attack Iran, Get Impeached: An Idea from Ken Mayers

An Apt Stanza from "America the Beautiful"

How Congress Should Deal with the Iran Issue: A Twice-Winning Strategy Against the Bushites

Clinton Over Guiliani, Dems over Repubs --BIG TIME-- in New Poll

Is a Presidential Coup Under Way? Article by Jim Hightower

Paramount and "The Kite Runner"-- One Manifestation of Goodness in the Spirit(s) of Our Times

Bruce Fein on the Dangers of Confirming Mukasey

Soros vs. Murdock on the Open Society: Marty Kaplan on Huffington Post

OK, Al Gore, Don't Run; But for God's Sake, Do Speak Out

Good Statements from Some Democratic Pres. Candidates: A Piece by Glenn Greenwald

Krugman on Bush as the Fulfillment of Movement Conservatism

Endgame for Iraqi Oil? Article by Jack Miles

When Bush Accuses the Dems of "Wasting Time"

With Democrats Like These ... : A New York Times Editorial

Selfishness vs. Concern for Community: The Shoe Doesn't Quite Seem to Fit

ACLU Saying: Press Congress to Stand With Senator Dodd at His Line in the Sand

Getting Beyond Preaching to the Choir

Who Restarted the Cold War? A Piece by Pat Buchanan

Lawbreaker in Chief: Jed Rubenfeld of Yale Law School on Mukasey's Dangerous Statement

How confirming Michael Mukasey will further cripple Congress: Frank Bowman in

I Ask You: Can A Rockefeller be Bought for $42,000

The Lament of a True Patriot

The (Surprising) Magnitude of the Impact of the Fear of Death

Support the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007: Bill Introduced in the House by Rep. Ron Paul

On Torture and American Values: A New York Times Editorial

Gore Derangement Syndrome: Krugman Does It Again

Linda Jean's Eloquent Testimony about the Commericialization of the Schools

A Glimpse of the Dark Reality Via the Attorney General Hearings

The Condition of America Today: A Many-Dimensional Look

Ten Questions for (Attorney General nominee) Michael Mukasey: Excellent Contribution from THE NATION

Sharing Great Readings: An Invitation

How Basic American Principles are Getting Labeled "Far Left": Piece by Greenwald

A Teachable Moment Regarding the Right-Wing Slime Machine: Paul Krugman on the Graeme Frost Affair

A Step Away From the Imperial Presidency: New York Times Editorial

What's the NASCAR-Bushite Connection? An Inquiry Into the Spirit(s) of Our Times

Spies, Lies and FISA: A New York Times Editorial

Thom Hartmann on Coulter's and Scalia's Dangerous Notions on Church and State

American Tears-- Eloquent Piece by Naomi Wolf

Two Views --Plus Mine-- Regarding Al Gore, the Nobel Prize, and the Idea of His Running for President

Oh, How Humankind Has Squandered Its Historical Opportunities: TimesOnline on Putin's Threats

The Commercialization of Our Schools: An Article by April Moore

The Supreme Court's Abdication of Responsibility: New York Times Editorial on the Refusal to Hear the Case of the Rendition of the German Citizen

The Humorless Hillary Has Come a Long Way

Carter on Bushite Torture: The Kind of the-Emperor-Has-No-Clothes Moment We Need More Of

Inviting Your Thoughts About the Particular Candidates

Call for Action from the ACLU

Sam Gruen on the Pernicious Right-Wing Myth-Making

Explaining the Democrats' Weakness in Spiritual Terms: Liberalism and the Spirit(s) of Our Times

Leading '08 Republicans All Back Bush Veto Of Children's Health Care: Item from NYTimes, Comment from Me

Enthusiasm is "the God Within": Part of Goethe's Admirable Gift

The U.S. Has Lost Its Aura of Competence: Anne Applebaum on Why America's Traditional Allies Have Lost Their Taste for U.S. Leadership

The Moral Schizophrenia of Keith Olbermann on Countdown: More on the Spirit(s) of Our Times

Erosion of Support for GOP Among Economic Conservatives and Businesspeople: Article from Wall Street Journal

John Wayne as an American Archetypal Figure: An Invitation to a Discussion

Brent Budowsky on Clarence Thomas, and a Question from Me

The Biology of Political Orientation: An Article from THE WEEK, and a Critique from Me

The Spirit(s) of the Times: An NFL Football Story

Worries About What the Roberts Court Will Do This Year: A New York Times Editorial

How Dan Rather's Suit Against CBS May Expose Media Complicity with the Bushite Regime: William Rivers Pitt on Truthout

French President Sarkozy on America

Portrait of a Bushite: Head of Foreign Service Group Calls on State Dept. IG to Resign

Special Prosecutor Needed for Blackwater, the Republican Mercenary Company: Article by Brent Budowsky

Exploring the Spirit(s) of the Times: A Possible New Focus for NSB

A Fantasy About Bush at the U.N.

From the ACLU: "Ask your Members of Congress: Will You Commit to the Constitution?"

How the Democrats Defeat Themselves by Showing That They Are Coming From Fear: An Extensive Passage from Drew Westen on Huffingtonpost

Something Funny from Gore, and Some Additional Thoughts About Him

What the Political Futures Markets Are Saying

A Probably Unconstitutional GOP Initiative in California to Change the Rules: Bob Herbert in the New York Times

The Democrats Could've Handled the MoveOn Vote Strategically: Eskow on Huffington Post

Krugman on Alan Greenspan's Revisionist History

The Politicization of the Department of Justice: Elizabeth de la Vega Hits Another Long Ball

What If This Should Prove a "Long Twilight Struggle"?

A Paragraph from Goethe

Of Ladybugs and Ladies: Chapter 6 of THE EXPERIENCE OF MEANING

Inattentional Blindness: Another Approach to the Question, Why Can They Not See?

Condi and Stanford: From a New York Times Article

John Nichols, of THE NATION, Proposes Bruce Fein as Attorney General

Imagine Living in a Time When Things Are Moving in a Good Direction: Thoughts Inspired by a Passage from Goethe

How the Media Treated Gore in 2000: A Piece from Newsweek

Gonzo on Habeus Corpus: Robert Parry's "Favorite Memory"

Speak to Me: Chapter 5 of THE EXPERIENCE OF MEANING

Selective Prosecution: A New York Times Editorial

Katrina All the Time: Another Excellent Piece by Paul Krugman

The Democrats' Responsibility in the Wake of Gonzales' resignation: Another Good Piece from Greenwald

Regarding the Next Two Weeks on NSB

An Alternative to Impeachment

Tie the President's Hands Regarding Making War on Iran

Why Bush Governs from the Gut: Good Synthesis by David Michael Green

On Behalf of Formula Industry, Bush's HHS Toned Down Breast-Feeding Ads: Washington Post Article

History Will Not Absolve Us: Nat Hentoff on American War Crimes

Radical Hope, or Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation: An Interesting Review Article by Charles Taylor

On the Democrats' Problems in Standing Up to Bush on Terrorism: Artcle from the Washington Post, and Comments by Me

A Radio Show of Mine, Available Online, that I Commend for Your Listening Enjoyment

A Good Battlefield: The Choice of the Next Attorney General

Burning the Law in a Riot of Treason: William Pitt on Gonzales and Beyond

One of the Most Interesting things I've Read in a Long Time: How Political Psychology Explains Bush's Ghastly Success

White House Shell Game: NY Times Editorial

One More Glimpse this Mine Disaster Gives Into America's Defects: A Piece from Huffington About CNN Coverage

A Very Funny Comic Skit

Thinking in the Language of Blood and Honor: A Historical Perspective

Bill Moyers on Karl Rove

The Dumbest Move the Dems Could Make: Michael Tomasky Argues Against Impeachment

The Mine Disaster as a Glimpse into Bushite Fascism: What I See in an Article from the Salt Lake Tribune

Interpreting Karl Rove's Campaign About Hillary Clinton

Leahy Threatens Bush Aides With Contempt

Tappers and Listeners: A Relevant Challenge from a Book Entitled "Made to Stick"

Law or Lawlessness: Article by the Executive Director of Truthout

Guiliani's Foreign Policy Folly: An Article by Fred Kaplan on

Arianna Huffington on the Media Coverage of the Utah Mining Accident

Whaddyamean, 'Mean'?: Chapter 4 of THE EXPERIENCE OF MEANING

The Bushite Era as a Re-Enactment of the American Civil War

Good Piece on Rove's Enduring Legacy (from Huffington Post)

Bush and Rove: Collaborators in the Theater of the Moral Lie

A Good Idea about Impeachment from Cheryl Biren-Wright

What Good Way Forward Do You Envision Unfolding?

America Now Looks to Me Stuck

On the Matter of the Right to Bear Arms and the Prevention of Tyranny in America

The Virtues and Weaknesses of America's Conservative Culture

What Brings Light to Our Lives? An Invitation to Share Our Experiences

The New FISA and the Constitution: Another Exchange in the Bruce Fein Interview

Bush, Gonzales and Specter: Winning a Cat-and-Mouse Game or Losing a Dogfight?: Piece by the Estimable Elizabeth de la Vega

In Gonzo We Trust: Good Piece, with Good Comments, from Slate

You Swore on the Bible: What an Oath Means

NY Times Editorial on the "Appalling" Democratic Cave-In on Surveillance

Another Report Concerning Church-State Problems in the U.S. Military

You are the Blind One: A Reply to a Bushite from Virginia

Another Case for Impeachment

The Dems Disheartening Cave to Bush on FISA

ACLU: US Constitution in Grave Danger: UPI Story Appearing on Truthout

Contemptible Conduct at Justice: Boston Globe Editorial

The Tillman Question: Is There Anything to the Idea He Was Murdered?

The Week That Was: Discussion Question on What's Occurred and What's Shifted These Past Eight Days

House Passes Lee Bill to Ban Permanent Bases in Iraq

Emails Detail RNC Voter Suppression in Five States: Truthout Piece

Bush's magical shield from criminal prosecution: An Article by Glenn Greenwald

We've Got to Grab the Media by the Lapels and Shout, "Impeachment is a Real Issue, You Idiots!"

Why has world opinion of the U.S. changed dramatically since 2000?: A Glenn Greenwald Piece

All the President's Enablers: A Column by Paul Krugman

A Sweet Little Story: The Masai and the Lions

A Primal Tide of Toxins

Another Batch of Tidbits

What the next president should do to repair the breach between Washington and the world: Piece from Newsweek

Reactionary Activism: Article by Alan Dershowitz on Huffington Post

Hanging Together: How About Impeaching Them on Conspiracy Charges

Report Suggests Laws Broken in Attorney Firings: News Article from Washington Post

Congress's Power To Compel: Column from the Washington Post

The Importance of the Leadership Group for the "Impeach Them Now" Movement

America's Broken Foreign Policy: A Review Article About New Books by Dennis Ross, Zbigniew Brzezinksi, and Chalmers Johnson:

Expect Some Delays

A Way of Seeing Dick Cheney for What He Is

Just What the Founders Feared: An Imperial President Goes to War (NYTimes Editorial)

News Bulletin: Bush Approval Rating Tumbles To 25 Percent

National Security Directive No. 51 and the Need for Impeachment: A Commentary by Craig Barnes

Useful Information on How to Lobby Pelosi for Impeachment

More Tidbits

Conyers: 3 More Congress Members and I'll Impeach

Forgiveness: Revisiting the aftermath of last year's shootings in an Amish community

Writing Congress About Impeachment: One Exchange from a Thread Here

About Impeachment: Third Installment of the Bruce Fein Interview

Organize to Push Congress Toward Impeachment

This Is the Project for Which I Went to England Last Spring

A Meeting Down Under (and I Don't Mean Australia)

The Bushite Muzzling of the Surgeon General: A New York Times Editorial

Fein Interview: Second Installment

The Movement to Impeach Takes Shape: An Email I Received

The "Impeachment" Button I Propose

Impeachment: The Time Has Come!

The Darksider: Hendrik Hertzberg on Cheney in the New Yorker

Thoughts on Sibelius, Changing Tastes, and the Nature of Artistic Creation: A Passage for Weekend Reading from a New Yorker Article

Scenes I'd Like to See

Sen. Boxer Says to Put Impeachment onto the Table: Dave Lindorff Article (from opednews)

New Interview with Bruce Fein: Where Do Things Stand With Upholding the Constitution?

House Panel Clears Way for Contempt Proceedings Against Miers: AP News Article from Truthout

Beyond Recklessness: An Essay by Paul Craig Roberts

A Letter Across the Political Divide

Arm Bands Till Impeachment? --Robert Pleznac's Proposal

An Illustration of the Authoritarian Mentality of the Bushite Supporters: A Passage from Glenn Greenwald

Sentiment Shifting Against Bush: A Piece by Dave Lindorff

"I Can Do No Other": My Philosophy of Trying

The Bushites Still Don't Get It on Iraq: A Column by Robert Novak, of All People

What Do You Think of This Idea: A Letter to Americans Who Have Supported Bush?

And W, You're No Churchill: A Washington Post Column

Two Examples of How the Pursuit of Truth Can Be Betrayed

Shame on Bush -- and us: A Strong Column from the Los Angeles Times

The Pattern of Bush/Cheney Criminality: Brent Budovsky Puts the Pieces Together

Bush Gives America the Finger: A Powerful Piece by the Estimable Elizabeth de la Vega

Making the Connections: It's Time to Show America the Dark Meanings Beneath the Scandals

Dennis Ross: 18 Months to Avoid War with Iran (from Huffington Post)

Abuse of Executive Privilege: New York Times Editorial

Personal Integrity, Institutional Integrity: Thoughts from Egil Krogh, Digby and Me

Greenwald on How Much we DON'T Know About Bush's Illegal Wiretapping

Bush and Cheney Should Resign: Olbermann's Latest Prophetic Broadside

Madison on the Impeachable Nature of the Abuse of the Pardon:


The Commutation: The Latest in a String of Scandals

The Rule of Law Upheld in the Courts: A Passage from Conceptual Guerilla on Daily Kos

Stories of the Bible: An Entry-way into Some Useful Discussions?

How progressives should think about and respond to the assaults of the Roberts Court: Article from the American Prospect

Expose the Obstructionists in Congress: Bob Borosage on HuffingtonPost

More Thoughts During a Dark Week

Another Piece on Cheney's Arrogations and Usurpations: Sidney Blumenthal in

Krugman on Murdock

Wired For Morality: Neurological Evidence that Altruism is Built into Human Nature

Discussion Question: What do you find helps you get through these dark times?

A Call Cheney's Impeachment-- from Bruce Fein on

Two More Exchanges About the Good and the Evil in Religion

Welcome Signs from America's Youth: Speaking Moral Truth in the Oval Office

Cheney's Arrogations II: A ThinkProgress Account of a WashPost Profile

Obama's Decline in the Polls: An Article from Huffington Post

Hope May Spring Eternal, But It Also Has Its Dry Spells

Religion: Its Mixing of the Truth of the Spirit with the Contamination of Power

Cheney's Arrogations I: Rep. Waxman on VP Cheney's Declaring His Office Exempt from Laws Governing the Executive Branch

Toward a Discussion of Religion

The Media Ignored One of the Biggest Stories in American History: A piece by Robert Parry

Soldiers, Slaves and the Liberal State

This Came to Me as an Email: Observations from an Author Named Judy

Bush Flips Off Spotted Owls: Environmental Piece from Truthout

Do We Not All Want This?

Why Do Good People Turn Evil? A Review Article by Cass R. Sunstein

Two Good Snippets from Dean Baker on Media Distortions that Serve the Fat Cats (Plus An Additional Comment from Me)

To Morley: Why Cooperation Might be Your Best Strategy

The "Impeach Gonzales Movement": Something Maybe We Can All Get Behind

Hear My Radio Show From Ohio of Yesterday

What About Bloomberg?

Conyers Closes in on Karl and his Rove-bots: A Piece by Greg Palast

The Democrats and the Hillary Trap for 2008

Achieving Our Purposes: Thoughts About NSB

The Arrogance of Justice Kennedy: An Article from the New Republic with a Response from Me

Jonathan Swift's Dim View of Humankind: Passages from the End of GULLIVER'S TRAVELS

The Masculinity Crisis on the American Right: Excellent Piece from Glenn Greenwald

I'm Giving a Sermon Tomorrow Morning in Santa Fe on "The Challenge of Justice: An Exploration Through Stories"

"The President Cannot Eliminate Constitutional Protections With the Stroke of a Pen": NYTimes News Item About a Court Decision

Begging His Pardon: Bill Moyers in Truthout on the Unseemly Conservative Call for Libby to be Pardoned

Democrats and Republicans and Where to Look for Deliverance from Evil: A Jerry-Andy Exchange

Building Bridges for Building a Movement, Building Bridges for Building Wholeness

Here's What Comes After that Autobiographical Part: "What Makes Something Good?"

Orwell and Huxley: Two Visions of How the Truth Would Get Killed

Fort Leavenworth Chaplains Accused of Anti-Semitic Publishing: A Piece from Truthout

The great right-wing fraud to repudiate George W. Bush: Glenn Greenwald Piece

The Evil and the Good, the Power and the People: Second Installment of a Morley-Andy Exchange

Two Pieces About the Scandal Behind the U.S. Attorneys Scandal

The Evil and the Good, the Power and the People: First Installment of a Morley-Andy Exchange

Why Bush Should Pardon Paris: Funny, Cutting Piece from Huffington Post

Lies, Sighs and Politics: Krugman on Target Again

Shaken to My Moral Foundations: An Autobiographical Account (Part 2 of 2)

Shaken to My Moral Foundations: An Autobiographical Account (Part 1 of 2)

Sen. Chris Dodd: Restore Constitution and Habeus Corpus

Begging the Question: One More Harvest from the "Outrage" Exchanges

Brzezinski's Warning Re Possible Pretext for War Against Iran

The World 50 Years Hence

A Propos of Hillary's "We're Safer Now" Remark

William Rivers Pitt: On the Confusion about Iraq among Americans as Revealed by the Polls

Where in Your Life Have You Lately Encountered Something Wonderful?

Huffington Interviews Gore, Plus Comments from Amazon on THE ASSAULT ON REASON

The Media and John Edwards: A Column by Jeff Cohen, and Some Possibly Relevant Poll Results

"Nobody Can Be Moral Without Believing in God": The Fallacy in Some Traditionalist Religious Thinking

Dean Baker Tries to Teach the WashPost and USA Today About Supposed Labor Shortages

If It Ain't Fixed: Chapter 3 of THE EXPERIENCE OF MEANING

Bush's Appalling *Iraq is Korea* Analogy: A Piece By Fred Kaplan, and a Comment From Me

NY Times Blasts Supreme Court Decision

Anonymous Posting: There's a Better Way

My Experience With Outrage as a Fuel for Changing the World

Open Forum (#3): What Would You Like to Discuss?

Why Didn't You Stand Your Ground, Mr. Carter?

Trust and Betrayal: Paul Krugman, On Target and Eloquent As Usual

Wolfowitz and the Danger of Un-Verified Certainties

The Rule of the Lie: The Next Generation (of GOP leadership)

Morality and the Belief in One God: Is There a Link?


The Democrats and Iraq

A Snap-Shot of American Public Opinion Today

The "Irony" in the "Drinking the Kool-Aid" Metaphor

Open Forum (#2): What Would You Like to Discuss?

My New Willingness to Talk About Divisive Issues

Why No Impeachment: Interesting Article from

The "Voter Fraud" Fraud: A Good Piece from

Radio Show Tomorrow on Ohio Public Radio: The Poetry of the World

The World is a Dangerous Place: What's America's Role in That?

Impeach Gonzales Now

Maybe the GOP Base is Not as Deluded As I Thought: Surprising Piece from Pat Buchanan

The Other Republicans Are Almost As Bad: Paul Krugman on the GOP Candidates for '08

Some Clarifying Challenges: Chapter 2 of THE EXPERIENCE OF MEANING

At Last the Washington Post is Raising Some Alarm: Glenn Greenwald on the Post Editorial on the Comey Revelations

Trenchant Criticism of the Military FROM the Military: Fred Kaplan in

Morality in the Cold Universe

Four Points Made by Jonathan Turley Tonight on COUNTDOWN

Another Stunning Close-Up Look at the Assault on the Rule of Law: Lithwick on Gonzales' Visit to Ashcroft in the ICU

Open Forum: What Would You Like to Discuss

The Poetry of the World: Where Have You Lately Encountered Something Wonderful?

Something Is Not Right: The Racial Divide on Barry Bonds

"You Can't Have It Both Ways": An Exchange with a Reader

What Holds Imperialist Ambitions in Check?

The Democrats Bear Responsibility for Restoring Habeus Corpus: A Column by Greenwald

Wimps, Wussies and W.: A Column from the Los Angeles Times

Here Obama Pays the Price for Telling People What They DON'T Want to Hear

The Limits of Outrage-- Part II

Discussion Question: Where is Gonzo-Gate Heading?

The Limits of Outrage: Part I

He's Impeachable, You Know-- Op/ed column from the NYT

Alberto Gonzales's Safety Net: A Piece by Elizabeth Holtzmann

How Does the Moral Order of the World Work?

The Difference Between Bush and Blair

The Pathological State of America's Broadcast Journalism: Some Striking Passages from Greenwald

Here's Where You Can Find the Transcript for Moyers' Powerful "Buying the War" Documentary

My Last Radio Show to Minnesota: Good Discussion Available Online

For Your Weekend Pondering: "Haunted," the first chapter of The Experience of Meaning

Subpoena Power: Interesting Issue But Hyperventilating Analysis from Daily Kos

The "Stab in the Back" Trap: An Article from Truthout

Well! John Kerry Has a Good Idea For Taking the Fight to the Bushites

The Question George Tenet Should Be Asked: An Excellent Article by Karen Kwiatkowski

This, Pat Robertson, Is How a Nation Gets Punished for Its Sins

Greenwald on a Sea Change Occurring Now in America

OSHA Leaves Worker Safety in Hands of Industry

Winners and Losers in America: An Observation, A Question, A Hypothesis

Two Little Snippets About Effecting Change: Unintended Consequences on the Mexican Border, and the "Persistence of Culture" in China

Dennis Ross on How to Deal With Iran

About that Presidential Medal of Freedom, Mr. Tenet: A Piece by James Fallows

A Piece of American Ugliness on Display in Congress: Ann Wright, in Truthout, on Congressman Dana Rohrbacher

Our Countrymen, Whether We Like It Or Not: Some Exchange About My Proposal in Fear Factor V

Should We Do Nuance?

An Interesting Perspective on the Department of Justice Under Gonzales

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